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I arrive1) I arrived home about 15 minutes later .
2) I arrived around 8:45 am.
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What time did he1) What erm What time did he ring?
2) Anyway he played football, What time did he get in?
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What time did you1) What time did you start in the morning?
2) What time did you wake up this morning ?
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ambulance arrive1) The ambulance arrived 5-10 minutes later.
2) The ambulance arrived a few moments later.
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arrive1) Please arrive 10 minutes before doors close.
2) A few excellent caregivers did occasionally arrive .
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arrive along1) Mary Livingstone arrived along with the boat.
2) Several new aircraft arrived along with some new pilots being assigned.
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arrive any time now1) They said, There is a boat to Turbo arriving any time now .
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arrive at1) And those courts arrived at different conclusions.
2) Others arrive at verdicts much more quickly.
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arrive at a conclusion1) By observing the facts for yourself you will be able to arrive at a conclusion or hypothesis.
2) Comparisons of the deleterious effects between these and other pairs of competitors to arrive at a conclusion .
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arrive back1) After five hours the others arrived back .
2) They arrived back around 4:30pm.
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arrive early1) It is best to plan to arrive early .
2) A second group will arrive early next year.
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arrive eventually1) He believes the technology will arrive eventually , possibly in about five years.
2) Julian arrives eventually and finds Jamie and Brooke in Lauren's car.
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arrive finally1) When they arrived finally , she had thought out her first chapter.
2) Our coach arrived finally at Sausal.
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arrive home1) They arrived home and were very unsettled.
2) I arrived home about 15 minutes later .
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arrive hour1) She saw absolutely nothing wrong with arriving two hours late.
2) De Gaulle himself arrived a few hours later.
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arrive in1) One of those who arrived in '42 is still there today.
2) I would not be surprised that corn invasion has arrived in 'Pins too.
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arrive in time1) A guard arrives in time and arrests Zara.
2) Jacob arrive in time to save them.
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arrive just in time1) Luckily they had arrived just in time .
2) I arrived just in time for the light.
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arrive last1) The first 200 Marines arrived last month.
2) Thomas and his wife and four children arrived last night.
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arrive late1) It was clearly going to arrive late .
2) The second exchange arrived late in the afternoon.
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arrive on the scene1) Additional officers soon arrived on the scene .
2) the first officers arrived on the scene three minutes later.
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arrive on time1) One is required to arrive on time .
2) Not having to arrive on time was relaxing.
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arrive out1) As a result pieces may arrive out of sequence.
2) The ruling didn't arrive out of the blue.
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arrive promptly1) Please arrive promptly as late boarding is not possible.
2) The next afternoon Louis arrived promptly for his interview.
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arrive punctually1) Loretta arrived punctually at her office next day at ten o'clock.
2) arrive punctually to be ready for the sound check at the agreed time.
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arrive safe and sound1) The jacket arrived safe and sound today.
2) All arrived safe and sound and is now proudly on show.
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arrive safely1) Our plaque arrived safely last week, very securely wrapped.
2) They have reportedly arrived safely in another country.
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arrive separately1) David Kelsey arrived separately , but died in 1845 of smallpox.
2) Mangum's coworker that day, Kim Roberts, arrived separately .
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arrive shortly1) Security forces and emergency services arrived shortly afterwards.
2) I am sure they will arrive shortly .
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arrive soon1) The master was told that further orders would arrive soon afterwards.
2) For these refugees such aid can't arrive soon enough.
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arrive too early1) I am constantly annoyed with myself because wherever I go I always arrive too early .
2) We arrived too early .
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arrive too late1) Other improvements arrived too late or gave too little.
2) Some arrived too late for combat service.
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arrive unannounced1) He arrived unannounced yesterday and stayed overnight.
2) December 21: Elvis Presley arrives unannounced at the White House.
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arrive unexpectedly1) You are a stranger to them that has arrived unexpectedly .
