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Canadian amateur1) The Maple Leafs won the Canadian amateur championship while Watkins was a player.
2) Canadian amateur radio stations generally begin with VE , some also use VA .
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English amateur1) It was won by English amateur site West Auckland on both occasions.
2) Wanderers Football Club is an English amateur football club based in London.
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amateur1) Liquid fueled vehicles are becoming more popular among amateur groups.
2) Why is amateur radio called ham radio?
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amateur actor1) The cast consisted of mostly amateur actors .
2) The characters are played by amateur actors .
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amateur archaeologist1) The Swiss-born amateur archaeologist has probably sold 40 million copies worldwide.
2) Pitch - Steve's long-time friend and amateur archaeologist .
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amateur artist1) The cast consisted of mostly amateur artists .
2) He was also an amateur artist and natural mathematician.
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amateur astronomer1) She was an elementary school teacher and amateur astronomer .
2) Important meetings of professional and amateur astronomers were hosted on site.
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amateur astronomy1) These are links where I have found amateur astronomy related items.
2) It is freely presented to increase your enjoyment of amateur astronomy .
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amateur athlete1) He was deeply resentful toward the treatment given toward amateur athletes .
2) Is that really how much an amateur athlete earns?
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amateur athletics1) For services to women's amateur athletics and social welfare.
2) This is primarily because many still buy into the myth of amateur athletics .
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amateur botanist1) Nils Linnaeus was a devoted amateur botanist and gardener.
2) In 1942 another amateur botanist recorded 262 species of flowering plants at Tintagel.
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amateur boxer1) He has been an amateur boxer since childhood.
2) Apart from playing tennis Rogers was an amateur boxer .
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amateur boxing1) amateur boxing is governed by separate bodies in the each home nation.
2) In contrast with amateur boxing , professional male boxers have to be bare chested.
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amateur career1) Finished amateur career at 94-11.
2) This marked the beginning of a successful amateur career for Peter.
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amateur champion1) Walter Travis becomes the first three-time U.S. amateur champion .
2) He is married to fellow designer and former amateur champion Alice Dye.
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amateur chef1) He is also an amateur chef and a certified B-Movie buff.
2) However, there are plenty things which are still unknown for most of amateur chefs .
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amateur circuit1) Santos began to compete in the international amateur circuit in 1990.
2) Many amateur circuit designers forget to calculate this parameter endangering their design.
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amateur club1) This is an opportunity to showcase your amateur club writer's articles.
2) IJsselmeervogels is the only amateur club that has received this title.
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amateur collector1) With luck the amateur collector should be able to obtain specimens as splendid.
2) To help, amateur collectors should look at night in grassy or weedy areas.
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amateur competition1) amateur competitions became the primary venue for women's sports.
2) amateur competitions are run in the Affiliated states.
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amateur contest1) In February 1964, Hendrix won first prize in the Apollo Theater amateur contest .
2) Before losing his first amateur contest , Barrera had an undefeated record of 56-0.
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amateur cook1) Evening classes and holiday courses are also available for aspiring amateur cooks .
2) It featured 18 professional chefs competing against each other as opposed to amateur cooks .
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amateur cyclist1) In May 2014, ten amateur cyclists will set off from Edinburgh towards London.
2) But so do amateur cyclists , triathletes and anyone else who loves their bike!
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amateur detective1) Presumably killers did not take kindly to amateur detectives .
2) Ned Beaumont - gambler and amateur detective .
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amateur draft1) The first amateur draft was held in 1965.
2) Expansion also changed how the amateur draft was handled.
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amateur dramatic1) Canterbury Players is a local amateur dramatic society.
2) You could also go to local amateur dramatic performances.
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amateur dramatics1) She also stayed involved with local amateur dramatics .
2) He'd been a pharmaceutical salesman, mad keen on amateur dramatics .
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amateur enthusiast1) Promote beauty products using a cadre of amateur enthusiasts ?
