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adjoin balcony1) The suite adjoins a sizable exterior balcony on the east side.

2) In the Queen's carriage a day compartment adjoining the balcony contained couch, armchairs, table and writing desks; next to it was a smaller compartment with a bedstead for Princess Mary.

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cantilever balcony1) A low balustraded balcony is cantilevered out over the ground floor entrance.

2) Recessed porches, cantilevered balconies, polychrome tile bands and wrought iron grillework complement the designs.

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carve balcony1) The building has intricately carved wooden balconies and window screens.

2) It has stained glass windows and intricately carved balconies built in stone and wood fluted columns.

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curve balcony1) Curving balconies protect apartments from intense sunlight.

2) For example, curving balconies shield apartments from intense sunlight while adding private outdoor space.

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deck balcony1) Expansive views and access to deck balcony from every bedroom.

2) All these cool white bedrooms lead onto a decked balcony overlooking the ocean below.

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enclose balcony1) The arcading partially encloses the balcony.

2) There are several bays, interesting porches and a first floor balcony enclosed by timber balusters.

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overhang balcony1) overhanging balconies, neat piles of kindling wood against every wall.

2) overhanging balconies seek to steal what little light the street lanterns cast.

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tile balcony1) The lounge has glazed doors opening to a slate tiled balcony with seating for 4 people.

2) Tereba Nessa has a tiled balcony with access from either the lounge and master bedroom.

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balcony wet1) It follows that if it is raining then the balcony is wet .

2) So is what is sometimes called an open conditional: If it is raining, the balcony is wet .

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balcony overlooks1) Hector u0026 Andromache's bedroom balcony overlooks the throne room.

2) balcony overlooks St. Louis or Royal Street.

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balcony rail1) My balcony rail casts shadows of Arabic script.

2) Grey windows retreat behind wrought-iron balcony rails.

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balcony railing1) The doors are enclosed with black, wrought iron balcony railings.

2) Luke leaned back against the balcony railing, regarding her with bright eyes.

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balcony scene1) Yet they felt that the true test of any Juliet is the balcony scene of the second act.

2) Wardrobe for the video was supplied by Jacquard Fabrics, excluding Swift's dress for the balcony scene.

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balcony seat1) Inside we could find only a balcony seat behind the stage .

2) The balcony seats were superb and I thank you for all of it!

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balcony view1) balcony view as seen in photo.

2) All of them have their own bathroom, balcony viewing the sea and telephone.

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balcony window1) The wind moaned through the balcony window.

2) The Kumari acknowledges greetings from her balcony window.

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balcony1) Its large balconies offer stunning sea view.

2) The third balcony extended five full stories.

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