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artisan1) Buy hand crafted goods produced by local artisans .
2) What makes a tea truly artisan tea.
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artisan baker1) Linen is also used extensively by artisan bakers .
2) Our own artisan bakers provide us with the delicious and nutritious sourdough pizza crusts.
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artisan bakery1) All are marketed both industrial and artisan bakeries in different cities.
2) Recently there has been a revival of sourdough bread in artisan bakeries .
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artisan bread1) Making artisan bread in these conditions is no small feat .
2) Have heard of artisan bread but not marmalade!
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artisan cheese1) Cheddars can be industrial or artisan cheeses .
2) Local growers and artisan cheese and sausage makers fuel several James Beard award-winning restaurants.
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artisan class1) The artisan class composed about 15% of the population.
2) Bogotá became the heated stage of conflicts between the artisan class and the merchant class.
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artisan community1) They are an artisan community related with Kadia works.
2) There were craft workshops, shops and counting houses for the commercial and artisan community .
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artisan craft1) Paintings , sculptures, every form of artisan craft was a singular work.
2) Creating textiles using traditional manual techniques is an artisan craft practised as a hobby in Europe and North America.
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artisan food1) The festival is geared towards the promotion of local artisan food products.
2) The festival attracts celebrity chefs, nutritionists and artisan food entrpreneurs.
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artisan goods1) The creation of a sawmill and marketing of artisan goods helped the economy of the island.
2) Celebrate the changing season with this festival of handmade artisan goods and food featuring over 200 juried vendors.
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artisan product1) The festival is geared towards the promotion of local artisan food products .
2) Choosing artisan products to support smaller businesses, fair trade and locally-made clothes.
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artisan production1) artisan production methods involve more simple yet practiced skills.
2) We are proud of our made-in-Italy artisan production , she says.
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artisan shop1) Secret cobbled courtyards thrive with market stalls and artisan shops .
2) In Sarchí, national and international tourists can visit the country's traditional artisan shops .
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local artisan1) Buy hand crafted goods produced by local artisans .
2) Later, an additional 20 hives were acquired from local artisans .
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skilled artisan1) Such goods were often highly decorated by skilled artisans .
2) One possible explanation is lack of highly skilled artisans .
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talented artisan1) The talented artisans are Nepali women that provides for their family.
2) You have some very talented artisans working with you.
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