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account balance1) The national accounts balance shows the difference between exports and imports.

2) Draw a single rule under the last expense account balance.

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achieve balance1) Tax reforms are needed to achieve a better balance.

2) Our choice is to either achieve balance or face destruction.

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balance adjustment1) Individual accounts are settled by respective bank balance adjustments .

2) The rest have only had contrast and white balance adjustments .

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adjust balance1) It adjusts white balance to a custom color temperature.

2) Taste, and adjust flavor balance to your palate.

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alter balance1) Just one ski radically alters the ecological balance of things.

2) These demographic changes permanently altered the ethnic balance in the region.

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bank balance1) West covina auto loan fifth third bank car loan balance.

2) All our bank balances are dwindling to nothing.

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balance beam1) She won gold medals in uneven bars and balance beam .

2) These gates were curved, with tubular cast iron balance beams .

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cash balance1) How does this affect the cash balance?

2) Thus some argue that cash balance plans hurt workers.

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balance coordination1) Develop balance, coordination and stability.

2) Trained stabilizing muscles improve the balance, coordination and overall sense of well-being and strength.

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current balance1) An increase in gold imports placed further pressure on the current-account balance .

2) By definition, this reflects heavier inflows (or smaller outflows) of capital than current-account balances alone would suggest.

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balance date1) Changes since last audited balance sheet date .

2) Which marketable securities are reported at cost on the balance sheet date ?

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delicate balance1) It involves creating a delicate balance between control and dependency.

2) This delicate balance had to be maintained.

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disrupt balance1) But in diseased bone tissue, this balance is disrupted .

2) This state of balance is disrupted by the processes of life.

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disturb balance1) When this balance is disturbed, disease results.

2) This method detoxifies the body without disturbing the natural balance.

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balance due1) balance is due upon arrival at camp.

2) The outstanding balance is due in full each month.

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ecological balance1) They harvest its riches without destroying the ecological balance.

2) Just one ski radically alters the ecological balance of things.

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balance economic1) A new ethical and moral order whose cultural, scientific and social dimensions balance economic and technology development.

2) A completely off balance economic is one big reason why MMO is not fun to play despite being anything good.

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balance equation1) There is an energetic balance equation that connects the transmuted fields.

2) The water balance equation requires knowledge of the available water in the soil.

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find balance1) Sweden finds the present institutional balance reasonable.

2) The question is finding the right balance .

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balance flexibility1) The event requires spectacular balance, flexibility and strength.

2) Modern competitive tai ji requires good balance, flexibility and strength.

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balance key1) balance is key and helps keep you motivated .

2) As you can see, balance is key .

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loan balance1) West covina auto loan fifth third bank car loan balance.

2) State loan balances from the unemployment trust fund.

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maintain balance1) There is always karma to maintain balance.

2) So maintaining a balance is very important.

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balance negative1) Similarly, when the balance is negative, borrowing is represented.

2) Even in a dynamic system, the natural balance is negative over the past 50 years.

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balance outstanding1) Total loan balance still outstanding on the trade-in.

2) The principal balance outstanding under this Note shall not at any time exceed the Borrowing Base.

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outstanding balance1) The outstanding balance is due in full each month.

2) This is the new retail outstanding balance.

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balance owe1) Bank deposits are credit balances owed by a bank to its customers.

2) If your car is repossessed then you owe the full balance.

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balance payable1) The balance is payable 30 days before arrival.

2) The balance is payable eight weeks prior to the arrival date.

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perfect balance1) Even the stables were in perfect balance.

2) The perfect balance of margin and mission.

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balance plug1) Hyperion – Hyperion uses their own proprietary balance plug .

2) All Turnigy packs use JST-XH balance plugs .

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proper balance1) In proper balance, these substances are essential to aquatic life.

2) Do your best to find the proper balance.

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balance recession1) In particular, not all crisis-hit countries have faced full balance sheet recessions .

2) A possible explanation is that those studies fail to distinguish normal from balance sheet recessions .

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redress balance1) A tax on films helps redress the balance.

2) There are ways to redress the balance.

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restore balance1) They help reduce inflammation and restore balance.

2) The rotation restores the balance while maintaining the tree ordering.

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right balance1) The question is finding the right balance .

2) The important thing is to achieve the right balance.

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balance scale1) Rogers uses a balance scale to compare weights.

2) Spring balance scales are not as accurate.

