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As You Like It1) Have It As You Like It .
2) Do As little As necessary or As much As You Like It .
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according as1) Yet I will speak according as I feel.
2) His last words have been variously reported according as men hated or admired him.
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act as1) Our company men acted as litter bearers.
2) It means acting as responsible global citizens.
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also known as1) also known as securing safety .
2) also known as arena rats .
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as1) as prices continued upward financial institutions offered 100% loans.
2) as yet nothing significant has been accomplished.
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as a group1) The group has liberties as a group .
2) The dish comes together as a group effort.
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as a matter of1) as a matter of fact nobody knows.
2) as a matter of fact none are.
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as a matter of course1) The epidemic followed as a matter of course .
2) It happened as a matter of course .
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as a matter of fact1) as a matter of fact nobody knows.
2) as a matter of fact none are.
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as a rule1) as a rule our services are straight forward.
2) as a rule , prisons meet international standards.
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as a whole1) The book as a whole was rewritten 17 times.
2) as a whole these are quite excellent tracks.
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as against1) as against the nineteen eighty one estimates.
2) as against explosive concussion grenades thrown by Japanese security .
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as all get out1) This is funny as all get out .
2) It 's quirky as all get out !
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as all that1) This isn't as much difference as all that .
2) It was as easy as all that , huh?
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as anything1) He is not passing as anything .
2) It seemed as likely as anything else around here.
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as clear as a bell1) It was as clear as a bell .
2) That was as clear as a bell and simple as pie.
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as clear as mud1) Hope that makes things as clear as mud .
2) So it's as clear as mud !
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as concerns1) as concerns intensify, the industry maintains there is no risk.
2) And vegetative roofs are enjoying resurgence as concerns for the environment grow.
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as cool as a cucumber1) He was as cool as a cucumber .
2) She looked as efficient as a hospital matron, as cool as a cucumber .
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as different as chalk and cheese1) The two men are as different as chalk and cheese .
2) They are psychologically, spiritually and in personality as different as chalk and cheese .
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as distinct from1) These are more graphical presentations as distinct from verbal listings.
2) as distinct from deterrence, retribution serves multiple purposes.
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as dry as a bone1) It was as dry as a bone , under a never-ending, roaring waterfall.
2) Underneath is as dry as a bone and the exterior is in fantastic shape.
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as early as1) They had started gathering as early as noon.
2) Instrumental blues had been recorded as early as 1913.
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as ever1) Asian airports are almost as congested as ever .
2) My resolve remains as strong as ever .
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as far as1) as far as possible within 24 hours.
2) as far as we went last night?
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as far as I am concerned1) as far as I am concerned she Is stuck.
2) as far as I am concerned games are over-policed.
more as far as I am concerned sentences

as far as I can see1) as far as I can see , they are two completely different subjects.
2) He's a deadly dull little man as far as I can see .
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as far as I know1) She never did as far as I knew .
2) as far as I know nothing ever materialized.
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as far as it goes1) I agree as far as it goes .
2) But dreaming is usually as far as it goes .
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as far as one can tell1) as far as one can tell from his letters, he was pleased with it although it did not sell.
2) Stolen is a very personal account and it is also , as far as one can tell , an honest one.
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as far as possible1) as far as possible within 24 hours.
2) as far as possible species which are similar are grouped together.
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as few as1) Current tests detect as few as 20 copies.
2) Keep the rules as few as possible.
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as follows1) The primary research results are as follows .
2) The individual test areas are described as follows .
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as for1) as for general smart performance?
2) as for right wing libertarian !
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as good as1) Their guy is as good as advertised.
2) Not as good as previous model ordered.
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as good as gold1) well he sat there as good as gold .
2) He's as good as gold in' he? .
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as good as new1) She looks almost as good as new .
2) The result is tiling as good as new .
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as heck1) That alone looks time consuming as heck !
2) Because I sure as heck don't.
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as hell1) And outing undercover agents is definitely illegal as hell .
2) The whole premise was stupid as hell .
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as high as a kite1) Suddenly flying as high as a kite , she couldn't resist the tiny gibe.
