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bailout agree1) March 25, 2013: a last-minute 10-billion euro bailout was agreed .

2) Leading shares initially gave a - half-hearted - welcome to news that Cyprus had finally agreed a bailout.

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exit bailout1) In May 2014 the country exited the bailout but reaffirmed its commitment to maintaining its reformist momentum.

2) This, in turn, boosted the chances of exiting the troika bailout this year and borrowing on the private markets.

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finance bailout1) Never before have bank account holders seen their savings raided to help finance a bailout .

2) Russia is expected to help finance the bailout by delaying the repayment of a 2.5 billion euro loan to Cyprus until 2021.

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fund bailout1) To fund a bailout that Cyprus citizens have no interest in funding .

2) That's the money that, ultimately, will help fund Cyprus's bailout.

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bailout cost1) In 2002, World Bank reported that country bailouts cost an average of 13% of GDP.

2) In 2000, World Bank reported that banking bailouts cost an average of 12.8% of GDP.

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bailout fund1) The same dynamic holds true with bailout funds .

2) To the best of my knowledge they got no bailout funds.

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bailout loan1) That way they can finish paying back their bailout loans .

2) Instead extension of repayment terms and cuts in interest rates on bailout loans are more likely.

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bailout money1) The company has received $173 billion in federal bailout money.

2) Citigroup has received $45 billion in federal bailout money.

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bailout package1) The bailout package totaled $306 billion.

2) Those countries have been forced on to austerity through bailout packages.

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bailout plan1) How did the original bailout plan work ?

2) Mortgage rates increased following the news of the bailout plan.

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bailout terms1) Were the tough bailout terms some sort of belated punishment ?

2) March 19, 2013: Cypriot MPs reject the bailout terms.

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bailout1) A particular significant enhancement was bailout capability.

2) The bailout package totaled $306 billion.

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