2) Of the twenty volunteers some are professional railway workers, but most are amateur enthusiasts .
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amateur fight1) Finding a calling Over the years , he compiled seven amateur fights .
2) He had a total of 13 amateur fights and 4 professional fights before leaving the sport.
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amateur football1) Every weekend, it hosts amateur football matches.
2) amateur football is governed by football Canada.
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amateur free1) Rodríguez signed as an undrafted amateur free agent in 1998.
2) Wang signed as an amateur free agent with the Yankees in 2000.
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amateur gardener1) New series providing accessible introductions for amateur gardeners .
2) All were amateur gardeners with frequent exposure to horticultural growing media.
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amateur golf1) It 's just that amateur golf has gone global.
2) After leaving school, Harrington mixed amateur golf with studying Accounting.
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amateur golfer1) amateur golfers with different skill levels have different handicaps.
2) This can be particularly confusing for amateur golfers looking to improve.
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amateur historian1) Both historians, scholars, and amateur historians are able to partake of this study.
2) Some PCCs will have amateur historians who may be prepared to undertake this task.
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amateur hour1) Ottawa County is amateur hour compared to us.
2) This looks like amateur hour to me.
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amateur league1) Until 1959 blacks were excluded from the amateur leagues .
2) There were several amateur leagues in Cuba.
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amateur musician1) The festival involves both professional and amateur musicians .
2) She still registered success as an amateur musician .
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amateur night1) At the moment it looks like amateur night .
2) Many artists got their start in the music industry due to these amateur nights .
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amateur operator1) amateur service is service between licensed amateur radio operators .
2) amateur radio operators passed emergency communications during the blackout.
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amateur packet radio1) A variant called AX.25 is also used widely by amateur packet radio .
2) Since 2007, the Tucson amateur packet radio ( TAPR ) organization has been promoting the TAPR Open Hardware License (OHL) as a legal framework for OSH projects.
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amateur painter1) Lily is a kindergarten teacher and an amateur painter .
2) Later in life he was an amateur painter .
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amateur photographer1) My uncle was a great amateur photographer .
2) He is a keen amateur sports photographer .
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amateur pilot1) She is an amateur pilot and race car driver.
2) Project leader Seamus Blackley, a particle physicist and amateur pilot , conceived the game in 1992.
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amateur professional1) He coaches both amateur and professional golfers.
2) The production features local amateur and professional talent.
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amateur psychologist1) For instance, Meyer is a chess aficionado and amateur psychologist .
2) Arsene is a terrible amateur psychologist .
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amateur racer1) First time racers are classified as novices or amateur racers .
2) He invited the amateur racers to contribute to a fund to finance his idea.
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amateur radio1) Why is amateur radio called ham radio?
2) A typical amateur software radio uses a direct conversion receiver.
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amateur ranks1) These ranks are separate from amateur ranks .
2) So, for leadership we have turned to the amateur ranks .
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amateur rider1) The elder son, Angelo was a good amateur rider .
2) Point-to-point is a form of steeplechasing for amateur riders .
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amateur scientist1) Not every amateur scientist was a great hero, of course.
2) His father was a singer, amateur scientist , and wealthy businessman.
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amateur semi1) There are several amateur and semi-professional football clubs in the county.
2) She continued singing as an amateur and semi-professional singer until she went professional in 1990.
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amateur singer1) Emma was also a talented amateur singer .
2) His daughter Emily was a well-known amateur singer during her youth.
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amateur sleuth1) amateur sleuths are another kind of protagonist.
2) Nancy Drew is a fictional amateur sleuth .
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amateur sport1) Australian amateur sport has dealt with financial problems.
2) amateur sport has been able to draw large audiences.
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amateur sports1) He is a keen amateur sports photographer.
2) Lancaster's suburban area hosts several amateur sports teams.
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amateur status1) There are strict regulations regarding the amateur status of golfers.
2) Their amateur status isn't affected one bit.