2) The three basic methods are gas and air, which many had used, some so enthusiastically that they ended up either very sleepy, or as one said, as high as a kite .
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as how1) as far as how thick the plywood?
2) Especially seeing as how his ratings are still relatively high .
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as if1) The games were continued as if nothing had happened.
2) as if cholesterol and saturated fat are similar things.
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as if by magic1) A blank canvas appears as if by magic .
2) Yellow lines appear as if by magic !
more as if by magic sentences
as is1) The word website is lower case as is email.
2) Property is being sold as is where is.
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as it happens1) The key phrase here is as it happens .
2) as it happens , neither approach is adequate.
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as it is1) Marine life was fully established as it is today.
2) The mold looks deep as it is wide.
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as it were1) Hidden in plain sight as it were .
2) Find greener pastures, as it were .
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as keen as mustard1) They are as keen as mustard .
2) He was as keen as mustard , and as Doctor Faustus.
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as large as life1) Oh, Lee, you're as large as life .
2) A bridge stood in front of him, as large as life .
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as likely as not1) Those under, as likely as not , burst into tears themselves.
2) The tortoise may, as likely as not , outlive its custodian!
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as long as1) He suggested delaying irrigation as long as possible.
2) as long as protection is limited to literal copying.
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as long as your arm1) C.K. came to us with a diagnosis as long as your arm .
2) There's a list as long as your arm of people fired by Dick.
more as long as your arm sentences
as luck would have it1) as luck would have it the phone rang.
2) as luck would have it the letter had not been sent.
more as luck would have it sentences
as many1) The second term is used twice as many times.
2) It is heavily guarded as many squadrons are located here.
more as many sentences
as many as1) as many as 158 cards are burned.
2) as many as five vaccines are given per doctors visit.
more as many as sentences
as much1) Not nearly as much has been spent expressing hope.
2) US sales are 20x as much .
more as much sentences
as much again1) That could be nearly as much again .
2) This is half as much again as last year.
more as much again sentences
as much as1) They cost as much as $190.
2) Less serious runners drink as much as possible!
more as much as sentences
as much as possible1) Less serious runners drink as much as possible !
2) The best treatment is prevention as much as possible .
more as much as possible sentences
as needed1) CO2 sensors adjust natural ventilation as needed .
2) Add optional mixing liquids as needed until desired consistency is achieved.
more as needed sentences
as of1) as of 2007 each issue has 44 pages.
2) as of early 2010 none has been approved.
more as of sentences
as often as not1) as often as not , these were men.
2) But as often as not I see mock objects described poorly.
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as old as the hills1) Mortgage scams were as old as the hills .
2) PEG: I feel as old as the hills .
more as old as the hills sentences
as one1) as one world falls asleep another awakens.
2) There are 2 lots being sold as one .
more as one sentences
as one man1) The crowd rise to their feet as one man .
2) This is as deep as one man can feel for another.
more as one man sentences
as opposed to1) Post better content as opposed to more content!
2) It implied superficial as opposed to deep.
more as opposed to sentences
as people go1) I'm envious eyes as people go .
2) My quest to know my ancestors as people goes on.
more as people go sentences
as per1) Car rental rates fluctuate as per demand.
2) This is performed as per strict guidelines laid down.
more as per sentences
as poss1) We are trying to gather as much info. as poss .
2) Please send as much info as poss to me!
more as poss sentences
as regards1) Great difficulty is experienced as regards fuel.
2) The same is particularly true as regards ethics.
more as regards sentences
as required1) A clear budget was being prepared as required .
2) Must possess relevant offshore certificates as required .
more as required sentences
as right as rain1) I'll be as right as rain again soon.
2) He then closed it and felt as right as rain .
more as right as rain sentences
as sick as a parrot1) The Treasurer is looking as sick as a parrot !
2) The fat lady is singing and we're all as sick as a parrot .
more as sick as a parrot sentences
as soon as1) We recommend banking money as soon as possible.
2) A further announcement is promised as soon as possible.
more as soon as sentences
as soon as possible1) We recommend banking money as soon as possible .
