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apologise1) The broadcaster apologised , blaming human error.
2) The company's president had apologised earlier.
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apologise again1) He apologises again for what has happened.
2) A few days later the manager called the father to apologise again .
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apologise profusely1) I apologised profusely and fortunately Edward was not too hurt.
2) He was wearing pointed shoes with sick on them and Liz was apologising profusely .
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apologise unreservedly1) They also sought that Sony apologise unreservedly .
2) On behalf of the BBC, I apologise unreservedly .
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formally apologise1) The Fijian government formally apologised on 30 November for the incident.
2) Thirty years after the attack the IRA formally apologised for harming civilians.
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never apologise1) Pearce has never apologised for the article.
2) A superior officer had never apologised to him before.
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publicly apologise1) Bashar al-Assad publicly apologised for the incident.
2) Wilkinson later publicly apologised and pleaded guilty to the contempt.
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since apologise1) The BBC has since apologised for the offence caused.
2) Real Cosmetics has since apologised and the website has been taken down.
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sincerely apologise1) If we have done so we sincerely apologise .
2) I do sincerely apologise for this mixup.
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subsequently apologise1) The radio hosts subsequently apologised for their actions.
2) Khan subsequently apologised for his mistakes and voluntarily stepped down.
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then apologise1) He then apologised for committing a major sin .
2) If he doesn't apologise then he should be fired.
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