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apocryphal1) This possibly apocryphal account has inspired several writers.
2) Many works that are apocryphal are otherwise considered genuine.
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apocryphal account1) This possibly apocryphal account has inspired several writers.
2) Several apocryphal accounts of transplants exist well prior to the scientific understanding and advancements that would be necessary for them to have actually occurred.
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apocryphal book1) The respect accorded to apocryphal books varied between Protestant denominations.
2) He did not recognize the apocryphal books as canonical.
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apocryphal gospel1) The Gnostic tradition was a prolific source of apocryphal gospels .
2) Several of her plays draw on the so-called apocryphal gospels .
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apocryphal literature1) In the apocryphal literature , Satan rules over a host of angels.
2) The alleged prophecies apparently belonged to the apocryphal Zoroastrian literature popular with various Gnostics.
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apocryphal storey1) His astounding skills have been glorified in various apocryphal stories and anecdotes.
2) This led to the rise of many apocryphal stories and legends surrounding the harvesting process.
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apocryphal story1) A sentimental image of this apocryphal story of Washington's youth.
2) A possibly apocryphal story suggests that Macaulay drank champagne in the interval.
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apocryphal tale1) Or is that another apocryphal tale ?
2) The biographical tradition is littered with apocryphal tales about Bodhidharma's life and circumstances.
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apocryphal text1) Recorded history is at variance with the legends elaborated in apocryphal texts .
2) To source such material we must look to a lost second-century apocryphal text , The Acts of Andrew.
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apocryphal work1) Nevertheless the influence of these apocryphal works on other canonical collections was restricted.
2) Masses and prayers from apocryphal works used in Egypt were also used in Ireland.
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apocryphon1) The Genesis apocryphon repeats information from Genesis.
2) The below summary of the apocryphon is derived from Wisse's translation.
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apodeictic1) Thus he rejected anything which appeared uncertain and decided to only accept apodeictic knowledge as truth.
2) Finally, he concludes that deictic explanation is not only compatible with apodeictic and paradeictic explanations but is complementary to them.
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apodeme1) Their structure has been studied in detail up to internal apodemes , hindwings and genitalia.
2) The cephalopharyngeal skeleton has very short dorsal and ventral apodemes , the hypostomal scleritis is triangular.
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apodictic1) This is specially apodictic if you jazz an up to you moderately!
2) Transcendental Idealism in the works of Immanuel Kant provides apodictic certainty in our judgements about what we human beings can and cannot know.
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apodoses1) We have apodoses for the positions of Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury, but not for the sun, Saturn, and probably not for Mars.
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consider apocryphal1) However, there is no empirical evidence for this notion, which is considered apocryphal .
2) It has not been found in his speeches, writings, or letters (and thus, must remain considered apocryphal ).
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