2) A further announcement is promised as soon as possible .
more as soon as possible sentences
as sound as a bell1) He's good, he's brilliant, and he's probably as sound as a bell .
more as sound as a bell sentences
as straight as a die1) He was as straight as a die but, if anything, rather cautious and predictable.
2) The trike can track as straight as a die down the side of the road, but it can also zip back and forth in the blink of an eye, unlike any plodding bicycle.
more as straight as a die sentences
as such1) This conflict is sometimes formally identified as such .
2) The second level involves mental content as such .
more as such sentences
as the case may be1) Or undead meat as the case may be .
2) Or afternoon as the case may be .
more as the case may be sentences
as the crow flies1) as the crow flies , they are half a mile away.
2) Spain is 50 km 0 abbr=on away as the crow flies .
more as the crow flies sentences
as the next1) Activity increases as the next eruption approaches.
2) Official records regard 1916 as the next contested championship season.
more as the next sentences
as things go1) It was reliable, as things go .
2) But as things went this day we didn't even get a bite.
more as things go sentences
as though1) It looked as though every seat was occupied.
2) I feel as though mine were present.
more as though sentences
as to1) The option as to reasonableness is very much preferred.
2) No warranty is made as to technical accuracy.
more as to sentences
as usual1) as usual this race was very close.
2) as usual the whole thing seemed immense.
more as usual sentences
as was1) as was pointed out almost 24 hrs ago above .
2) as was said earlier, before 1979 18 per cent.
more as was sentences
as we know it1) Life as we knew it changed last night.
2) Paper was nonexistent as we know it .
more as we know it sentences
as we say1) as we said , many were volcanic.
2) as we said before, pay attention to fit.
more as we say sentences
as well1) There are few editorial lapses as well .
2) The embroidered names are very nice as well !
more as well sentences
as well as1) That includes support staff as well as teachers.
2) This interview is both important as well as frustrating.
more as well as sentences
as well it1) When we were training as well it was pretty tough .
2) as well it might be, I thought.
more as well it sentences
as yet1) as yet nothing significant has been accomplished.
2) The great industrial enterprise was as yet less significant.
more as yet sentences
as yet unnamed1) Another new genus - as yet unnamed - has been proposed.
2) An as yet unnamed gentleman from Hampshire was the successful bidder .
more as yet unnamed sentences
as you go along1) This game gets harder as you go along .
2) you felt you were inventing something as you went along .
more as you go along sentences
as you please1) Feel free to wander around as you please .
2) No freedom to travel as you please ?
more as you please sentences
as you were1) Similar to as you were .
2) as you were saying? Yes.
more as you were sentences
bill as1) Group therapy being billed as individual therapy.
2) These materials are billed as environmentally friendly.
more bill as sentences
blind as a bat1) Have you ever heard the saying blind as a bat ?
2) He's blind as a bat !
more blind as a bat sentences
bold as brass1) Suddenly, up came Miss Stark, bold as brass and dressed in gold foil.
2) Richard performed a selection of hits and tracks from the bold as brass album.
more bold as brass sentences
business as usual1) The proposed bill is business as usual .
2) Control communities continued prevention business as usual .
more business as usual sentences
catch as catch can1) My own schedule happens to be catch as catch can .
2) Now it's just really catch as catch can .
more catch as catch can sentences
clear as day1) That short signal was clear as day .
2) It was suddenly as clear as day .
more clear as day sentences
clear as mud1) Hope that makes things as clear as mud .
2) So it's as clear as mud !
more clear as mud sentences
dead as a dodo1) The campaign was as dead as a dodo .
2) Voice B is dead as a dodo , outputting nothing at all.
more dead as a dodo sentences
dead as a doornail1) They are dead as a doornail .
2) It was dead as a doornail at 6:30 when I checked.
more dead as a doornail sentences
deaf as a post1) Well, she used to sort of keep shop for him, she was deaf as a post !
2) Useless at discerning a woman 's true feelings, deaf as a post when a baby is crying and utterly incapable of performing more than one task at a time.
more deaf as a post sentences
doing business as1) In essence, he got caught for doing business as usual.
