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a little apologetic1) With a little apologetic smile the girl sat down between Mrs Chalmers and the stranger.
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almost apologetic1) Describing his background in these terms, Markey seems almost apologetic .
2) Wooderson is almost apologetic about how little he trained to reach his pinnacles.
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apologetic1) On such occasions he sometimes created apologetic cartoons.
2) An apologetic smile is turned toward Serenity.
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apologetic about1) The server was vary apologetic about the dirty glass.
2) Many charities are apologetic about the costs involved to raise funds.
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apologetic for1) Arms students with an apologetic for their faith.
2) for his part, Bowyer was apologetic for causing the spin.
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apologetic letter1) He left apologetic letters for his fellow cast members explaining his reasons and wishing them luck.
2) Goldstein regards Demosthenes's letters as authentic apologetic letters that were addressed to the Athenian Assembly.
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apologetic look1) Nicky Kai laughed in response to the apologetic look Maria threw her.
2) He later appears with the other deceased characters with an apologetic look , asking Amanda for forgiveness.
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apologetic shrug1) He bowed, then gave a small, apologetic shrug .
2) The guy made an apologetic shrug .
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apologetic smile1) An apologetic smile is turned toward Serenity.
2) She gave him an apologetic little smile .
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apologetic tone1) There's always an apologetic tone about using government.
2) Then, still in that apologetic tone of voice, she went on to strike Lisa with a thunderbolt.
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apologetic work1) They also publish several apologetic works concerning the Western Rite.
2) In 1951 Francis D. Nichol published the classic apologetic work Ellen G. White and Her Critics .
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be apologetic1) The youngest sister, she is very apologetic .
2) When Ralph spoke his manner was apologetic .
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extremely apologetic1) He was extremely apologetic , said he was just having fun and looking for attn.
2) If he (in fact) accidentally did, he would have been extremely apologetic .
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genuinely apologetic1) He looked and sounded genuinely apologetic .
2) She was genuinely apologetic , saying she would not have done such a thing if it hadn't been just him and Shaw.
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look apologetic1) Antony looked apologetic but Connon did not let him speak.
2) He walks up to Milly, looking apologetic .
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profusely apologetic1) Eventually he is joined by a profusely apologetic colleague.
2) At 12.45pm, a profusely apologetic Mrs Yeltsin arrived in a black Daimler car as Mrs Major came scurrying up the hotel steps to meet her.
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slightly apologetic1) Nor did she have any of the pale and slightly apologetic stance of her mother.
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sound apologetic1) He managed to sound apologetic .
2) The receptionist sounded apologetic .
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suitably apologetic1) Lucy sounded impishly curious about the situation, as well as suitably apologetic .
2) For a few weeks only, although Adam 100 must not know that. The icon's features became suitably apologetic .
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very apologetic1) And he is very apologetic and has sworn off drinking.
2) He was very nice and understanding and very apologetic .
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