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a little artificial1) These categories do at times seem a little artificial , and can become contentious.
2) Next to the drawing room is a little artificial grotto that forms the passage to the study.
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artificial1) There is much variation under artificial selection.
2) Stations using artificial gravity are still purely speculative.
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artificial additive1) There are no artificial additives at all.
2) Another plus : no artificial additives .
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artificial aids1) All he needs is time, no artificial aids .
2) artificial aids of all kinds are cheaper than the natural resources.
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artificial barrier1) The most common artificial barrier is a condom for men.
2) Intelligent urbanism advocates removing artificial barrier and promotes face-to-face contact.
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artificial blood1) Both natural and artificial blood substitutes are also used.
2) Major worldwide blood shortages have led scientists to synthesize and test artificial blood .
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artificial chemical1) There are many artificial chemicals believed to contribute to obesity .
2) They are made of virgin wood and contain no artificial chemicals .
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artificial climbing1) Gym climbing : climbing indoors, on artificial climbing walls.
2) artificial climbing walls allow boulderers to train indoors in areas without natural boulders.
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artificial color1) What ingredient listing is used for artificial colors ?
2) The harmful aspects of utilizing artificial colors are extensive.
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artificial colour1) It's completely sugar-free and contains no artificial colours or flavours.
2) Which artificial colours , flavours and preservatives are used in Heinz products?
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artificial colouring1) They contain no artificial colourings , flavourings or added preservatives.
2) No artificial colouring or preservatives used.
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artificial contraception1) Mainline Protestant denominations have since removed prohibitions against artificial contraception .
2) Divorce allowing remarriage was banned in 1924 (though it had been rare), and selling artificial contraception was made illegal.
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artificial contrivance1) It made the state not, as with the Vindiciae , the artificial contrivance of men, but a society which supplied human nature with its essential penumbra.
2) By proposing this ingenious but patently artificial contrivance , Friedman was able to account for the non-neutrality of money in the short run.
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artificial daylight1) Use fluorescent lamps to give artificial daylight .
2) With a wide angle lens you will get an effect of artificial daylight .
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artificial distinction1) Departments should stop making artificial distinctions between job-related and personal problems.
2) Bit of an artificial distinction there , pat.
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artificial ear1) The latest innovation : a 3D-printed artificial ear .
2) Sometimes artificial ear bones are placed to substitute for damaged ones, or a disrupted ossicular chain is rebuilt in order to conduct sound effectively.
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artificial emotion1) It is a completely artificial emotion for which society, and in particular our parents are responsible.
2) Rousseau believed that the theatre took people away from the community, and replaced any patriotic, unifying spirit with artificial emotions .
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artificial entity1) That artificial entity cannot survive.
2) Corporations are artificial entities to protect individual owners from liabilities incurred by the corporate entities.
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artificial example1) An artificial example is habitat fragmentation due to human land use.
2) This natural quasicrystal exhibits high crystalline quality, equalling the best artificial examples .
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artificial eye1) These devices are called shells or artificial eyes .
2) The artificial eye experiments on humans are far more useful .
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artificial feel1) Trims by offsetting null point on artificial feel units for ailerons and rudder.
2) The artificial feel of the flight controls was lighter on the ADV than on the IDS.
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artificial fertilizer1) Modern hay production often relies on artificial fertilizer and herbicides.
2) The manufacturers of artificial fertilizers benefit, too.
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artificial fibre1) Synthetic wigs are made of artificial fibres .
2) For a brief period artificial fibres were produced in chemical works.
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artificial flattery1) In any other man it would have seemed like meaningless and artificial flattery , but Willi was incapable of being artificial.
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artificial flavour1) We use all natural ingredients with no artificial flavours , sweeteners or preservatives.
2) There's all sorts of gums and artificial flavours , acidity regulators and so on.
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artificial flavouring1) Or they could have just used a placebo (with or without artificial flavouring ).
2) The majority contained inadequate amounts of alcohol and dried fruit and some had artificial flavourings or were cloyingly sweet.
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artificial flower1) A basket of artificial flowers is then placed inside.
2) Paper lined with velvet trimmed with artificial flowers and souvenir tokens.
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artificial flowers1) A basket of artificial flowers is then placed inside.
2) Paper lined with velvet trimmed with artificial flowers and souvenir tokens.
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artificial gene1) These predicted sequences can then be validated experimentally through methods such as peptide synthesis, site-directed mutagenesis, or artificial gene synthesis.
2) Concern has been expressed by some that artificial gene synthesis could be used to recreate the virus from existing digital genomes, for use in biological warfare.
