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American artist1) There are several top ranked Asian American mixed martial artists .
2) Steve is an American artist and professor.
more American artist sentences
Impressionist artist1) Impressionist artists have a focus on the effects of light and color.
2) Claude Monet is an Impressionist artist .
more Impressionist artist sentences
abstract artist1) Doug Ohlson (1936-2010), abstract artist .
2) I think an abstract artist is of more value to the community than a lawyer.
more abstract artist sentences
accomplished artist1) They were meant to expose students to accomplished artists .
2) A more accomplished artist can be rare to find.
more accomplished artist sentences
amateur artist1) The cast consisted of mostly amateur artists .
2) He was also an amateur artist and natural mathematician.
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artist1) Some amazing artists doing hand painted shirts.
2) You may try dye based artists markers.
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artist collective1) The artist collective has been realizing internationally noticed projects together for more than fifteen years.
2) artist collective mindfunk work live art studio is based in El Monte.
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artist create1) These women artists also created considerable stylistic innovations.
2) Obviously, nothing happens until the artist creates something.
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artist depict1) A war artist depicts some aspect of war through art.
2) On the other hand, some artists depicted themselves very much as they did other clients.
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artist design1) The name stuck and a Disney artist designed the distinctive logo.
2) We have great artists designing needlepoint for us these days.
more artist design sentences
artist draw1) These artists generally draw worlds on paper.
2) A character artist drew sketches of the band members.
more artist draw sentences
artist exhibit1) Each coffee shop also hosts artist exhibits .
2) In excess of 1,314 artists exhibit 6,701 works.
more artist exhibit sentences

artist experiment with1) These industrial artists experimented with varying degrees of noise production techniques.
2) The artist experiments with figures and weaves a narrative that is steeped in tradition and modernity .
more artist experiment with sentences
artist explore1) I'm an artist exploring the region between art and mathematics.
2) Many of these artists explore audiovisual language as a form of artistic expression.
more artist explore sentences
artist famous1) Which artist was famous for his nonsense rhymes? 09.
2) Ukiyoe artist famous for his landscape pictures.
more artist famous sentences
artist in residence1) He is currently the Trust's artist in residence .
2) Guest artist and artist in residence for 12 years.
more artist in residence sentences
artist paint1) The artist never paints direct scenes of mass death.
2) Why did cave artists paint just animals ?
more artist paint sentences
artist perform1) The album projects featured exclusively local artists performing original songs.
2) The artists also perform for cinema production.
more artist perform sentences
artist produce1) Some of these artists are producing spectacular realism.
2) Some ASCII artists have produced art for display in proportional fonts.
more artist produce sentences

artist residency1) This week's batch includes several contests and an artists' residency .
2) But the artist residency didn't last beyond its initial three-year funding.
more artist residency sentences
artist show1) Local and visiting artists show their works at the gallery.
2) Why does an artist show us his work?
more artist show sentences
artist showcase1) This led to other young artists showcasing their art there.
2) Your artist showcase should last 30 to 45 minutes of all original songs.
more artist showcase sentences
artists1) Some amazing artists doing hand painted shirts.
2) You may try dye based artists markers.
more artists sentences
aspiring artist1) Textbooks flourished making the rules of perspective available to aspiring artists .
2) What advice would you can give to emerging and aspiring artists ?
more aspiring artist sentences
avant garde artist1) And now, as Michael C. Moynihan reveals in The Tablet, come avant garde artists who not only celebrate the death of Holocaust memory but also mock Hitler's victims.
2) A Song for Simeon was the sixteenth in the series and included an illustration by avant garde artist Edward McKnight Kauffer.
more avant garde artist sentences
background artist1) Claude Coats was then appointed as the key background artist .
2) Atmosphere . Another term for extras or background artists .
more background artist sentences

body artist1) His latest novel, The body artist , was published in January 2001.
