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articulated1) Federal law has articulated very murky standards.
2) The building is composed of three distinctly articulated parts.
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articulated arm1) An articulated arm with rigid bones and high precision angular sensors.
2) NPL looked at the requirement for the performance verification of articulated arm CMMs.
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articulated bus1) Several hybrid and articulated buses have been added recently.
2) This includes the aforementioned poetry on their more recent articulated buses .
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articulated lorry1) He got run over by an articulated lorry .
2) His car was involved in in collision with an articulated lorry .
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articulated skeleton1) Preservation varies; articulated skeletons are generally rare.
2) Dozens of articulated skeletons and skulls were uncovered.
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articulated train1) Like the earlier articulated trains , this meant that train lengths would be difficult to change.
2) The fleet consists of 20 fully automated two-car articulated trains , for a total of 40 cars.
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articulated truck1) The task is to reverse an articulated truck into a loading bay.
2) The UK also allows articulated truck tractors which have six tyres on two axles; these are known as four-wheelers.
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articulated vehicle1) They are three section articulated vehicles , with 36 in service.
2) Scammell started production of the 7.5ton articulated vehicle in 1920.
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