2) Carriers couldn't simply continue doing business as usual.
more doing business as sentences
drunk as a skunk1) One night I was asleep when Ronnie burst into our bedroom , drunk as a skunk .
2) drunk as a skunk .
more drunk as a skunk sentences
dry as a bone1) They must be dry as a bone .
2) However, for the first month i was dry as a bone .
more dry as a bone sentences
dry as dust1) Your life is as dry as dust .
2) Mouse's mouth went as dry as dust .
more dry as dust sentences
dull as dishwater1) dull as dishwater it may have been to watch.
2) I figured it would be way over my head and dull as dishwater .
more dull as dishwater sentences
easy as falling off a log1) What used to be a digital 'black art' is now as easy as falling off a log .
2) 'It's as easy as falling off a log .'
more easy as falling off a log sentences
easy as pie1) This makes an efficient suspension set-up as easy as pie .
2) easy as pie , but way less calories.
more easy as pie sentences
even as1) Yet even as 242 was being drafted.
2) This tradition continued even as education became more widespread.
more even as sentences
fit as a fiddle1) And he is fit as a fiddle .
2) You seem fit as a fiddle , Mr Blake.
more fit as a fiddle sentences
go as you please1) you come and go as you please .
2) Come and go as you please , Ellie.
more go as you please sentences
happy as a clam1) Would Valeska Paris had said she was happy as a clam ?
2) happy as a clam once again.
more happy as a clam sentences
happy as larry1) Ten years later Burton would have been as happy as larry .
2) He came back a couple of months later, happy as larry .
more happy as larry sentences
inasmuch as1) They qualify as electric guitars inasmuch as they have fitted pickups.
2) They will remain so inasmuch as they preserve their holy traditions.
more inasmuch as sentences
insofar as1) At least insofar as his wardrobe was concerned.
2) Everything was valued insofar as it strengthened the central state.
more insofar as sentences
just as1) just as hate speech is hate speech .
2) The processes never stop working just as organs never stop working.
more just as sentences
naked as a jaybird1) as the officer so colorfully put it, he was naked as a jaybird . In sub freezing weather.
more naked as a jaybird sentences
pass as1) Most pass as if homelessness was contagious.
2) He threw 23 touchdown passes as a junior.
more pass as sentences
pay as you go1) The developer pricing is pay as you go .
2) Get a pay as you go mobile .
more pay as you go sentences
pleased as punch1) My mum will be pleased as punch .
2) Several months later I'm still pleased as punch !
more pleased as punch sentences
pretty as a picture1) It was as pretty as a picture .
2) It's as pretty as a picture !
more pretty as a picture sentences
put down as1) The rest can be put down as uncommitted.
2) Currently, FHA borrowers can put down as little as 3.5 percent.
more put down as sentences
quick as a flash1) quick as a flash , let the nominees roll forth.
2) quick as a flash , he saw his duty.
more quick as a flash sentences
regard as1) Our entire perspective is basically regarded as irrelevant.
2) Not surprisingly wind power is regarded as having considerable potential.
more regard as sentences
sick as a dog1) I was as sick as a dog .
2) You might get as sick as a dog .
more sick as a dog sentences
smart as a whip1) She never got a college education, even though she was smart as a whip .
2) He 's tough, smart as a whip and not shy of a party.
more smart as a whip sentences
so as1) Physics courses are structured so as to build upon prior knowledge.
2) The ceiling is painted silver so as to bounce light around.
more so as sentences
so long as1) so long as the guns hold fast victory seems possible.
2) Efficiency solves nothing so long as growth continues.
more so long as sentences
such as1) Complex data such as outcome measures require careful interpretation.
2) Nearly 20% is organic matter such as waste food.
more such as sentences
sure as shooting1) For, sure as shooting this manipulative liar and user would've run for POTUS.
2) To the to be, At that point sure as shooting will need arguments regarding their carried on winning.
more sure as shooting sentences
thick as thieves1) In two hours we were thick as thieves .
2) Then they'd be as thick as thieves again.
more thick as thieves sentences
view as1) Behavior is often viewed as quite flexible.
2) These costs were rightfully viewed as enormous.
more view as sentences

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