2) In 2001, she recorded the audiobook version of Don DeLillo's novel The body artist .
more body artist sentences
budding artist1) Support your local schools and budding artists .
2) His work has influenced countless budding artists and filmmakers.
more budding artist sentences
celebrated artist1) Piero della Francesca is perhaps the most celebrated artist in this respect.
2) Internationally celebrated artists share space with a rich trove of Southwestern works.
more celebrated artist sentences
century artist1) During the whole 19th century artists of the Expedition created unique papers.
2) Effects of parallax have influenced the work of many twentieth century artists .
more century artist sentences
ceramic artist1) Glazes are seldom used by indigenous American ceramic artists .
2) Hundreds more Native contemporary ceramic artists are taking pottery in new directions.
more ceramic artist sentences
comic artist1) These publications had an encouraging effect on other comics artists .
2) The first posters were illustrated by a comic artist .
more comic artist sentences
comic book artist1) Hail and hello future comic book artists and writers!
2) comic book artists are often well suited to this job.
more comic book artist sentences
commercial artist1) His father worked as a commercial artist .
2) commercial artists praise the capabilities offered by these applications.
more commercial artist sentences
commission artist1) Its nobles commissioned artists who became known across Europe.
2) He commissioned artist John Calcott Horsley for the illustration.
more commission artist sentences
con artist1) Holder is the biggest con artist ever !
2) This kid is a budding con artist .
more con artist sentences
conceptual artist1) Named after the game's conceptual artist .
2) Both albums established him as an unpredictable, challenging conceptual artist .
more conceptual artist sentences
contemporary artist1) The event hosted a miscellaneous art exhibition featuring 45 contemporary artists .
2) Dion has released several albums with contemporary rock artists .
more contemporary artist sentences
creative artist1) creative artists have always been interested in madness.
2) Some highly creative artists fall into this category.
more creative artist sentences
design artist1) Visual artists who design advertising materials are typically known as graphic designers .
2) They were designed by many famous German artists of the period.
more design artist sentences
distinguished artist1) America's distinguished Artist's , TFAOI.
2) Samuel Waldo, a distinguished artist , was born in Scotland in 1783.
more distinguished artist sentences
drag artist1) drag artists have a long tradition in LGBT culture.
2) For some reason, I can't drag artists or albums to a playlist.
more drag artist sentences
emerging artist1) The gallery focuses on young and emerging artists .
2) The annual festival showcases the emerging artists of the university.
more emerging artist sentences
escape artist1) The political personality becomes an escape artist .
2) He is a world class escape artist and a trained assassin.
more escape artist sentences
established artist1) The album heavily featured new and up-coming talent alongside established artists .
2) Of course partnering with a super famous established artist like Trent helps.
more established artist sentences
famous artist1) Many famous artists lived and worked here.
2) Many famous international artists have performed there.
more famous artist sentences
feature artist1) Some of the featured artists themselves write guest contributions.
2) It features artists from around the world.
more feature artist sentences
featured artist1) The latest news from our featured artists has been updated.
2) Some of the featured artists themselves write guest contributions.
more featured artist sentences
female artist1) Pink appeared more frequently among pop rock female artists .
2) Adele was also named top female artist .
more female artist sentences
figurative artist1) A number of Chicago's public art works are by modern figurative artists .
2) Alex Katz (born July 24, 1927) is an American figurative artist .
more figurative artist sentences
fine artist1) Olivier is a fine artist specializing in landscape portraits .
2) As a fine artist , I agree.
more fine artist sentences
foley artist1) foley artists are also known as foley walkers.
2) Jack foley was the foley artist who produced the sound effects.
more foley artist sentences
folk artist1) Another highly respected New Jersey folk artist is Meg Baird.
2) The Balsas folk artists became internationally known for their painting.
more folk artist sentences
freelance artist1) Ted Warnell is an entrepreneur and freelance artist .
2) Besides that, she strived for social rights of freelance artists .
more freelance artist sentences
full time artist1) He later resigned in 1978 returning to his studio to work as a full time artist .
