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African ape1) The closest relative to the human species is the African ape .
2) In Among African apes : Stories and photos from the field.
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anthropoid ape1) He was, however, convinced that the hairs were not of a bear or anthropoid ape .
2) He uses branches and hanging vines to swing at great speed, a skill acquired among the anthropoid apes .
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ape1) The genesis of those intelligent apes is explained.
2) The savage ape that lives inside each man.
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ape like1) Blizzard is one of two ape-like beasts.
2) Have scientists discovered evidence that humans are descended from ape-like ancestors?
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giant ape1) There is also Krytos , the giant ape .
2) As well as giant apes worshipped as deities like Chaos and Blizzard from Primal Rage.
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go ape1) PC gamers are gonna go ape ***.
2) The recession started before Wall Street went ape .
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great ape1) The great apes are the first cousins of humans.
2) Other studies have examined emotional processing in the great apes .
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modern ape1) It had a pattern of growth intermediate between modern apes and monkeys.
2) That would be fun, we could put modern apes on there.
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monkey ape1) Simians include monkeys , apes and hominins.
2) Africa has Old World monkeys , apes , elephants, leopards, giraffes, and hornbills.
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skunk ape1) He bills himself as the Jane Goodall of skunk apes .
2) The first time Dave Shealy saw a skunk ape , he says, he was ten years old.
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