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alien artifact1) Now a similar alien artifact is found on the moon.
2) Mysterious ancient alien artifacts become a key focus of the series.
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ancient artifact1) An ancient magical artifact of unimaginable power.
2) The grand lobby area has a rotating display of ancient artifacts .
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archaeological artifact1) Construction also destroyed untold amounts of archaeological artifacts .
2) This is still primarily for art though, not archaeological artifacts .
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archeological artifact1) It governs historical, artistic, or archeological artifacts .
2) archeological artifacts reveal 13,000 years of human habitation at the site.
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artifact1) Learning through life experiences creates artifacts instead.
2) The open diamonds show arbitrarily revised artifacts .
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artifact bury1) Buried iron artifacts may completely rust away in less than 100 years.
2) This detection method is only able to locate long time buried gold artifacts .
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artifact discover1) Among the artifacts discovered were beautiful glazed faïence beads.
2) Early on, the project discovered early colonial artifacts .
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artifact donate1) The museum's artifacts are donated or loaned by local residents.
2) This aboriginal artifact was donated to a Swedish museum in 1929.
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artifact excavate1) Many of the artifacts were excavated in archaeological digs on campus.
2) Potsherds include cord marked and plain wares. 351 perishable artifacts were excavated .
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artifacts1) Learning through life experiences creates artifacts instead.
2) The open diamonds show arbitrarily revised artifacts .
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bronze artifact1) bronze artifacts from the Vinča culture date to 4500 BC.
2) Inside the grave he discovered several bronze artifacts like figurines and ancient bells.
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ceramic artifact1) Many of these ceramic artifacts were mass-produced by using molds.
2) The Malacates are all artifacts of primary class ceramic artifacts .
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collect artifact1) All artifacts were collected and recorded for each layer.
2) Every artifact collected is worth 50 million points.
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compression artifact1) The transfer also suffers from occasional compression artifacts .
2) The transfer is lovely, not marred by compression artifacts .
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cultural artifact1) They introduced guns, medical techniques and cultural artifacts .
2) Science itself is derivative, a cultural artifact .
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display artifact1) This exhibit displays artifacts from hazardous journalistic missions.
2) Others display artifacts found in archaeological sites inside buildings.
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exhibit artifact1) It exhibits artifacts related to the history of Uruguay.
2) These artifacts are now exhibited in the Archaeological Museum of Uşak.
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historical artifact1) The cape is an important historical artifact that displays beautifully.
2) The villains that organize against us become historical artifacts .
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house artifact1) It houses many different artifacts from Tombstone's past.
2) The shelter located at Canyon City houses many gold rush-era artifacts .
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iatrogenic artifact1) Unfortunately for her, complex iatrogenic artifacts don't actually cure easily recognized iatrogenic artifacts.
2) Unfortunately for her, complex iatrogenic artifacts don't actually cure easily recognized iatrogenic artifacts .
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indefinite artifact1) One class of artifacts is recoverable indefinite artifacts .
2) A second class of artifacts is unrecoverable indefinite artifacts .
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magical artifact1) An ancient magical artifact of unimaginable power.
2) However reforging a magical artifact presumably takes prodigious skill.
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museum artifact1) The museum's artifacts are donated or loaned by local residents.
2) It is the largest of the museum's artifacts .
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prehistoric artifact1) However both early historic and prehistoric artifacts are increasing with depth.
2) prehistoric artifacts are often found during mining activities in Ratanakiri.
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preserve artifact1) Most of his collections and other artifacts are preserved here.
2) The Japanese government conducted excavations of archeological sites and preserved artifacts found there.
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priceless artifact1) The house now displays priceless artifacts depicting the life of our famous freedom fighter.
2) His homes in Chicago and California were so overwhelmed with art that priceless artifacts were kept in shoeboxes under beds.
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recover artifact1) Macalister recovered several artifacts discovered several constructions and defenses.
2) Most of the diagnostic Paleoindian artifacts are recovered without associated materials.
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retrieve artifact1) The artifacts were finally retrieved in 1945.
2) The third area features artifacts retrieved from a pirate ship wreck.
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steal artifact1) They both like to steal antique Chinese artifacts .
2) He likes to steal artifacts and other classics.
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uncover artifact1) The artifacts uncovered in these give evidence of a village societies.
2) Archaeology uncovers artifacts and structures to make them accessible to the present.
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unearth artifact1) The boy unearthed some artifacts and revealed some hieroglyphs.
2) unearth artifacts and remove them for cleaning and study.
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yield artifact1) The site which has yielded the most archeological artifacts has been Picimachey Cave.
2) These sites are small and yield few artifacts of small blades struck off thin cylindrical cores.
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