2) He set up a studio across the bay in San Francisco and became a full time artist .
more full time artist sentences
gifted artist1) Leo is very often a gifted artist .
2) You are a gifted artist and you enjoy holistic endeavors.
more gifted artist sentences
graffiti artist1) Now it 's a canvas for graffiti artists .
2) Guess our bozos graffiti artists forgot one thing.
more graffiti artist sentences
graphic artist1) She is a graphic artist , website designer and photographer.
2) How does it relate to being a graphic artist ?
more graphic artist sentences
great artist1) The great artist is thus a solitary figure.
2) America has lost potentially a great artist .
more great artist sentences
guest artist1) Both concerts feature guest artists as soloists.
2) There are some wonderful musicians serving as guest artists .
more guest artist sentences
hip hop artist1) hip hop artists may also use such lyrics to gain commercial success.
2) hip hop artist Dr. Dre sold his 80,000 piece collection.
more hip hop artist sentences
hop artist1) Hip hop artists may also use such lyrics to gain commercial success.
2) Many youth joined M.H.A and inspired to becoming hip hop artist someday.
more hop artist sentences
influence artist1) Swift has been influenced by many artists outside the country genre.
2) AH: What artists have influenced your own work?
more influence artist sentences
influential artist1) He was regarded as one of India's most influential artists .
2) Bob Marley is one of our most important and influential artists .
more influential artist sentences
inspire artist1) The significance of Lepanto has inspired artists in various fields.
2) The Mona Lisa continues to inspire artists around the world.
more inspire artist sentences
installation artist1) He worked both as a conceptual and installation artist .
2) Sculpture and installation artist Richard Long is presented the prize after three previous nominations.
more installation artist sentences
junk artist1) I mean , she's basically a junk artist - not being dismissive, mind you, as some of it is cool; I'm just questioning the topicality and relevance to /.
more junk artist sentences
kinetic artist1) As a kinetic artist , he collaborated and exhibited with rising figures of postmodern art.
2) As far as the sensory experience of the spectator goes, the most outstanding American kinetic artist is unquestionably the Chinese-born Wen-Ying Tsai.
more kinetic artist sentences
knockout artist1) Stepping in to face Lawler is fellow knockout artist Siyar Bahadurzada .
2) He displayed quick hands and good defense, avoiding several power punches by the knockout artist .
more knockout artist sentences
landscape artist1) He also gained reputation as a landscape artist .
2) She is a talented and careful figure and landscape artist .
more landscape artist sentences
layout artist1) I'm with the layout artists , designers and animators.
2) layout artists essentially had to reinvent their technique.
more layout artist sentences
leading artist1) He is acknowledged among Afghanistan's leading artists .
2) He has also played a role in equipping leading artists .
more leading artist sentences
lesser known artist1) Meanwhile, The Rekkids, Death By Bacon Postmodern Jukebox and hundreds of lesser known artists have uploaded their covers of the song on YouTube.
2) Holkenborg's remixes - for both A-list pop superstars and lesser known artists - have always kept him at the forefront of dance music culture.
more lesser known artist sentences
living artist1) The club exhibited regularly works of living artists .
2) Current export regulations do not apply to living artists .
more living artist sentences
local artist1) The album projects featured exclusively local artists performing original songs.
2) Livingston has many local artists in many forms.
more local artist sentences
major artist1) It was about promoting major artists and their newest albums.
2) These were major artists deals for that time period.
more major artist sentences
makeup artist1) Many professional makeup artists swear by this stuff.
2) Earlier makeup artists provided him with inspiration.
more makeup artist sentences
manga artist1) One page is a long time for a manga artist !
2) Miyazaki never abandoned his childhood dream of becoming a manga artist .
more manga artist sentences
martial artist1) Wrestling is widely studied by mixed martial artists .
