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artistic1) Her artistic style has matured towards volume.
2) Some poles celebrate cultural beliefs while others are mostly artistic .
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artistic abilities1) Tim has a great creativity and artistic abilities .
2) John's artistic abilities had not gone unnoticed.
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artistic ability1) His deep knowledge of music matched his artistic ability .
2) Tim has a great creativity and artistic abilities .
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artistic accomplishment1) Roger Kimball considered Miller's artistic accomplishments meager.
2) Shah Jahan's reign saw some of India's most well-known architectural and artistic accomplishments .
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artistic achievement1) Is perfection a worthy standard for artistic achievement ?
2) These frescoes are a unique artistic achievement from this period.
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artistic achievements1) Ancient Syria's cultural and artistic achievements and contributions are many.
2) Tenniel was knighted by Victoria for his artistic achievements in 1893.
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artistic ambition1) The musical atmosphere later proved an advantage for her artistic ambitions .
2) Her artistic ambitions had fallen away .
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artistic appreciation1) Here and there a spasmodic attempt may be made to appeal to the artistic appreciation of a limited public, but generally, no attention is paid to these efforts.
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artistic arrangement1) Herodotos went further, producing a work of epic dimensions and artistic arrangement .
2) Every lady who desires to add new luster to her charms must study the artistic arrangement of her hair.
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artistic aspirations1) Whether Siddal had any artistic aspirations is unknown, though she loved poetry.
2) De Greiff moved to Bogotá, and many others went into business leaving their artistic aspirations behind.
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artistic brilliance1) Her artistic brilliance and personal appeal transcend geographic, cultural and generational boundaries.
2) The results take this album to an entirely new level of artistic brilliance .
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artistic career1) Universities currently offer different artistic career studies and specialization.
2) His artistic career took him throughout Russia.
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artistic circles1) His roommate hangs out in artistic circles .
2) His writings were immediately influential in literary and artistic circles .
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artistic community1) One that has challenged the artistic community for centuries.
2) They begin making connections within the artistic community of London.
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artistic creation1) His philosophy is like an artistic creation .
2) They demonstrate the complex interplay between personal experience and artistic creation .
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artistic creativity1) Much of this artistic creativity was more innovative than before.
2) One result was the growth of artistic creativity in this period.
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artistic depiction1) The Last Judgment has inspired numerous artistic depictions .
2) In some modern artistic depictions , the horse is distinctly green.
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artistic development1) The relatively peaceful conditions favoured the literary and artistic development .
2) artistic development also flourished during this period.
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artistic director1) Its current artistic director is Timothy Bond.
2) Gilbert was the company's first artistic director .
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artistic discipline1) Does your work intend to combine a number of artistic disciplines ?
2) Rosario has many cultural activities in many artistic disciplines with national and international reach.
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artistic endeavor1) It does need careful planning like any artistic endeavor .
2) artistic endeavors were supported by new nationalist newspapers.
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artistic endeavour1) The hard one is to continue the artistic endeavour .
2) We are supporting the artistic endeavours of our peers and colleagues.
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artistic excellence1) It is renowned internationally for its artistic excellence and financial strength.
2) Lucknow became the virtual centre of artistic excellence in Northern India.
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artistic expression1) artistic expression is an extension of emotion.
2) The artistic expression grew from the gameplay.
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artistic family1) Chapin often remarked that he came from an artistic family .
2) Now, I come from a very creative , artistic family .
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artistic flair1) The owners weave their artistic flair into every room.
2) East Nashville is an area of creative and artistic flair .
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artistic freedom1) Not that court influence was ideal for artistic freedom .
2) This approach is perceived as accepted part of artistic freedom .
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artistic genius1) Mathematical genius and artistic genius touch one another.
2) Even The Discovery Channel called her an artistic genius .
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artistic gymnastics1) Viengsay began artistic gymnastics at age six.
2) In artistic gymnastics , it is advantageous to be shorter.
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artistic heritage1) He also demonstrated his mother's artistic heritage .
2) Its artistic heritage is made up of over 45,000 pieces.
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artistic imagination1) As an artist the memory of these soldiers has inspired my artistic imagination .
2) It also blocks the creativity of black artistic imagination and practices of representation.
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artistic impression1) Georgia Tech researchers propose terabit level graphene antenna artistic impression of graphene molecules .
2) An artistic impression of HD 100546.
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artistic impulse1) Hardy regards his tattoos as his artistic impulses .
2) The balancing act between their audience's expectations and their artistic impulses was tricky.
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artistic inclinations1) Those with artistic inclinations were encouraged to illustrate as well.
2) She in turn was intrigued by his literary cultivation and artistic inclinations .
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artistic influence1) His artistic influence became fully realized in the 19th century.
2) Do you count him among your artistic influences ?
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artistic innovation1) One role of the Reykjavík Arts Festival is to support artistic innovation .
2) Once in France, Catherine kept in touch with artistic innovations in Italy.
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artistic inspiration1) This blog journey will focus mostly on artistic inspiration and techniques.
2) Many of these encounters resulted in moral, philosophical and artistic inspirations .
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artistic integrity1) They have absolutely zero obligation to any sort of artistic integrity .
