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Apollinaire1) Apollinaire appeared to see complete abstraction as the goal.
2) Apollinaire was consisted of provost and eight canons.
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Apollinaris1) This entrenched fort was occupied by the Legio XV Apollinaris .
2) Sidonius Apollinaris , Carmina ; Letters .
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apolitical1) More than apolitical - actively hostile to radical thought.
2) It is considered an apolitical and professional institution.
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apolitical organization1) The autocracy provided no space for the expression of working-class interests through reformist or apolitical organization .
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apolitical stance1) Notwithstanding these compromises, many Haredi groups maintained their previous apolitical stance .
2) Iranian-born Khoei, a scholar who had written more than 90 books on theology, was known for his adamantly apolitical stance .
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apoliticality1) The Model Minority stereotype also comes with an underlying notion of their apoliticality .
2) 1969b The Politics of apoliticality : Form and Process in a Lower Congo Regional Council Cahiers d'√Čtudes africaines IX,4, 570-99.
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apolitically1) Even apolitically drawn boundaries can unintentionally gerrymander, reflecting naturally occurring diversity.
2) People who are not part of survivalist groups or apolitically oriented religious groups also make preparations for emergencies.
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remain apolitical1) Anouilh remained staunchly apolitical for most of his life and career.
2) He becomes the new priest for the villagers after agreeing to remain apolitical .
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