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abject apology1) There, to the astonishment of his supporters, Selbekk issued an abject apology for reprinting the cartoons.
2) In this situation, abject apologies in some respects remain complicit with the patronizing attitudes from which they attempt to disassociate themselves.
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accept an apology1) Know when you can't accept an apology .
2) But he was in no mood to accept an apology .
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accept apology1) The club later accepted Gold's apology .
2) His apology was accepted and the council restored his personal grants.
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apology1) What unfolds is a passionate yet predictable apology .
2) A forced apology is no real apology.
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apology compensation1) Washington quickly accepted Japan's apologies and compensation .
2) However, Japanese Latin Americans who were interned received no apology or compensation .
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apology explanation1) The US government formally accepted the apology and the explanation .
2) And not a single apology or explanation from our waiter .
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apology letter1) One was to simply sign some sort of apology letter .
2) Samsung quickly issued an apology letter and announced some measures .
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convey apology1) In that context , he asked him to convey apologies for any misunderstandings and inconveniences that it may have caused.
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deliver apology1) Cameron did not deliver an official apology .
2) The PRC government delivered an official apology .
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demand an apology1) They demanded an apology within 48 hours over the cartoons.
2) The commander wrote to the editor, demanding an apology .
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demand apology1) An apology was demanded but not given.
2) They demanded an apology within 48 hours over the cartoons.
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deserve apology1) The small handful of totally clean guys deserve apologies .
2) I firmly believe that aboriginals deserve an apology .
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expect apology1) Major Digression/Minor Rant: I don't think I am an a-hole cyclist, so don't tell me this story expecting apologies .
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extend apology1) Recently Prime Minister Harper extended formal apologies for several such occurrences.
2) I extend sincere apologies to the President for this lack of civility.
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formal apology1) This has been in addition to a much earlier formal apology .
2) On June 14, the city issued a formal apology .
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full apology1) Barnes was vindicated with a full public apology .
2) They're urging the editors to publish a full apology .
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get an apology1) No where did I get an apology .
2) and not once , did I get an apology .
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half hearted apology1) Comments ( 37) He did apologize you dope, it was just a half hearted apology and it was way too late.
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heartfelt apology1) Of course, a heartfelt apology is in order too.
2) Our most heartfelt apologies if we were mistaken.
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humble apology1) As for point 2, my humblest apologies .
2) And she'd extract a very, very humble apology when she did.
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issue apology1) The company issued a prompt apology upon realising their mistake.
2) An apology was issued soon after the rallies.
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letter of apology1) I have been considering writing letters of apology to both former bosses .
2) Today Julie received a letter of apology from the hospital.
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make an apology1) This includes making an apology or admission.
2) One network has already made an apology to him.
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make apology1) No apology is made for this curious assortment.
2) This includes making an apology or admission.
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make no apologies for1) I make no apologies for my statements.
2) I make no apologies for such a bold statement.
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make no apology for1) We make no apology for naming men.
2) The Portuguese made no apology for recent displays.
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mumble apology1) With another mumbled apology , she fled.
2) He climbed to the upper berth with a few mumbled apologies .
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murmur apology1) A woman edged past them into the alcove, murmuring apologies .
2) She moved through the crowd, dodging elbows, murmuring apologies , aware of a growing panic inside.
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mutter apology1) muttering apologies he slipped on his sandals and stumbled out.
2) Composed again, if still a little red in the face, I sat back and muttered apologies .
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offer an apology1) Doyle offered an apology , but no official apology was given.
2) Southwest has since offered an apology .
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offer apology1) Does he feel like offering a similar apology ?
2) My apology is offered if I misrepresented your position .
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official apology1) Cameron did not deliver an official apology .
2) The PRC government delivered an official apology .
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on apology1) The Iraqi government has demanded an on-air apology from his employer.
2) An on-air apology was made by Rosenthal before the start of the next race in Spain two weeks later.
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owe apology1) Now I owe an apology to Wesley.
2) I believe he owes an apology to his readership.
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owe you an apology1) Seemingly I owe you an apology Ms. Price.
2) I feel I owe you an apology for abandoning your esteemed Victorian values.
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personal apology1) I offer my personal apologies to all those affected.
2) Prime minister Julia Gillard made a personal public apology .
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post apology1) He did post a lengthy apology . Read 3 reviews.
2) Wang posted an apology on the Luobei city government official website.
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print apology1) Oh, the local paper printed an apology - I made sure of that!
2) Toda responded with an apology printed in the Soka Gakkai's newspaper.
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profound apologies1) My profound apologies to anyone who might have been wrestling with the stuffed up pattern.
2) With profound apologies to our four-legged friends, pets are not permitted except in one of our rooms (please inquire).
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profound apology1) My profound apologies to anyone who might have been wrestling with the stuffed up pattern.
2) With profound apologies to our four-legged friends, pets are not permitted except in one of our rooms (please inquire).
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profuse apology1) With profuse apologies they explained what had happened.
2) Our profuse apologies go out to both gentlemen.
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public apology1) Barnes was vindicated with a full public apology .
2) Brown had to issue a public apology .
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publish apology1) They're urging the editors to publish a full apology .
2) Ultimately, the editor was reprimanded and forced to publish an apology .
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receive an apology1) Collins subsequently received an apology from Connell.
2) To their surprise, they received an apology .
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receive apology1) The apology was received later the same day .
2) Ford's 1927 apology was well received .
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request apology1) The US government has lodged a formal protest letter and requested an apology .
2) President Lula requested an apology .
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send apology1) Sec. reads the names of those who have sent apologies for absence.
2) Li Maozhen and Han capitulated, sending apologies and tributes to Emperor Zhaozong.
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sincere apology1) My sincere apologies for missing this meeting.
2) Our sincere apologies for not expressing appreciation to sooner.
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stammer apology1) He cut across her stammered apologies to enquire casually, 'Why, who was this Aranyos?
2) Ohi'a stuttered and stammered apologies , trying to continue his conversation while keeping one eye on the fair Lehua.
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tearful apology1) After a few days, she gave me another tearful apology .
2) There's no gory details or tearful apology .
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unreserved apology1) Brennan received an unreserved apology from Fischer shortly thereafter.
2) The health board has issued unreserved apologies to every family affected.
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want apology1) Alexis doesn't want apologies though, she wants to know what it is!
2) CCTV focused on handful (about 50 people) of Philipino demonstrators that wanted apology for comfort women.
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whisper apology1) Forming a line, they each tearfully embraced Henry and the others, whispering apologies .
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without apology1) This is done intentionally and without apology .
2) It truly celebrates femininity without apologies to the disease.
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write apology1) Future me is writing an apology again.
2) Later she received a written apology from the company involved.
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written apology1) I expect an immediate written apology from yourself.
2) His acquittal was followed by a written apology from the CPS.
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