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aperture1) The handle also contains integrated aperture sights.
2) Two types of aperture dates are used.
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aperture blade1) The aperture blades are actually backwards.
2) aperture blades , how to get to those?
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aperture control1) aperture control gained much more significance and adjustable stops became a standard lens feature.
2) They do, however, retain electronic aperture control as well as focus confirmation.
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aperture diameter1) I'd rather the speed than the reach for the same aperture diameter .
2) Depth of field generally increases with decreasing aperture diameter (increasing f-number).
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aperture lens1) Variable aperture lenses are cheap and easy to make.
2) It creates a wider-angle , greater aperture lens while retaining resolution and acutance.
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aperture mask1) This normally occurs at the plane of the aperture mask .
2) A subsequent data release(s) will add targets in polarimetry mode and in GPI's non-redundant aperture masking (NRM) mode.
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aperture mode1) Camera tends to use small apertures Then use aperture priority mode .
2) aperture priority mode works just like it is supposed to.
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aperture priority1) It is best to set the camera for aperture priority .
2) Camera mode was aperture priority using TTL flash.
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aperture radar1) Israeli aircraft also used synthetic aperture radar targeting pods and high-resolution imaging pods.
2) This was the first use of synthetic aperture radar on Venus.
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aperture range1) Typically this means somewhere in the middle of the aperture range .
2) The other five contacts are used to encode the lens's aperture range .
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aperture ratio1) So the aperture ratio ( f number) is the same.
2) So you are changing the aperture ratio ( f number) because you really changed the focal length.
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aperture ring1) Both the lenses are fully manual and they have aperture rings .
2) The Fujifilm version features an aperture control ring .
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aperture setting1) The exposure article explains aperture settings .
2) aperture setting on any aperture priority auto camera should be at least f8.
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aperture sight1) The handle also contains integrated aperture sights .
2) Target aperture sights are designed for maximum precision.
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aperture size1) The aperture size controls how much light enters the camera.
2) The cost of such systems therefore scales significantly with aperture size .
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aperture speed1) This panel displays the aperture , shutter speed and focal length information.
2) Most photographers think in terms of desired aperture , shutter speed and exposure.
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aperture stop1) The aperture stop is an important element in most optical designs.
2) Note that the aperture stop is not necessarily the smallest stop in the system.
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aperture synthesis1) This technique is known as aperture synthesis or synthesis imaging.
2) A multiple-antenna interferometer array may be constructed using a technique known as aperture synthesis .
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aperture telescope1) Lemmon 1.5 meter aperture telescope near Tucson, Arizona.
2) Diameter: 56 ; 3-inch aperture telescope of 63 focal length.
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apertured1) I had to listen for a good hour while he burbled on about variably apertured annuity options and the like.
2) After 1967: sculptures, and further development of the apertured paintings
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camera aperture1) By measuring the angle from the camera aperture .
2) On the other hand, the depth of field is controlled by the camera aperture .
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circular aperture1) Equation () holds for both square and circular apertures .
2) B) The distributions of the projected directions constrained by circular aperture .
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control aperture1) A device called a diaphragm usually serves as the aperture stop, and controls the aperture .
2) The N-series bodies used new N-mount lenses made by Carl Zeiss, with electronically controlled aperture and autofocus.
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different aperture1) The lens is modified such that each colour channel has a different lens aperture .
2) Make several exposures at different apertures ) to ensure at least one correct exposure.
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effective aperture1) It has a 0.22 light-years effective aperture and 427 light-years focal length.
2) A real small antenna will have a smaller effective aperture because of its lower gain.
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fast aperture1) Prime lenses usually have faster maximum apertures .
2) With 2x squeeze, a fast aperture of T:4 and no ramping.
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full aperture1) Separate graphs show results at f8 and full aperture .
2) The l8-inch telescope was rarely used at full aperture , due to its tendency to be affected by reflections from street lights caused by the open lattice-work tube.
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large aperture1) Even scenes using larger apertures benefit from layered elements .
2) But the larger aperture will give the larger resolution.
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lens aperture1) This is why lens aperture is so useful.
2) The lens is modified such that each colour channel has a different lens aperture .
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maximum aperture1) Prime lenses usually have faster maximum apertures .
2) Even their 18-55mm lens does not have a fixed maximum aperture .
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narrow aperture1) In general including stencils with tall and narrow apertures , an area ratio greater than 0.66 is recommended.
2) There is only one narrow aperture , big enough for the male to transfer food to the mother and eventually the chicks.
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numerical aperture1) The primary factors affecting exposure are magnification and the objective numerical aperture .
2) This data can be used to calculate the working numerical aperture .
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set aperture1) set aperture to lowest number possible (f.18) 3.
2) You set the aperture , and the camera picks the appropriate shutter speed.
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small aperture1) The higher the shutter speed, the smaller aperture .
2) This works against you because the smaller aperture means less light.
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speed aperture1) Perfect your shutter speed , aperture , & ISO.
2) The ISO , shutter speed , aperture and EV values are displayed at the bottom off the screen.
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use aperture1) Even scenes using larger apertures benefit from layered elements .
2) use a smaller aperture if you need more depth of field.
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wide aperture1) The widest aperture of both cameras are F2.2.
2) Big physical size and small sensor allow superzoom and wide aperture .
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