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balance shaft1) Vibration is reduced with twin balance shafts .

2) The balance shaft on the left has been lightened.

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balance Sheet1) balance Sheet (or net worth statement) describes an individual's or family's financial condition on a specified date.

2) balance Sheet, Cash and Debt Non-GAAP Financial Measures SAFE HARBOR ABOUT FRIENDFINDER NETWORKS INC. FriendFinder Networks Inc. ( www.

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balance sheet1) The balance sheet has already been introduced.

2) How share capital shown in balance sheet ?

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shift balance1) This variation dramatically shifts the balance of power towards defense.

2) The overall color balance is shifted way to the cool side.

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balance spring1) The balance spring must also be temperature neutral.

2) When made into balance springs for watches it is worth $250,000.

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strike balance1) The biggest challenge is striking a balance.

2) My web fort strikes a balance in between.

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tilt balance1) The balance was tilted finally when two monitors arrived.

2) Fresh British reinforcements arrived, tilting the balance in their favour.

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tip balance1) But technology has finally tipped the balance .

2) Humans should not further tip the balance against living dolphins.

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trade balance1) American officials viewed the trade balance with mixed feelings.

2) The trade balance shows a great deal of asymmetry.

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balance transfer1) Business 0% balance transfer for life.

2) balance transfer free fee credit cards and zero interest.

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unpaid balance1) How many have unpaid balances on a credit card?

2) Penalty is 5 percent of the unpaid balance of your tax.

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upset balance1) The equilibrium, the balance is upset .

2) It will upset the delicate balance and destroy both motors.

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balance wheel1) It is worked by a small balance wheel and crank.

2) The balance wheel keeps time for the watch.

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work balance1) Flexible scheduling lets you achieve work-life balance!

2) She also has advice on work-life balance.

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work balance1) We believe a work-life balance is very essential.

2) Increase employee retention through a better work-life balance .

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balance a budget1) Every year, the federal government sets and balances a budget... do you?

2) Linda is a business woman who knows how to balance a budget and manage money.

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balance bridge1) He failed the balance bridge in his first attempt.

2) She competed in the 6th Competition, but failed the First Stage's balance Bridge.

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balance control1) The balance control model is without doubt the ultimate pen.

2) Use the balance control on your audio amplifier to listen to the channels in isolation.

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balance of (international) payments1) Compared with 2010 the balance of international payments had shrunk 46.8 percent.

2) Further, the composition of Portugal's balance of international payments altered substantially.

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balance of nature1) Buddhists are encouraged to maintain the balance of nature and material development.

2) The Krikkitmen ask them about the "balance of nature".

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balance of payments deficit1) Market mechanisms are not working to eliminate balance of payments deficit.

2) A balance of payments deficit involves a net outflow of currency.

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balance of payments1) First annual balance of payments surplus since 1973.

2) Our balance of payments performance has been dire.

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balance of power1) The balance of power was being upset.

2) They may have originally reflected balance of power logic.

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balance of probability1) This can happen often in "balance of probability" cases.

2) He must prove the facts on a balance of probabilities.

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balance of terror1) This "balance of Terror" kept factors of potential conflicts from our sight.

2) The wedding of two crewmen commences but is interrupted in "balance of Terror.

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balance of trade1) The consequence was a deteriorating balance of trade.

2) The balance of trade is now in surplus.

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balance out1) balance out your legs with flared pants.

2) Does the amount balance out the live music?

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balance perfectly1) They usually have a hint of sweetness often balanced perfectly by acidity.

2) Somewhat like a plank that you balance perfectly on its short edge .

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balance sheet account1) Public monitoring of special balance sheet accounts.

2) balance sheet accounts are left with carried forward balancing figures.

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balance spring1) The balance spring must also be temperature neutral.

2) When made into balance springs for watches it is worth $250,000.

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balance staff1) Novostar type "B", for escape wheels, balance staffs etc. on watches.

2) The escape wheel tooth then imparts its energy on a second roller on the balance staff.

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balance the scales1) Therefore time must balance the scales.

2) My job is to help balance the scales by providing these victims with expert representation.

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balance weight1) Modified balance weight assemblies were fitted from May 1943.

2) balance weights are installed opposite the parts causing the out-of-balance.

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balance1) Credit cards fixed rate transfer balances 3.

2) The balance is payable 30 days before arrival.

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