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ascend1) This ascending order of importance is called climatic order.
2) They ascend above each other creating levelled terraces.
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ascend River1) Then with 1,400 men he ascended the Chagres River towards the Pacific coast and Panama City.
2) After sailing to the Spanish Main in John Adams, he ascended the Orinoco River in Nonsuch.
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ascend Throne1) But it would not be so if K. James should ascend the Throne .
2) When King William IV died on 20 June 1837, Ernest ascended the Hanoverian Throne .
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ascend again1) When spring returns, they ascend again .
2) It has time to build up reserve before ascending again .
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ascend back1) The broadcloth back ascended each step: back.
2) They are so entertaining to watch while ascending back to the surface.
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ascend colon1) The ascending colon receives fecal material as a liquid.
2) Four specimens were from the jejunum and 11 from terminal ileum or ascending colon .
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ascend descend1) The streets are very irregular, ascending and descending quickly.
2) Variations of a triangle include ascending and descending triangles.
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ascend from1) There were stairs ascending from all sides.
2) It was accessed via a double stairway ascending from Plaza 1.
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ascend gently1) The route description mentioned getting on a rocky ramp which ascends gently from left to right.
2) For full walk continue forward across moorland on prominent track which ascends gently and passes stone table after 1⁄2 mile.
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ascend high1) They could also ascend higher .
2) I explained that I was seeking to be close to G-d, which meant ascending higher .
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ascend hill1) It is much like ascending a long hill - relentless.
2) ascend the next hill and shoot the enemies up top.
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ascend ladder1) He blesses each person who merits ascending the ladder with mercy.
2) With practice and seasoning, he could ascend the organizational ladder .
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ascend master1) We become an ascended master in the flesh.
2) Both the ascended masters and the angels are here to assist, guide, and love you.
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ascend mountain1) Who may ascend the mountain of the LORD?
2) Walking up the trail we ascended the mountain .
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ascend node1) The draconic month is the time from ascending node to ascending node.
2) The draconic month is the time from ascending node to ascending node .
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ascend order1) This ascending order of importance is called climatic order.
2) Print the arguments sorted in ascending order .
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ascend quickly1) Past the lookout the trail ascends quickly and eventually reaches Ptarmigan Peak at an elevation of 12,500'.
2) Thermals allow birds of prey to ascend quickly to thousands of feet and then glide in the direction of their destination.
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ascend rapidly1) The balloon then ascended rapidly , the investigator said.
2) Has this patient ascended so rapidly that you should be expecting deterioration?
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ascend scale1) The movement ends very quietly after a long ascending scale from the flute.
2) The ecclesiastical modes are ascending diatonic musical scales of eight notes or tones comprising an octave.
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ascend slope1) They try to ascend a 70 degree ice slope .
2) The trail starts at the parking area and quickly ascends a rather steep slope .
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ascend slowly1) ascending slowly is the best way to avoid altitude sickness.
2) Divers should descend and ascend slowly .
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ascend stair1) The nuns ascended the stairs in a perpetual cool silence.
2) Then I ascended the narrow stairs to his doorway.
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ascend staircase1) He realized they were ascending a staircase .
2) The three friends had been ascending the staircase directly below the shooters.
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ascend steeply1) After Tonglu the trek route ascends steeply to Sandakphu and winds through the pine and rhododendron forests.
2) Go through a gate above it, follow the track ascending steeply beside stone wall to join ridge above.
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ascend step1) Loud excited voices could be heard below, and ascending steps .
2) He bumps his head while ascending steps , and touches the hot surface of the steam engine.
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ascend throne1) James ascended the English throne in 1603.
2) All the kings who ascended the throne issued coins.
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ascend to1) The modern era has seen others ascend to such notoriety .
2) You ascend to the next higher division.
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ascend up1) If I ascend up to heaven, you are there!
2) They will then stand to their feet and ascend up into heaven.
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eventually ascend1) Several historians believe he eventually ascended to higher positions of public office.
2) Their two daughters, Mary and Anne , would each eventually ascend the thrones.
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first ascend1) He first ascended to that post in 2002 to 2010.
2) It was first ascended on 31 July 1944 by Firmin and Hicks.
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gradually ascend1) The road will gradually ascend and then descend a hill.
2) You can, of course, ascend more gradually than these rates.
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in ascending order1) Print the arguments sorted in ascending order .
2) Sub listed by date in ascending order .
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quickly ascend1) quickly ascending from a greater depth can cause decompression sickness.
2) Benzema quickly ascended up the youth categories in the academy.
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slowly ascend1) I slowly ascend the stairs, the copper behind me.
2) ascending slowly is the best way to avoid altitude sickness.
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then ascend1) He then ascended his carriage and left town.
2) The balloon then ascended rapidly , the investigator said.
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