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absolutely appalling1) It is absolutely appalling how the system works.
2) That first painting you linked to is absolutely appalling .
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appalling1) The patients got appalling care .
2) Our current mental health system is appalling .
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appalling abuse1) Centralized power has suppressed the country's diversity and led to appalling abuses .
2) appalling abuse of what the role of an organisational secretary should be.
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appalling act1) It is the rapist who is morally degraded by this appalling act .
2) British Prime Minister Tony Blair called the bombing an appalling act of savagery and evil.
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appalling atrocity1) French colonialism was often brutal and exploitative but its ending in Algeria arose through a war of appalling atrocity on both sides.
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appalling behaviour1) Some less established had just never returned because of the appalling behaviour .
2) Liz prided herself on her tolerance of Ivan's appalling behaviour .
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appalling condition1) These youngsters work seventy metres below ground in appalling conditions .
2) Animals were neglected and lived in appalling conditions .
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appalling crime1) Police say it was an appalling crime .
2) Regardless of Madoff's appalling crimes , are his investors innocent?
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appalling dilemma1) Before us she made it clear that she was faced with an appalling dilemma .
2) Now, as 1 April approaches, there are fears care managers may face the same appalling dilemma with other client groups.
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appalling hardship1) Most travellers suffered appalling hardship and danger, none more so than the great Victorian explorers.
2) Suppose you were enduring appalling hardship and danger, struggling to attempt something that is generally believed to be humanly impossible.
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appalling ignorance1) In effect , they were forced to apologize for the public's appalling ignorance .
2) The Graphic claimed that the Senator had set the whole world laughing by the appalling ignorance betrayed by questions.
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appalling injury1) He sustained appalling injuries , including a fracture of the spine.
2) The cat suffered appalling injuries during the attack... its legs are partly paralysed.
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appalling lack1) Your religious rhetoric and appalling lack of punctuation in your comment are incredibly discomforting .
2) Saying carbon emissions also reflects the appalling lack of scientific knowledge so prevalent today.
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appalling lack of1) Your religious rhetoric and appalling lack of punctuation in your comment are incredibly discomforting .
2) Saying carbon emissions also reflects the appalling lack of scientific knowledge so prevalent today.
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appalling loss1) The Newfoundland Regiment suffered appalling losses on that day.
2) Only one person died, so appalling financial loss was tempered by human deliverance.
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appalling massacre1) In view of the appalling massacre that took place last week in East Timor, will the Government call on the United Nations Security Council to discuss East Timor?
2) As recently as 1949 a Dutch officer had committed some appalling massacres here in a misguided attempt to regain control of the colonies for Holland.
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appalling mess1) Saints have mercy, she was making an appalling mess of everything.
2) An appalling mess indeed.
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appalling record1) Dungeness has thus continued its appalling construction record into its working life.
2) Mr. Emuss admitted: 'Ironside has an appalling record of driving.
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appalling scene1) He stood there wide eyed, not fully understanding the appalling scene .
2) The appalling scenes that we saw on television were brought home to us there.
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appalling sight1) The severest fighting of the war was followed by the most appalling sights upon the battle-field.
2) In his diary, Patton described the place as one of the most appalling sights that I have ever seen.
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appalling situation1) It is very likely to precipitate appalling political situations .
2) He is the Minister who must find a solution to this appalling situation .
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appalling standards1) There are appalling standards in Formula One.
2) It is now four years since evidence of appalling standards of care at an NHS hospital in the West Midlands first came to light.
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appalling state1) Unfortunately we noticed that the moulds are in an appalling state .
2) What an appalling state of affairs.
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appalling stench1) He screwed up his face at the appalling stench but made no move to draw back.
2) In the cold half-light the rock looked stark and forbidding; as we cruised slowly to leeward the most appalling stench drifted down wind.
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appalling thing1) That's an appalling thing to say.
2) Maybe she had accused him of doing appalling things with Badger.
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appalling tragedy1) It is an appalling tragedy .
2) This is an appalling tragedy which will haunt us for the rest of our lives.
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appalling weather1) She said: 'Considering the appalling weather there were lots of people there.
2) At any one time there were three hundred people patiently waiting in the most appalling weather .
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be appalling1) Our current mental health system is appalling .
2) Fifty years ago the legal injustice imposed upon women was appalling .
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look appalling1) Two spotty, purply-pink flowers that looked appalling against Therese's crimson dress.
2) Liz thought he looked appalling , and wondered why she hadn't noticed it before.
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quite appalling1) His dismissive tone toward Jefferson is actually quite appalling .
2) His grasp of the details and facts though were quite appalling .
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really appalling1) The way the political system is in operation in this country is really appalling .
2) Yeah I know but that there is appalling and there's really appalling .
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so appalling1) And that's precisely why this court ruling is so appalling .
2) It's part of why the loss was so appalling .
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sound appalling1) And you're right, it sounds appalling !
2) Does it sound appalling ?
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the most appalling1) They arrived in the most appalling condition.
2) the most appalling fish kill had been in September of 1991.
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truly appalling1) The results of the accident were truly appalling .
2) The idiocy of both statements is truly appalling .
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utterly appalling1) Look, honestly, I don't think I'll make any utterly appalling mistakes.
2) On the other hand, not helping those in need is utterly appalling in my point of view.
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