2) However, that would've sacrificed artistic integrity .
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artistic intent1) Too much supposition in artistic intent .
2) Technical skill as a blower is given as much importance as the artistic intent .
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artistic interpretation1) The material is all there, waiting for artistic interpretation .
2) They were an artistic interpretation of a public domain work.
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artistic legacy1) Generally speaking, his artistic legacy is great.
2) Wagner's operatic works are his primary artistic legacy .
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artistic licence1) Some artistic licence was used to find the appropriate props.
2) That's a lot of artistic licence then.
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artistic license1) This was another example of artistic license .
2) Boyer responded to criticism saying he had an artistic license .
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artistic masterpiece1) Owner, Renee Schaarschmidt, has creates some really artistic masterpieces .
2) The paintings are Bulgaria's best-preserved artistic masterpieces from the Hellenistic period.
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artistic medium1) Wood has long been used as an artistic medium .
2) This course explores OpenGL as an artistic medium .
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artistic merit1) The artistic merits of film music are frequently debated.
2) Other critics concurred that the film had artistic merit .
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artistic movement1) These friends formed an artistic movement , the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood.
2) Many intellectuals view this internal artistic movement as a Chicano cultural renaissance.
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artistic name1) His earlier artistic name was El Indio Gasparino .
2) Gara went on to take the artistic name of Alaska.
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artistic output1) His artistic output also included films and books.
2) Shortly thereafter he added another great feature to his artistic output .
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artistic presentation1) On weekends, there are artistic presentations .
2) artistic presentations followed with many of the themes from the opening ceremony.
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artistic pretension1) Erotica is such material with artistic pretensions .
2) Hogarth also takes the opportunity to comment on artistic pretensions .
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artistic process1) How can artistic processes influence software development?
2) Her meticulous artistic process made the task of illustration slow.
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artistic production1) In terms literally reversing the dominant mode of twentieth-century artistic production ?
2) Some artistic productions inspired by the philosophy were surrounded by controversy.
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artistic property1) Texts and images of the www.rectoversion.com site are not of the public domain and are protected by the law of March 11, 1957 on the artistic property .
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artistic purposes1) But there were serious artistic purposes here.
2) The only exception was gold for industrial or artistic purposes .
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artistic pursuit1) Hopper had several artistic pursuits beyond film.
2) He proves that artistic pursuits can replace formal education.
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artistic quality1) The furnishings on display are of highest artistic quality .
2) Aesthetic analysis looks at the artistic qualities of graffiti.
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artistic representation1) artistic representations of the world axis abound.
2) Through such artistic representations , we share a common humanity.
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artistic sensibility1) artistic sensibilities clearly run in the Kline family.
2) His works stand testimony to his virtuosity and artistic sensibilities .
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artistic significance1) These frescoes are of exceptional rarity and artistic significance .
2) Accordingly, its artistic significance is limited.
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artistic skill1) Their entries were very creative and showed excellent artistic skill .
2) Aerial photography is an important artistic skill .
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artistic skills1) The shepherds of Israel had neither artistic skills nor craftsmanship.
2) The instrument greatly suited Sellers's temperament and artistic skills .
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artistic statement1) But singles should be a musical and artistic statement .
2) Yet this is the entire point - the artistic statement being made .
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artistic style1) Her artistic style has matured towards volume.
2) This artistic style included ceramics which incorporated mosaic works.
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artistic success1) It wasn't an artistic success .
2) He married Constanze Weber, achieved his greatest artistic success while suffering financial disaster.
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artistic talent1) It is really rich with artistic talent .
2) Her parents always encouraged her writing and artistic talents .
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artistic taste1) He had the shrewd selective instinct and the artistic taste .
2) artistic tastes of the epoch were often acquiring an increasingly Oriental character.
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artistic temperament1) He made no bones about displaying his artistic temperament .
2) My identity is an inconsistent, depressed, stereotypical artistic temperament .
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artistic tendencies1) Williams' artistic tendencies emerged early on in his youth.
2) Europe still remained an extremely important agent in defining artistic tendencies during this era.
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artistic tradition1) This variation is reflected in contemporary artistic traditions .
2) A complex society evolved with rich artistic traditions .
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artistic treasures1) Dozens of architectural monuments were destroyed and numerous artistic treasures taken.
2) Many artistic treasures were lost, including over 500 paintings.
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artistic value1) It has very important historic and artistic values .
2) The artistic value of the statues is varied.
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artistic vision1) Conflict arose from differences in artistic vision .
2) Conflict arose from differences between each member's artistic vision .
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artistic work1) The environment displays rich and interesting artistic works .
2) His artistic work gradually became more free in its style.
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highly artistic1) Barbara Gerlach is a skilled nature photographer with a highly artistic approach.
2) A copper jar and gun found out in Lahij has highly artistic ornaments.
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in an artistic way1) I treat them in an artistic way , giving them a specific visual character.
2) Lots of coloring pages and crafts for children who love to express themselves in an artistic way .
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purely artistic1) However, purely artistic photography has had an impact.
2) These are, however, purely artistic in nature.
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very artistic1) Kerry is also very artistic and keeps a sketchbook.
2) This is a very artistic guest house decorated with South African artwork.
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