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amateur theatrical1) There are two amateur theatrical groups in Alamogordo.
2) He organised a number of amateur theatrical events in his spare time.
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amateur video1) An amateur video appears to support his claim.
2) The tornado was caught on amateur video by a local.
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amateur wrestling1) He briefly competed in amateur wrestling in high school.
2) Angle started amateur wrestling at the age of seven.
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amateurs1) Meteor astronomy is generally neglected by amateurs .
2) Before completion these amateurs were much ridiculed.
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as an amateur1) They still play as an amateur side.
2) She still registered success as an amateur musician.
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avid amateur1) London was a boxing fan and an avid amateur boxer.
2) I'm also an avid amateur photographer, and relax as an archer shooting at paper targets.
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bumbling amateur1) Weakened by lack of proper detective: the investigating pair are bumbling amateurs , with more than a touch of Tommy and Tuppence
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bunch of amateur1) Her team are a bunch of amateurs .
2) Not bad for a bunch of amateurs .
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complete amateur1) Well, I am a complete amateur in weather and time series analysis.
2) Bush the elder was a complete amateur at Crime compared to a professional like Clinton.
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enthusiastic amateur1) He was an enthusiastic amateur playing a professional's part.
2) An enthusiastic amateur in financial matters I would say .
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former amateur1) He was a former amateur cricketer, golfer and chess player.
2) He is married to fellow designer and former amateur champion Alice Dye.
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gentleman amateur1) He came to know these subjects through Professors Karl Pearson and gentleman amateur Francis Galton.
2) Both institutions - for what else is the Patrick Moore show? - have their roots in the tradition of the Victorian gentleman amateur scientist.
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gifted amateur1) The days of the gifted amateur investigator were over.
2) Having lots of gifted amateurs floating about is very dangerous. 9.
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keen amateur1) He is a keen amateur sports photographer.
2) Moore was a keen amateur actor, appearing in local plays.
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licensed amateur1) amateur service is service between licensed amateur radio operators.
2) Dačić was a licensed amateur radio operator.
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like an amateur1) Using left justified paragraphs makes you look like an amateur .
2) Made Ted Morgan seem like an amateur .
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local amateur1) The production features local amateur and professional talent.
2) Your local amateur society is always a good beginning.
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mostly amateur1) The cast consisted of mostly amateur actors.
2) The cast consisted of mostly amateur artists.
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national amateur1) At 18 he was the youngest winner of the national amateur road championship.
2) The England national amateur football team won the event in both 1908 and 1912.
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professional amateur1) It hosts both professional and amateur performances.
2) The festival involves both professional and amateur musicians.
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radio amateur1) The islands are a separate country among radio amateurs .
2) Such an arrangement is used occasionally by military agencies or radio amateurs .
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rank amateur1) Make our royal watchers look like rank amateurs .
2) I don't eve qualify as a rank amateur .
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semi amateur1) There are also semi-professional and amateur football clubs that are active as well.
2) Western New York has several teams that participate in semi-professional and amateur football.
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serious amateur1) He also became a serious amateur tennis player.
2) I work as a professional but I am a serious amateur sprinter.
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special amateur1) Several special amateur station licenses have been granted upon his recommendations.
2) special amateur coast stations must be operated by a person holding a commercial second-class license or higher.
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strictly amateur1) Athletes are strictly amateur , and represent their province or territory.
2) The USHL is strictly amateur , allowing former players to compete in NCAA college hockey.
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successful amateur1) Mirko was also a successful amateur boxer.
2) Before turning professional, Nagata was a successful amateur wrestler.
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talented amateur1) Emma was also a talented amateur singer.
2) They were both said to be very talented amateur actors.
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top amateur1) The Loveday brothers were top amateur skaters.
2) The invitational tournament hosts top amateur golfers from around the United States.
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very amateur1) Factorio seems quite bizarre and graphically very amateur , but possibly addictive.
2) We are very amateur beekeepers living in Bexley , Ohio.
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