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articulate1) Federal law has articulated very murky standards.
2) The whole thing is getting more articulate .
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articulate an idea1) Maybe Piketty is articulating an idea , albeit familiar, whose time at last has come.
2) Mark and I have both been speaking for decades, and have learned a lot about getting up in front of people and articulating an idea .
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articulate argument1) It is clearly articulated arguments like this that will win Britain back .
2) He skillfully navigated between the two groups, articulating arguments , managing expectations and advancing ideas for Indian uplift.
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articulate clearly1) He'd learned his lines, articulated clearly and forcefully, even ad-libbed on stage.
2) Whether the need is articulated clearly and the answer given is conceptual is not our concern here.
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articulate concern1) Scholars like Chandra Talpade Mohanty played and play an integral role in articulating concerns about Western feminism.
2) Recreational groups represented on the council, such as Ducks Unlimited and Bow Waters Canoe Club, articulated concern for the river's environment.
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articulate desire1) Only when the father articulates desire with the law by castrating the mother, the subject is liberated from the mother's desire.
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articulate feeling1) Meyer was interested in casting actors who could project and articulate feelings , even through alien makeup.
2) It is clear that during a certain stage in the child's development, artefacts become its principal means of articulating feelings and desires.
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articulate need1) The professional responds to clearly articulated needs .
2) In the past when wars broke out I don't think there was such a articulated need to deal with children's insecurities and vulnerabilities and problems about the war.
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articulate philosophy1) There is nothing which indicates a small band of activists, dedicated to an articulated philosophy of conservatism.
2) In turn the profession would articulate philosophy and justify efforts and achievements with confidence to the wider community.
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articulate position1) Women played a major part in these demonstrations, and have articulated positions and ideas on disarmament.
2) Two features, one a house foundation and the other two stoves in an articulated position , were discovered.
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articulate principle1) It is imperative for the United States to articulate principles to guide its foreign policy .
2) Notice that Mill is concerned with articulating principles to apply to restrictions on liberty in various contexts.
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articulate reason1) That Mr. Fleischer fails to articulate reasons that others agree with is irrelevant.
2) This analysis requires consideration of the employer's articulated reason and the circumstantial evidence suggesting discriminatory motive.
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articulate speaker1) Al Mohler is a great and articulate speaker .
2) Blair has been noted as a charismatic, articulate speaker with an informal style.
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articulate the value of1) In the 1970's, scientists, ecologists, and conservationists began to articulate the values of wetlands.
2) When dealing with prospective clients, be prepared to articulate the value of what you can do for them and how your services will translate into real benefits for them.
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articulate thought1) Pierre Joseph Proudhon was one of the most famous philosophers who articulated thoughts on the nature of property.
2) Being able to articulate thoughts and valid talking points are not excuses bro , it's like having a conversation.
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articulate vision1) That 's why clearly articulated visions of alternatives are so important.
2) Leaders create and articulate vision , managers ensure it is put into practice.
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articulate voice1) Bad luck for the system that they were not able to silence your articulate voice .
2) He stood up and in his deep, resonate, articulate voice he kept everyone spellbound during the recitation.
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articulate well1) People who do not articulate well are more difficult to speechread.
2) The figures are articulated well .
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carefully articulate1) The managers' underlying characteristic is they all possess a carefully articulated and demonstrable edge.
2) Also in the original construction, the main gallery skylight had been covered, which compromised Wright's carefully articulated lighting effects.
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clearly articulate1) The professional responds to clearly articulated needs.
2) Ensure that measurable steps for promotion are clearly articulated .
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explicitly articulate1) Some narrative structures are implied in the content limits, and others are explicitly articulated .
2) In recent years Levinas has himself articulated more explicitly his account of the relation of the ethical to the political.
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first articulate1) The familiar argument is first articulated in the Third Meditation.
2) Then that he had first articulated it inside his head.
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fully articulate1) This demand was fully articulated by 1946.
2) fully articulated seats were offered as well.
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highly articulate1) Seemingly highly articulate , but a wanna be intellectual.
2) The Aborigines, like all human groups, had highly articulated languages.
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only articulate1) This myth was only articulated by one group which was convened in a northern seaside resort.
2) The Steamtown Special History Study recommended that it remain at Steamtown as it is the only articulated type in the collection.
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properly articulate1) I was always afraid that I would not properly articulate myself ultimately leading to confusion.
2) For other analog materials, properly articulating intrinsic value remains essential for determining artifactual value.
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well articulate1) And the clever lyrics are well articulated .
2) In fact , the benefits are well articulated and understood.
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