2) martial arts films contain many characters who are martial artists .
more martial artist sentences
master artist1) They are their own master artist .
2) From that day, Solgo was a master artist .
more master artist sentences
matte artist1) As a senior digital matte artist , he supervises the work of other matte artists.
2) As a senior digital matte artist, he supervises the work of other matte artists .
more matte artist sentences
mime artist1) The live show also included a mime artist portraying Elric himself.
2) Marcel Marceau was a brilliant mime artist .
more mime artist sentences
mixed media artist1) I have always considered myself a self proclaimed mixed media artist .
2) mixed media artist and wanna-be flower farmer.
more mixed media artist sentences
modern artist1) She was an early fan of photography and commissioned modern artists .
2) modern artists are seeking creative scope in the folds of designer screens.
more modern artist sentences
outsider artist1) True-crime classics from the legendary outsider artist in a big little format.
2) Like many outsider artists , Wilson's obscurity was key to his legend.
more outsider artist sentences
pavement artist1) It may be noisy and expensive but it oozes atmosphere with its street sellers, pavement artists and boat trips.
2) In 2011, with the theme 'Pavement Art Through the Ages', the Sarasota Chalk Festival attracted 250 renowned pavement artists artists from all over the world.
more pavement artist sentences
performance artist1) Gretta has earned international acclaim as a feminist performance artist .
2) Yavuz describes himself as a performance artist .
more performance artist sentences
performing artist1) Dorset is a popular home for performing artists .
2) Are you athletic or a performing artist ?
more performing artist sentences
photo artist1) This app makes you a photo artist by creating aging photos.
2) Where can you find the Painting from photo artists ?
more photo artist sentences
photographic artist1) The Meeting Place is open to all photographic artists .
2) The exhibition was printed by photographic artist and printer Tiffaney Bishop.
more photographic artist sentences
pickup artist1) This is actually a pretty common theme amongst pickup artists .
2) That's exactly what the pickup artist industry relies on.
more pickup artist sentences
piss artist1) 'You are a piss artist .'
2) Yeah we know what you piss artists are like!
more piss artist sentences
pop artist1) Cyrus is commonly recognized as a pop artist .
2) Seriously, she is just another manufactured pop artist .
more pop artist sentences
professional artist1) The choir includes both talented volunteers and professional artists .
2) He taught for many years before becoming a professional artist .
more professional artist sentences
prolific artist1) Miranda is a prolific artist with many talents.
2) A handful of very prolific artists have gone mercenary .
more prolific artist sentences
promote artist1) The VMAs are an artificial creation that artificially promotes artists to create artificial hype.
2) DFCA promotes artists in residence programs and encourages the cultural exchanges that they offer.
more promote artist sentences
rap artist1) Theres whoever plays the three rap artists .
2) You're either a country artist or a rap artist .
more rap artist sentences
real artist1) A real artist is devoured by art.
2) So is the customer the real artist ?
more real artist sentences
recording artist1) Utah has produced some popular recording artists since 2000.
2) It has been covered by many recording artists .
more recording artist sentences
reggae artist1) Virgin needed more reggae artists to take advantage of it.
2) It was not until 1969 that reggae artists began to receive significant airplay.
more reggae artist sentences
renowned artist1) Canada's music industry has produced internationally renowned artists .
2) The city has had a renowned artist scene for many years.
more renowned artist sentences
represent artist1) Galleries sometimes choose to represent artists exclusively, giving them the opportunity to show regularly.
2) This has been an amazing year, since starting out as a self representing artist only 13 months ago.
more represent artist sentences
scam artist1) One group scam artists target is seniors .
2) It was done by professional scam artists .
more scam artist sentences
scenic artist1) He was a scenic artist .
2) Oliver worked odd jobs, including scenic artist with small theatres.
more scenic artist sentences
self taught artist1) He is also a self taught artist and poet.
2) She is a self taught artist .
more self taught artist sentences
serious artist1) Each exhibition will be an official show by serious artists .