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artificial grass1) Cover a bulletin board with outdoor artificial grass carpeting.
2) All the floors will be covered with artificial grass .
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artificial gravity1) Stations using artificial gravity are still purely speculative.
2) The Jupiter 2 explicitly had artificial gravity .
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artificial harmonics1) Full melodies can be played in artificial harmonics .
2) This is often combined with natural and artificial harmonics , to make a screaming or squealing sound.
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artificial heart1) Two renowned heart surgeons race to develop the artificial heart .
2) By 2004, a fully functioning artificial heart was developed.
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artificial hip1) All artificial hip implants carry risks including wear of the component material.
2) Even pacemakers and artificial hips and knees are taxes .
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artificial horizon1) An artificial horizon is useful when the horizon is invisible.
2) The artificial horizon is given maximum attention 2.
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artificial illumination1) Dark blue also proved effective under artificial illumination during night actions.
2) It is shaded with artificial illumination to enhance relief.
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artificial ingredient1) It has no artificial ingredients and is free of pesticides.
2) Real food Choose from products with no artificial ingredients .
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artificial insemination1) I am pregnant with a child conceived using artificial insemination .
2) Typically, breeders must undertake artificial insemination of female dogs.
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artificial intelligence1) The key factor is explosive artificial intelligence .
2) Cooking perfect rice is dirt simple with artificial intelligence .
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artificial island1) Malaysia has one artificial island and five reefs.
2) The industry built new artificial island and mobile drilling systems.
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artificial joint1) artificial joints may be recalled by the manufacturer.
2) An artificial joint (called a prosthesis) may also be used.
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artificial joints1) artificial joints may be recalled by the manufacturer.
2) Cost-effectiveness of antibiotic prophylaxis for dental procedures in patients with artificial joints .
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artificial kidney1) In 1943 Willem Kolf built the first artificial kidney machine.
2) The artificial kidney is an important example of a liquid permeation process.
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artificial knee1) She survived colon cancer and walked with artificial knees .
2) Previously, the artificial knees were just crude hinges.
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artificial lake1) The trenches are turned into artificial lakes .
2) It had agricultural fields and artificial lakes .
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artificial language1) Yet artificial languages never have caught on.
2) A programming language is a machine-readable artificial language .
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artificial leg1) He stands upon an artificial leg made of whale bone.
2) Without an artificial leg , she can only crawl.
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artificial life1) So it is also with artificial life .
2) Santiago Ortiz will be presenting artificial life and information representation works.
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artificial lift1) Gas lift is another widely used artificial lift method.
2) Then the oil must be extracted using artificial lift means.
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artificial light1) The tournaments are held indoors under artificial light .
2) This suggests that artificial lights were used.
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artificial lighting1) It was shot on digital video without artificial lighting .
2) artificial lighting has been suggested as another potential cause.
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artificial limb1) From 1948 onwards, artificial limbs were provided free.
2) His leg was replaced with an artificial limb .
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artificial material1) The real objects were recreated in various artificial materials .
2) It may be necessary to make artificial materials .
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artificial nail1) artificial nails and chipped nail polish harbor microorganisms.
2) How to fix fix a broken artificial nail .
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artificial nature1) Meanwhile the forest has largely lost its artificial nature .
2) Analysis of the signal demonstrated its artificial nature but its behaviour remains unexplained.
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artificial pacemaker1) An artificial pacemaker with electrode for transvenous insertion.
2) In some cases implants contain electronics e.g. artificial pacemaker and cochlear implants.
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artificial person1) The theoretical legal concept of the corporation as artificial person .
2) A Co. is an artificial person having perpetual succession and common seal created by law.
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artificial pitch1) In fact, this was a fully artificial pitch .
2) In amateur matches in some parts of the world, artificial pitches are sometimes used.
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artificial preservative1) Avoid those with artificial preservatives like MSG or fillers.
2) Free from fillers and artificial preservatives of any kind Manufactured under strict controls.
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artificial preservatives1) Avoid those with artificial preservatives like MSG or fillers.
2) Free from fillers and artificial preservatives of any kind Manufactured under strict controls.
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artificial radioactivity1) This emission represents the most important individual oceanic emissions of artificial radioactivity ever observed.
2) For this first instance of artificial radioactivity , the Joliot-Curies were awarded the 1935 Nobel Prize for chemistry.
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artificial reality1) Would they construct an artificial reality in which to live?
2) Plutonian is taken off world, kept passive in an artificial reality where he is still a hero.
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artificial reef1) Many were dumped to create artificial reefs .
2) It was made into an artificial reef .
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artificial reproduction1) Also the final technique used for artificial reproduction must be both cost effective and scalable industrially.
