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apex1) Nile crocodiles are apex predators throughout its range.
2) And male is fire element, apex point upward.
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apex beat1) The mitral component of the first heart sound is usually soft and with a laterally displaced apex beat , often with heave.
2) Thoracic palpation will also help to localise the position of the apex beat of the heart, and detect whether or not a cardiac thrill is present.
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apex body1) CEI now became an apex body for manufacturing industries at the national level.
2) Maharashtra Chess Association is the apex body for the game of chess in Maharashtra.
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apex court1) The licences cancelled by apex court included 21 of SSTL .
2) The apex court said the case against the BSP chief was unwarranted .
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apex predator1) Nile crocodiles are apex predators throughout its range.
2) The polar bear is the apex predator within its range.
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apex seal1) That just protects the apex seals .
2) Mazda engineers had originally used apex seals identical to the older design of seal.
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form apex1) Sulfur (S2) from an axial methionine forms the apex .
2) South Africa is a sub-tropical country forming the apex of the African Countries.
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reach apex1) Soviet philosophers have basically reached the apex of human knowledge.
2) But to reach the apex was out of this world.
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solar apex1) In its travel through interstellar space, the Heliosphere travels in the direction of the solar apex in the Hercules Constellation.
2) Tails mark the approach to the solar apex of a comet's long orbit, when surface temperature, dust halo thickness and geologic activity all change.
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