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anti aircraft artillery1) Among the more conventional was the anti-aircraft artillery piece.
2) Here he realized that the anti-aircraft artillery was firing.
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antiaircraft artillery1) Joseph Stalin orders Soviet fighters and antiaircraft artillery not to oppose them.
2) The antiaircraft artillery was heavy.
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artillery1) Very few major engagements were fought without artillery support.
2) The corps artillery included 30 artillery pieces.
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artillery ammunition1) As a result, extra artillery ammunition was provided.
2) It was also short of artillery ammunition and heavy artillery.
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artillery attack1) The military reportedly started artillery attacks on both cities.
2) Meanwhile, government forces continued artillery attacks on rebel areas.
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artillery attacks1) The military reportedly started artillery attacks on both cities.
2) Meanwhile, government forces continued artillery attacks on rebel areas.
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artillery barrage1) No need to attract an artillery barrage .
2) Attempts to smash wire defences by artillery barrage were seldom successful.
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artillery barrages1) Four army group fronts would launch artillery barrages and attack simultaneously.
2) Lebanese forces fired artillery barrages against militants in the camp.
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artillery battalion1) A further three artillery battalions were formed in the late 1952.
2) The composition of the artillery battalion varied.
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artillery battery1) The artillery batteries were quickly overrun and taken.
2) artillery batteries were placed at strategic points.
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artillery bombardment1) Heavy artillery bombardment finished the town off.
2) The next day they withdrew under sporadic artillery bombardment .
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artillery brigade1) He was assigned to the artillery brigade that guarded Warsaw.
2) They are backed by an artillery brigade and a tank brigade.
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artillery cannon1) One big thing was missing : real artillery cannons .
2) One hundred and one artillery cannons later saluted the commandant's decision inside the castle.
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artillery commander1) The North Korean artillery commander was killed in the action.
2) Wöhlermann was the artillery commander for the city.
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artillery deploy1) However, the coastal artillery deployed in the targeted areas did not return fire.
2) The rest of the artillery was deployed on the heights east of Milburn Road.
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artillery duel1) Around 2pm the artillery duel started.
2) An artillery duel continued until long after dark.
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artillery fire1) U.S. commanders therefore early considered firing divisional artillery from landing craft.
2) II Corps fired artillery and artillery rounds.
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artillery gun1) artillery guns at Camp Blessing fired 96 155mm artillery rounds.
2) The British artillery guns were now screened by their own infantry.
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artillery officer1) He was a field artillery officer and special agent.
2) The following year he was commissioned as an artillery officer .
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artillery piece1) The corps artillery included 30 artillery pieces .
2) There were 73 machine guns and 218 artillery pieces .
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artillery position1) Campbell positioned artillery to suppress this incoming fire.
2) The artillery was positioned in front of the first line.
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artillery projectile1) It is important to know that not all nations shared the same types of artillery projectiles .
2) These artillery projectiles used a different design principal, linear implosion instead of a traditional spherical implosion bomb.
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artillery regiment1) The divisional artillery regiment typically had 36 field pieces by design.
2) Each brigade has a single artillery regiment .
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artillery rocket1) He also experimented with the manufacture of artillery rockets , which greatly alarmed the British.
2) Officials figured it contained 2,500 artillery rockets filled with sarin , the same nerve gas suspected in Syria.
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artillery round1) There were also mortar and artillery rounds .
2) II Corps fired artillery and artillery rounds .
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artillery shelling1) The LCC documented 347 points of artillery shelling .
2) But I doubt it's during heavy artillery shelling by fembots.
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artillery shells1) Some sensors are literally fired in artillery shells .
2) Israeli air raids and artillery shells targeted farms and farm animals.
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artillery strike1) Halil is then killed by a Serbian artillery strike .
2) U.S. warplanes and British artillery struck targets in Basra.
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artillery strikes1) The fort came under air and artillery strikes at 14:00.
2) Israel launched its first artillery strikes .
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artillery system1) Cross of Iron expands the armor and artillery systems considerably.
