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apocalyptic1) The apocalyptic prophecies have always fascinated man.
2) The sight triggered deeply his apocalyptic imagination.
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apocalyptic battle1) Thus you avoided an all out apocalyptic battle .
2) The Book of War details an apocalyptic 40-year battle between the forces of good and evil.
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apocalyptic event1) The second section examines the well-known apocalyptic event .
2) Our society today has become increasingly fascinated with the concept of apocalyptic events .
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apocalyptic future1) Scholars have since said there's no evidence the calendar predicts an apocalyptic future .
2) Had the school remained closed, this outcome would have led to an apocalyptic future .
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apocalyptic imagery1) Much of Japan's manga and anime are filled with apocalyptic imagery .
2) This is seen in the apocalyptic imagery , as well as in specific utterances.
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apocalyptic landscape1) Follow the little bug-eye robot through a surrealistic mechanized post apocalyptic landscape .
2) Garnett's work has long focused on the apocalyptic landscape and representations of cataclysmic events in the media.
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apocalyptic literature1) Instead it was a theological interpretation developed within the apocalyptic literature of early Judaism.
2) It is considered apocalyptic literature .
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apocalyptic prediction1) While it's easy to be skeptical of apocalyptic predictions , it's hard not to be intrigued by its idea.
2) Seems like Ham Radio is making a huge resurgence since all the scientific and religious apocalyptic predictions keep gaining strength and awareness.
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apocalyptic prophecy1) The apocalyptic prophecies have always fascinated man.
2) For instance Gerhard Hasel argued apocalyptic prophecy has only one fulfillment for each symbol.
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apocalyptic scenario1) What is conspicuously lacking in combating these virtually apocalyptic scenarios are effective solutions.
2) Quite a few technical areas can be used in an apocalyptic scenario .
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apocalyptic scene1) To its credit, the apocalyptic scenes are quite well done.
2) It was an apocalyptic scene as the flames covered the city in a bright glow.
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apocalyptic theme1) There was a steady stream of popular music with apocalyptic themes .
2) War and apocalyptic themes are central focus of Kanso's works since the early seventies.
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apocalyptic view1) The images offer a stark , almost apocalyptic view of what remains.
2) The apocalyptic view must be rejected.
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apocalyptic vision1) His speeches conveyed an oppressively apocalyptic vision .
2) He also had apocalyptic visions concerning the four monarchies .
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apocalyptic war1) The lyrics deal with a sole survivor after a possible apocalyptic war that gets picked up by an exploring spaceship.
2) Second, this golden age will be followed by an apocalyptic nuclear war in South America during the year 2098.
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apocalyptic warning1) The Teddy Boys were arousing similar apocalyptic warnings of the end of British society.
2) The public scarcely noticed it, amid countless apocalyptic warnings about how nuclear weapons could bring the end of civilization or even all life on Earth. (2)
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apocalyptic world1) Not to mention , there are no careers in this post apocalyptic world .
2) In a post apocalyptic world , you won't need woodworkers and blacksmiths.
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