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arts1) The performing arts professions are changing fast.
2) This martial arts style looks really great.
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arts center1) These plans include adding a performing arts center .
2) No town is in more need of a performing arts center .
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arts centre1) London is the arts centre of the world.
2) Chongqing Grand Theatre, a performing arts centre .
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arts college1) She attended a performing arts college in London.
2) The liberal arts colleges will not teach our children much about government.
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arts community1) The GLBT arts community is a vibrant and innovative community on the rise.
2) Sun Valley has a lively arts community offering a variety of opportunities through over thirty presenting organizations.
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arts degree1) No special software or graphic arts degree required.
2) And who said our crazy liberal arts degrees were worth nothing ?
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arts funding1) Per capita arts funding would be another example.
2) But the continuing economic slowdown threatens U.S. arts funding .
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arts graduate1) You're a recent Liberal arts graduate .
2) At this point I was accepted into the School of Visual arts graduate program.
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arts programme1) Institutions including government schools nowadays receive good funding for their arts programmes .
2) Young people are ill-served by arts programmes .
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arts scene1) The Buffalo arts scene is a consistent attraction for many .
2) DANCE is making its way back to the Liverpool arts scene following what seemed a fallow period.
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arts school1) Clay was adamant that the charter would not solely be a performing arts school .
2) In her teen years Connor tried out and was accepted to a performing arts school .
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arts student1) This course is for liberal arts students .
2) A major component for fine arts students is demonstrating their particular talent.
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arts subject1) Vyasanagar College started with arts subjects at the Intermediate level.
2) Like most arts subjects at Oxford, Archaeology is not organised departmentally.
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arts venue1) The performing arts venues are listed by maximum capacity for ticketed events.
2) The Chilliwack Cultural Centre is a performing arts venue located in downtown Chilliwack.
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