2) A multiple rocket launcher is a type of unguided rocket artillery system .
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artillery train1) The artillery train included three foot and four horse artillery batteries.
2) His artillery train contained 21 24-pounder cannon.
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artillery unit1) Israeli artillery units worked closely with battalion commanders.
2) It was a heavy artillery unit manning 155mm guns.
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artillery weapon1) As part of a guided missile weapons , bombs and artillery weapons .
2) PAVN countered this effort by concentrating more anti-aircraft artillery weapons within its logistical network.
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artilleryman1) Scores of Egyptian artillerymen were killed and many more taken prisoner.
2) All six of the artillerymen recorded as wounded died.
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artillerymen1) Scores of Egyptian artillerymen were killed and many more taken prisoner.
2) All six of the artillerymen recorded as wounded died.
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capture artillery1) A great amount of artillery was captured with the city.
2) It captured the imperial artillery and enveloped the imperial left flank.
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coastal artillery1) The defence is based largely on naval mines and coastal artillery .
2) The Finnish Navy also includes coastal forces and coastal artillery .
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concentrate artillery1) As with the final Dunkerque , the main artillery was concentrated entirely forward.
2) Some controversy exists as to who exactly gave the order to concentrate artillery at this point.
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direct artillery1) The artillery was directed to commence firing on fort Cognelée.
2) During the skirmish that followed, Gorksi directed artillery and mortar fire.
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division artillery1) division artillery was to go ashore on order from the respective division commanders.
2) A large part of the division artillery was under direct North Korean infantry attack.
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divisional artillery1) The divisional artillery suffered 11 killed and 44 wounded.
2) U.S. commanders therefore early considered firing divisional artillery from landing craft.
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employ artillery1) Tactical aircraft and artillery were quickly employed and the attack never gained momentum.
2) Here German resistance intensified as the Germans employed 155 mm artillery against the regiment as they approached the border.
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enemy artillery1) The convoy was shelled by enemy artillery .
2) The enemy's artillery had the range of the British trenches.
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field artillery1) He requested heavy ordnance and field artillery .
2) The artillery consisted of mobile field artillery .
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heavy artillery1) The forts had never been designed to resist such heavy artillery .
2) The army had 102 machine guns and no heavy artillery .
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horse artillery1) The French horse artillery rapidly silenced Tschammer's cannons.
2) The first mass could only be dispersed after horse artillery came into action.
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mass artillery1) The attack included massed German artillery and infantry attacks.
2) The constant pressure of massed artillery and ground attacks eventually wore down the defenders.
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mount artillery1) Anti-tank artillery were mounted throughout the entire depth of the defences.
2) The 75s also became widely used as truck mounted anti-aircraft artillery .
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move artillery1) Attempts to move artillery forward encountered severe delays.
2) Some of Wilson's artillery was moved down to the Somme.
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nuclear artillery1) nuclear artillery was experimented with, but was abandoned as impractical.
2) The same arrangement was to be extended to nuclear artillery shells when these too became available.
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rifle artillery1) The advent of rifled artillery made them obsolete.
2) The Civil War was the first major war to see the use of rifled artillery .
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rocket artillery1) In , English rocket artillery are a playable class.
2) The Empire does not appear to use rocket artillery .
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siege artillery1) On 28 October the siege artillery finally arrived at the frontier.
2) The navy has traditionally provided siege artillery to the army when needed.
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stray artillery1) Although they never saw the enemy, a stray artillery shell nearly killed them all, and a Bengal tiger stalked them for several nights.
2) The next day, four civilians were killed and two fatally injured by stray artillery fire from the Grebbeberg, the hill at Rhenen.
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support artillery1) You could call this the supporting artillery of the soldier.
2) supporting artillery was tasked with firing on the few origins of enemy fire.
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tow artillery1) Conversely, towed artillery was and remains cheaper to build and maintain.
2) The key advantage of self-propelled over towed artillery is that it can be brought into action much faster.
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