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alveolar1) The alveolar type often needs surgery followed by medications.
2) The alveolar disease may result in death.
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alveolar approximant1) Word-finally, the alveolar approximant is used by some speakers.
2) The caipira dialect has the alveolar approximant in the same position.
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alveolar bone1) alveolar bone is bone that formerly housed the tooth roots.
2) The alveolar bone contains the teeth sockets and supports the teeth.
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alveolar consonant1) Alveolarization is a process whereby a consonant becomes an alveolar consonant .
2) General American thus undergoes yod -dropping after all alveolar consonants .
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alveolar flap1) In addition, for some speakers of Hare, an alveolar flap has developed into a separate phoneme.
2) Most dialects use an alveolar flap (IPA ) or alveolar trill (IPA ) for r .
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alveolar fricative1) Basque has a distinction between laminal and apical articulation for the alveolar fricatives and affricates.
2) Voiceless alveolar fricative : root skl = histakkēl ( he looked something ).
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alveolar macrophage1) alveolar macrophages will phagocytose opsonized bacterial cells within 4 hours after alveolar deposition.
2) alveolar macrophages - macrophages that line the alveoli of the lungs.
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alveolar ridge1) The front of the tongue is elevated with its tip on the alveolar ridge .
2) The severe group presents with a complete cleft of the upper lip and alveolar ridge .
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alveolar stop1) In Min, the corresponding words still have alveolar stops .
2) Historically, the dental and retroflex series merged into alveolar stops .
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alveolar trill1) It retains an alveolar trill in some dialects.
2) Non-standard varieties employ the alveolar trill more often.
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inferior alveolar1) Position of the molars in an important risk factor with regards to inferior alveolar nerve injuries.
2) Image on the left shows inferior alveolar nerve (green) that produces Shh protein (red).
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voiceless alveolar1) The voiceless alveolar lateral affricate is assimilated after and pronounced .
2) The combination of an aspirated voiceless alveolar plosive and a voiced retroflex plosive is particularly unusual.
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