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apothecary1) She had considered apothecaries modification throughout her mind strength.
2) Both apothecaries are used to support mortality.
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apothecary jar1) I have a large glass apothecary jar I've been putting my fortunes in for years.
2) Looking into this apothecary jar you can almost believe you are seeing a real Irish countryside.
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apothecary pound1) An apothecaries' pound normally consisted of 12 ounces.
2) In 1555, a weight standard for the apothecaries' pound of 12 ounces was set in Nuremberg.
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apothecary shop1) You can create a veritable apothecary shop in your own backyard.
2) From 1663 the house harboured an apothecary's shop .
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apothecary system1) Apothecaries' systems for volumes were internationally much less common than those for weights.
2) In addition to this there are the Troy and the Apothecaries' systems .
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surgeon apothecary1) He married a daughter of Richard Hingston, surgeon or apothecary at Penryn.
2) When this training was over, he set up a surgeon and apothecary at Lostwithiel.
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