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artificially1) Interest rates are being kept artificially low.
2) Electronic counting instruments sometimes produce artificially low platelet counts.
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artificially age1) He appears to be affecting a foreign accent and artificially aged with make-up.
2) aging artificially increases the effective priority of threads in the active queue as time passes.
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artificially boost1) What is the long term effect of artificially boosting in a rapidly developing brain?
2) Coffee, being a stimulant, basically artificially boosts the stress levels human hormones in the body.
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artificially construct1) The base was artificially constructed in this lagoon.
2) And notable is the strong magnetic response of these artificially constructed materials.
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artificially create1) The public never imagined these shortages were all artificially created .
2) About 6 million Ukrainians died during this artificially created famine.
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artificially generate1) Thus they are going to have to artificially generate it .
2) Now the data that we've got here has been artificially generated .
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artificially impose1) The claim that the SW area covered is an artificially imposed large region and not natural.
2) Such exclusive entitlement tends to artificially impose conditions of economic scarcity upon the majority of the population.
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artificially induce1) Again, the prayer seemed artificially induced .
2) The first step is to artificially induce an electromagnetic field.
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artificially inflate1) The stock's price was artificially inflated by speculation.
2) It doesn't matter that you perceive this as artificially inflated .
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artificially inflated1) Vacations never live up to artificially inflated expectations.
2) The OFT found systematic examples of artificially inflated reference pricing within the industry.
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artificially inseminate1) He left behind three vials of sperm and she was artificially inseminated .
2) Dairy farmers usually begin breeding or artificially inseminating heifers around 13 months of age.
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artificially intelligent1) Some artificially intelligent computer applications utilize emergent behavior for animation.
2) The laws are intended to prevent artificially intelligent robots from harming humans.
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artificially low1) Interest rates are being kept artificially low .
2) Electronic counting instruments sometimes produce artificially low platelet counts.
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artificially lower1) This allows some businesses to artificially lower their tax liability .
2) artificially lowering interest rates is nothing but mispricing of capital .
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artificially propagate1) Tiger trout occur very rarely naturally, but are sometimes artificially propagated .
2) They can be artificially propagated by way of cutting and grafting.
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artificially sweeten1) I never eat artificially sweetened foods or drinks. 13.
2) In 2004 alone, 1,649 artificially sweetened products were launched.
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