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album artwork1) All three albums artwork include lyrics and band photos.
2) The album also had different album cover artwork .
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artwork1) The alien artwork is very poor 3.
2) The artwork records are accessible through a searchable database.
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artwork design1) I only start painting when I'm satisfied with the artwork design .
2) artwork , design , and construction by Robert Luis Chavez.
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artwork feature1) The first promotional artwork features Gaga naked with moss covering her genitals.
2) The guest artwork features the artwork of some of my artist friends.
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beautiful artwork1) The great artist Michelangelo produced an enormous cache of beautiful artwork .
2) Instead, exchange it for beautiful artwork .
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character artwork1) The disc features a number of unlockable bonuses such as character artwork .
2) A bunch of character artworks are also included in the new set.
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collection of artwork1) It also houses a large collection of artworks by Australian indigenous artists.
2) Players can also unlock a collection of artwork , spanning the series.
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concept artwork1) concept artwork shows Jack with a backhoe.
2) Hardback copy of all the concept artwork from the game.
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contemporary artwork1) The bulk of the show is dedicated to contemporary artworks .
2) The exhibition celebrates the contemporary artwork by students aged 14-18.
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cover artwork1) The album also had different album cover artwork .
2) The cover artwork was slightly different on the rear cover.
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create artwork1) He created this artwork three months later.
2) The artwork was created between 1982 and 1984.
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digital artwork1) It was turned into a digital artwork by the design studio Stylorouge.
2) The ELEMENTAL series showcases the worlds best digital artwork created with Autodesk software.
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display artwork1) Students artwork is prominently displayed throughout the campus.
2) Public artwork is displayed across the campus.
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exhibit artwork1) artwork is exhibited and instructional classes for arts and crafts are held.
2) Resulting artworks are exhibited in the foyer space as part of Prospect.
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finished artwork1) This series uses finished artwork that is inked and colored.
2) The finished artwork is then printed out on a page printer.
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interactive artwork1) One digital solution is the iTunes LP format for interactive album artwork introduced by Apple on 9 September 2009.
2) His interactive artwork has been exhibited at LACMA , Sundance Film Festival, The Leonardo, Mindshare.
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interior artwork1) The Gallery of Folk Art includes traditional Romanian interior decoration artworks .
2) The interior artwork , particularly by Elliot Dold, was also very impressive.
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original artwork1) This main gallery houses thirteen separate galleries of original artwork .
2) My conceptual designs are original artwork focused on innovation.
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poster artwork1) The poster artwork was made by local tattoo artist Mike Davis.
2) We'll ship out a Kickstarter exclusive postcard using our quad poster artwork too.
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promotional artwork1) The first promotional artwork features Gaga naked with moss covering her genitals.
2) promotional artwork and sketches of the major characters were also included.
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showcase artwork1) The Rotunda Gallery showcases various student artwork .
2) The final exhibition is an educational display that showcases the artwork of student artists .
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single artwork1) Minogue released the single's cover artwork via Twitter on 25 May 2012.
2) The same day, Kesha published the single's artwork onto her Twitter.
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unveil artwork1) The album's artwork was unveiled on April 20, 2011.
2) After recently unveiling the artwork , the tracklist hits the net.
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visual artwork1) visual artworks are not easy to reproduce.
2) Shen Wei's study of abstraction is also evident in his visual artworks .
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