2) Maybe we do not care what serious artists think of other artists .
more serious artist sentences
showcase artist1) Art Seen will showcase artists living and working in our region today.
2) It showcases artists' fascination with scientific topics ranging from the cosmos to particle behavior.
more showcase artist sentences
sidewalk artist1) sidewalk artists , street performers and musicians also sometimes participate in these monthly events.
2) For 2 months she funded the rest of the tour as a sidewalk artist in Paris and sold her White Cartoon sidewalk Series to her international followers on Facebook.
more sidewalk artist sentences
solo artist1) She has sold 5 million albums as a solo artist .
2) Anderson performs as a solo artist around the world.
more solo artist sentences
spoken word artist1) A poet and spoken word artist shares how he uses words to paint images .
2) Neal realized her talents while hosting a weekly open mic as a spoken word artist .
more spoken word artist sentences
starving artist1) The starving artist still happens , despite publishers making money.
2) This starving artist may have had his big break .
more starving artist sentences
street artist1) street artists often travel between countries to spread their designs.
2) The SAMO graffiti is still being cited by contemporary street artists .
more street artist sentences
struggling artist1) There is no struggling artist know as Justin Bieber.
2) I'm sure you have heard the phrase struggling artist .
more struggling artist sentences
successful artist1) What qualities should a successful artist have?
2) successful artists are wonderful ambassadors for this country .
more successful artist sentences
talented artist1) This guy is such an amazingly talented artist .
2) A talented artist deserves a fair wage indeed.
more talented artist sentences
tattoo artist1) Chelsea is an awesome and very talented tattoo artist .
2) She is def not like most tattoo artist .
more tattoo artist sentences
top selling artist1) He has been one of Hong Kong's top selling artists for all years starting from 2000.
2) In 2006 and 2007, Oricon named Koda as the top selling artist of the year.
more top selling artist sentences
true artist1) George is a true artist and friend.
2) Making the mastering engineer the true artist .
more true artist sentences
unknown artist1) Other cells contain Aboriginal artwork many by unknown artists .
2) The transformation from unknown artist to rock star was surreal and overwhelming.
more unknown artist sentences
up and coming artist1) I was an up and coming artist .
2) She regularly gave soirée evenings where up and coming artists were asked to entertain.
more up and coming artist sentences
various artist1) The album contains covers from various artists .
2) There were also video installation pieces by various artists .
more various artist sentences
visual artist1) You have a visual artist doing projections.
2) visual artists had a similar relationship with alchemy.
more visual artist sentences
voice over artist1) voice over artist George Lowe has made several appearances throughout the series run.
2) When asked about the voice over artist for D.A.R.R.E.N, Bajo simply replied Darren is eternal .
more voice over artist sentences
war artist1) They were responsible for appointing war artists .
2) A war artist depicts some aspect of war through art.
more war artist sentences
watercolor artist1) Most watercolor artists use textured paper and sedimentary colors.
2) Dixon , a local watercolor artist , has been painting for nine years.
more watercolor artist sentences
watercolour artist1) The Bleecker bottle imagery was designed by fashion designer and watercolour artist , Rachel Katz.
2) A former aide to American senator Edward Kennedy has found success in Britain as a watercolour artist .
more watercolour artist sentences
well known artist1) Many well known artists where involved to create the unique ambience.
2) well he's a well known artist .
more well known artist sentences
wildlife artist1) Known as possibly the world's finest wildlife artist .
2) David Cook is a wildlife artist and works in Cumbria.
more wildlife artist sentences
world renowned artist1) The 40-plus concert series at MAHMA has become very popular with audience-goers, and it features world renowned artists .
2) The film featured several world renowned artists , musicians and actors such as James Franco, Tracey Emin and Hans Zimmer.
more world renowned artist sentences
young artist1) The young artist got excellent reviews in many newspapers.
2) young artists spent four years in rigorous training.
more young artist sentences

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