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articulatory1) The results showed that articulatory suppression had impaired time estimation.
2) Research in phonological development references articulatory and acoustic descriptions.
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articulatory feature1) The articulatory features that distinguish different vowel sounds are said to determine the vowel's quality .
2) The acute register was initially no more than an articulatory feature on certain syllables, and could occur independent of accent placement.
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articulatory loop1) This ' articulatory loop ' includes a subvocal rehearsal system and a phonological store.
2) We propose that this assembly of areas constitutes the functional anatomy of the ' articulatory loop '.
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articulatory movements1) Phonetics describe the articulatory movements required to make sounds.
2) The technique is used to observe articulatory movements (Stone, 1997:20-24) rather than laryngeal behavior.
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articulatory organs1) Or perhaps children have not yet matured enough to master all of the fine motor control of their articulatory organs (Glucksberg and Danks 1975).
2) This encoding then becomes a signal to the speaker's articulatory organs , and he vocalises an utterance of the proper phonetic shape.
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articulatory phonetics1) In articulatory phonetics , aspiration is an articulation that involves an audible release of breath.
2) The University of Bielefeld 's articulatory phonetics department has me hooked me up to their consonant stretching apparatus.
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articulatory suppression1) The results showed that articulatory suppression had impaired time estimation.
2) However, interpreters are somewhat immune to the effects of articulatory suppression .
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