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bait attractive1) Small pellets and whole grain baits are highly attractive to birds.

2) In the case of Argentine ants, sweet baits are attractive year-round.

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bait attractive1) Small pellets and whole grain baits are highly attractive to birds.

2) In the case of Argentine ants, sweet baits are attractive year-round.

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Berkley bait1) The unique aspect of the tournament is that only Berkley baits can be used.

2) Classic: Which Berkley bait?

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bite bait1) The fish were biting this bait non-stop.

2) The fish doesn't bite the bait for the sake of the hook.

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carp bait1) So the ideal carp bait would be hard when on the hook and melt in the carp's gut!

2) There has been quite a lot of talk recently about adding enzymes to help the carp digest our sophisticated carp baits.

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chunk bait1) These tuna were hooked on sardinas, skipjack, chihuil and chunk bait.

2) Most strikes were coming while drift fishing with sardinas or chunk bait from skipjack and sardineta.

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crank bait1) The fish are hitting on crank baits and plastics .

2) KNOW YOUR CRANKbaits - each crank bait has it strengths and weaknesses.

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bait deep1) Deep-dropping live baits with the aid of sinkers can bring live baits deeper to feeding fish.

2) The use of a downrigger has proven to be helpful in positioning baits deeper in the water column.

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drift bait1) Most people fish drifting baits mounted in the conventional float fished manner.

2) Well, retrieving drifted baits is a good example of this.

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bait effective1) When properly used, baits are more effective and safer than sprays.

2) The new bait was highly effective on spotted bass during a recent trip to a Georgia impoundment.

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bait fish1) The bait fish is scattered along the coast.

2) As the tide change the bait fish was every where.

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fish bait1) Downriggers are sometimes used to fish baits deeper.

2) We fished artificial baits at all the reefs along ocean drive to include Brenton reef.

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hook bait1) The old crocodile was smelling hook not bait.

2) It is mainly a case of less feed and smaller hook baits to tempt bites.

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live bait1) Some guys were using live bait and having no luck.

2) Look for restrictions on using live bait.

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mouth bait1) A couple of fish came and mouthed the bait, but I didn't have the rod away from my body and I waited too long to set the hook.

2) No, not some fanatical carp angler frightened of someone looking in his bait box, but carp that mouthed a bait and spat it out before the angler could strike - if he'd seen the bite, that is.

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poison bait1) I mostly depend on poison bait for controlling mice infestation.

2) It requires using poison bait that is poured on top of the mound .

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poison bait1) The preventive treatments are carried out by spraying the olive grove with poisoned protein baits.

2) She tried to figure out who it was who had set out the poisoned rat bait.

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rattle bait1) At other times, the quitter rattling baits will produce more.

2) Grass - The rattle type baits work in the same grass paralleling technique talked about earlier.

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rig bait1) The pioneers of blue marlin angling employed natural baits rigged to skip and swim.

2) Striking on trolled lures and rigged ballyhoo baits.

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roach bait1) Use a good roach bait for German Cockroach infestation.

2) It may also be sold in ant and roach baits with childproof packaging.

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shark bait1) Dolphins are brutally killed in Peru to use as shark bait.

2) Peruvian dolphin slaughter: Fishermen use them for shark bait.

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slug bait1) Newer, safer slug baits are now available.

2) Use a slug bait containing iron phosphate to help reduce their numbers.

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soak bait1) The bait soaked in this dip releases the flavours and scents continuously and catches the attention of Carp being fed.

2) Best bets were soaking live bait at the edge of the bank or dropping bait back at least 150 yards from the boat in front of the rapidly moving pods of porpoise.

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soft bait1) Deep Creek makes soft-plastic baits using raw virgin plastic and its own scent formula.

2) Anglers can therefore screw in the product anywhere on a soft-plastic bait for all sorts of wacky-rig configurations.

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spinner bait1) As with all spinner type baits, various shapes of blades are used depending on many factors.

2) In the Snows Channel, anglers are casting spinner baits in shallow waters for smallmouth bass.

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swallow bait1) The psychiatric leaders swallowed the bait.

2) But often we swallow the bait, not realising there's a hook inside it.

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tempting bait1) It was tempting bait.

2) The deserted town lay there a very tempting bait, but General Meade's men hid quietly behind the fences and trees, and banks upon the hills.

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topwater bait1) Use a regular size bucktail, topwater, jerk bait or glide bait.

2) Get upwind of these frantic schools and drift into them, casting various spoons and topwater baits.

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troll bait1) I hoped that trolling live baits would key them off.

2) He was using surface poppers and slow- trolled live bait.

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bait and switch1) How does the FTC define "bait and switch" advertising?

2) Civil unions emerge as a bait and switch scam .

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bait casting1) Ballooning u0026 bait casting are also possible with an easterly wind.

2) bait casting reels and many modern saltwater fly reels are examples of this design.

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bait shop1) Its convenience store and bait shop are open seasonal hours.

2) The bait shop ( photo 1 ).

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bait station1) Possum bait station tracks are marked with pink plastic waymarks.

2) Do not disturb or spray the ants in the bait stations.

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bait1) The big bait price was $3 per bait.

2) The big bait price was $3 per bait.

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