2) artificial reproduction was not achieved because of the difficulties in hatching or feeding some farmed species such as eel and yellowtail farming.
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artificial reservoir1) Ahars are artificial reservoirs meant to collect the rain water.
2) Cheddar reservoir is a near-circular artificial reservoir operated by Bristol Water.
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artificial respiration1) This process of externally providing ventilation is termed artificial respiration .
2) She continued to live without artificial respiration for several years afterwards.
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artificial restriction1) And as such they thrive best in open environments that lack artificial restrictions .
2) Many games and apps will put artificial restrictions unless you make in-app-purchases .
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artificial satellite1) This effect is employed to stabilize some artificial satellites .
2) artificial satellites and space probes have contributed much new knowledge.
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artificial scarcity1) We are maintaining artificial scarcity because of sheer ignorance .
2) Copyright thrives on the idea of artificial scarcity .
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artificial scent1) B. Something that provides an artificial scent . 12.
2) artificial scents dry the hair shafts, damaging them and making them brittle.
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artificial selection1) There is much variation under artificial selection .
2) This means that artificial selection was probably very weak.
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artificial silk1) Celanese acetate was introduced as artificial silk .
2) In 1907 a new artificial silk was produced specifically for the manufacture of Plauen lace.
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artificial situation1) The interview is a very artificial situation .
2) If we are to control all variables, we have to set up a totally artificial situation .
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artificial skin1) Another similar application is a power-generating artificial skin .
2) In the Borg Queen grafted artificial skin to his forearm.
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artificial snow1) artificial snow fell from the ceiling during the performance.
2) There are tracks with artificial snow that are open all year.
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artificial surface1) Mansion Park's first artificial surface was installed in 1989.
2) Why would you want an artificial surface ?
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artificial sweetener1) artificial sweeteners may also facilitate something psychologists call cognitive distortions .
2) The risk of artificial sweeteners is still very real.
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artificial to1) We must lead students from artificial to authentic maturity .
2) I wanted nothing artificial to eat at all.
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artificial tree1) The debate about the environmental impact of artificial trees is ongoing.
2) In the outer ward was a silky-white hygienic artificial tree .
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artificial turf1) There is evidence showing higher player injury on artificial turf .
2) The natural grass field was replaced by artificial turf in 2005.
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artificial ventilation1) She was again placed on artificial ventilation .
2) artificial ventilation can be achieved with multiple devices.
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artificial womb1) Their son is grown in an artificial womb and named Damian.
2) He delivered his new body from its artificial womb the next day.
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be artificial1) Arguably however this vacancy rate increase is artificial .
2) My specialist area of research is artificial intelligence.
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completely artificial1) Even the benign shows are completely artificial .
2) Brad: In a completely artificial intelligence kind of way.
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entirely artificial1) Of course, the purple color is entirely artificial .
2) Some anthropogenic sequestration techniques exploit these natural processes, while some use entirely artificial processes.
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extremely artificial1) The result is that what is learned is far more likely to remain with the student that the knowledge crammed for an extremely artificial examination paper.
2) Yet this point highlights the fact that the exercise we have performed on extract (14) was an extremely artificial treatment of written discourse.
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highly artificial1) Nearly everyone these days lives in a highly artificial environment.
2) The banking crash revealed cracks in the highly artificial money-making machine .
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look artificial1) They look artificial , but aren't.
2) However, sometimes his colloquial style becomes too flippant, and the result looks rather artificial .
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rather artificial1) It removes the rather artificial reliance on chasing roots of polynomials.
2) It must be confessed that this test is a rather artificial one.
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seem artificial1) Grain is absent, yet this superb rendering never seems artificial .
2) These distinctions might have seemed artificial to Minoans.
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slightly artificial1) We are separating out one aspect for analysis, but doing this is slightly artificial .
2) Steering feels appropriately quick and direct, but heft of the wheel in turns feels slightly artificial .
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so artificial1) Reality has rarely seemed so artificial .
2) The whole thing was so artificial .
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somewhat artificial1) This is a somewhat artificial division, but useful for conceptual purposes.
2) The use of this 'dichotomy' (sharply defined division) is somewhat artificial .
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too artificial1) Pissarro eventually turned away from Neo-Impressionism, claiming its system was too artificial .
2) Diet Coke Cherry Vanilla: too artificial and saccharine even for me!
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totally artificial1) So that's a totally artificial way of doing it.
2) Nor did it make things easier that the UDA boundaries were totally artificial .
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very artificial1) Both studies are very artificial so lack ecological validity.
2) The interview is a very artificial situation.
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