admit Collocations
admit1) The private investigator had already admitted phone hacking.
1) He had admitted murdering fifteen young homosexual men.
2) Fletcher admitted team selection had been hard.
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admit defeat1) The 2 admit defeat before continuing their search.
2) Maya breaks down emotionally, admitting defeat .
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admit evidence1) Procedure: Trial court admitted evidence and 9th Cir. affirmed.
2) The District Court's decision to admit evidence is reviewed with considerable deference.
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admit fear1) Reynolds has an admitted fear of flying so the actor talked about how he had to overcome that fear to do much of the wire-work that was required for the film.
2) Tumsil admitted fears over being unable to keep up with pace the internet is advancing.
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admit responsibility1) No organisation has admitted responsibility for the killing.
2) The Soviets did not admit responsibility until 1990.
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admit that1) Everyone admits that religious belief is widespread throughout human history.
2) It was admitted that high explosive shells were dangerous.
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admit to1) The couple admits to being big fossil fuel users.
2) The study analysed students admitted to multiple colleges.
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admit to doing1) No doctor will admit to doing unnecessary testing.
2) Those who have admitted to doing the crime .
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admitted by1) External readers may be admitted by appointment.
2) This is admitted by advocates of ritual music.
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admitted into1) No males were admitted into the program.
2) In 1822 he was formally admitted into membership.
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admitted to have been1) Houston later admitted to having been fired.
2) He admitted to have been involved in around 100 street fights.
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admitted to hospital1) At least three people were admitted to hospital .
2) A sixth was admitted to hospital in critical condition.
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ashamed to admit1) I'm ashamed to admit that turned me on somewhat.
2) In EvE we are not ashamed to admit .
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care to admit1) That depressed Jamie much more than she cared to admit .
2) Maybe Tiger was more right than we care to admit .
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dare admit1) He wouldn't have dared admit it was him.
2) She felt beautiful, needed, and alone she dared admit to feeling loved.
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dare to admit1) Only out on the water with Pedro panting in the prow had she dared to admit that for the first time in her life she had felt herself a prisoner at the Hall.
2) It just came that we know that were having a mutual understanding of our feelings but neither of us dares to admit it.
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embarrassed to admit1) I'm embarrassed to admit them to myself.
2) I am almost too embarrassed to admit it, in retrospect.
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forced to admit1) He was forced to admit they were right.
2) Gerald was forced to admit he did.
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frankly admit1) And this week , Republicans frankly admitted that they are losing.
2) Let us frankly admit that this involves a significant degree of mystery.
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freely admit1) She has freely admitted to having extensive cosmetic surgery.
2) The following Catholic sources freely admit this mistake.
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grudgingly admit1) But I must grudgingly admit that she has a valid point.
2) grudgingly admits to being an ' old school' transformer.
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hate to admit1) It made sense, although she hated to admit it.
2) I hate to admit this but I am seriously debating not bothering .
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have the courage to admit1) I hope that the Leader of the Opposition will also have the courage to admit that.
2) I just hope English supporters have the courage to admit that they have far from dominated this series .
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have to admit1) I had to admit he was right.
2) Melissa had to admit that was true.
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honest enough to admit1) It was perhaps a coward's answer, and he was honest enough to admit it.
2) His father is honest enough to admit that his son had tried drugs on a few occasions.
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honestly admit1) Robby honestly admits that was a hard situation.
2) He can't resist those who humbly and honestly admit how desperately they need him.
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loath to admit1) Forest hesitated, loath to admit such a flight of fancy.
2) The recurrent bouts of sinusitis would make her depressed, although she was loath to admit it.
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mind admit1) The hypothesis, therefore, is one which every mind admits .
2) Oh I don't mind admitting it!
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must admit1) Now for something else anyone must admit .
2) I must admit my diet has been appalling.
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openly admit1) At least one government organization is willing to openly admit .
2) He openly admits to and supports drug use.
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prepared to admit1) Winners need losers more than football is prepared to admit .
2) I admire people who are prepared to admit they were wrong.
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privately admit1) Seems remote ; even the Lakers privately admit as much.
2) Apparently Mantik has already privately admitted the errors described in the following article.
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readily admit1) Freeman readily admits that he is interpreting .
2) She readily admits she has always been a great enthusiast.
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refuse to admit1) He refused to admit that he was wrong.
2) This was something the assassin vehemently refused to admit to himself.
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reluctant to admit1) Courts are reluctant to admit their own error.
2) Manufacturers are reluctant to admit the existence of this defect.
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reluctantly admit1) This is a feature of character which their opponents reluctantly admit .
2) Brighton fans are alright, I have to reluctantly admit .
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the first to admit1) I am the first to admit ... that sucks.
2) And she's the first to admit it.
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unwilling to admit1) The USA is unwilling to admit the imperial system is inferior .
2) She swallowed convulsively, unwilling to admit that his judgement hurt.
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willing to admit1) Be willing to admit your own jealousy.
2) She was willing to admit that to herself.
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