2) James and John arrive unexpectedly in Bath.
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arrive up1) The leading edge of that water is arriving up north first.
2) In the morning her father arrived up in the nursery.
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arrived1) My custom cut glass table top arrived today.
2) The ambulance arrived 5-10 minutes later.
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arrives1) New art arrives around every five months.
2) Anderson arrives and provides close air support.
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arriving1) Rebels conducted deadly attacks on arriving troops.
2) To prevent relief forces arriving the bridge was pulled down.
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autumn arrive1) A cricket passes the summer in singing; autumn arrives , but he continues.
2) It's quiet and slow pace here in the summer and then once autumn arrives the Centre is rockin'!
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baby arrive1) Some babies arrive looking up, called face presentation.
2) A few years later another baby arrived , and then another.
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battalion arrive1) The battalion arrived in Plymouth seven weeks later.
2) Four Polish battalions arrived on 9 May.
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be due to arrive1) Another spacecraft is due to arrive in a couple days.
2) The 3 new chickens are due to arrive this Thursday.
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bill arrive1) Just before dawn, bill arrives home guilty and confused.
2) Rosie is making final preparations in the taverna when bill arrives .
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boat arrive1) A photo boat arrives for souvenir photos.
2) The Maori boat arrived at 7 pm.
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bus arrive1) Did your bus arrive five minutes late?
2) At 10 o'clock the bus arrived .
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convoy arrive1) The convoy arrived at its destination on 13 July.
2) The convoy arrived at Liverpool on 9 November.
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crew arrive1) The first rescue crew arrived ten minutes later.
2) Seven people managed to escape before emergency crews arrived .
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elevator arrive1) The elevator arrives but isn't level.
2) X-23 becomes affected by the scent as the elevator arrives at a subway.
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email arrive1) Her email arrived from Europe to his farm.
2) If an email arrives it MUST be read now!
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expedition arrive1) The Lewis and Clark expedition arrived overland in 1805.
2) The expedition arrived in Port Jackson in January 1788.
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fail to arrive1) A promised air strike failed to arrive .
2) The supplier ceases trading and goods fail to arrive .
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fall arrive1) fall arrives later than elsewhere, and spring arrives earlier as well.
2) Fortunately for the Rebels , neither should be much of a problem by the time fall arrives .
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ferry arrive1) Buy tickets and hand them to the official standing on the gangway when the ferry arrives .
2) Site and tower closed, but there's a good view from ferries arriving at the island.
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finally arrive1) It looks like winter has finally arrived .
2) After several false starts, someone finally arrives .
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first to arrive1) Chief 204 was first to arrive to find nothing showing.
2) The cocktails were the first to arrive .
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flight arrive1) A year earlier, 81 percent of flights arrived on time.
2) Most flights arrive late in the afternoon or in the evening.
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food arrive1) In 20 minutes, my food arrives .
2) The food arrived , halting the conversation.
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force arrive1) To prevent relief forces arriving the bridge was pulled down.
2) Two buses of special forces had arrived at the scene.
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frost arrive1) frost arrives in late April in the south, and late May in the north.
2) The beavers cover their lodges late each autumn with fresh mud, which freezes when frosts arrive .
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guest arrive1) The next day several more guests arrived .
2) Finally the last expected guest had arrived .
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he arrive1) She had actually bought hers before he arrived .
2) he arrived in poor condition and died shortly afterwards.
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help arrive1) You must hold out until help arrives .
2) Dying much sooner, potentially before help arrives .
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immigrant arrive1) Eventually permanent immigrants arrived and many market gardens were set up.
2) Later waves of immigrants arrived through family reunification and asylum seeking.
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inspector arrive1) In August 2013 chemical weapon inspectors arrived in Damascus.
2) The UN inspectors arrived to investigate just before the second attack.
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it arrive1) it arrives tomorrow between 8 and 12.
2) it arrived just a few minutes ago.
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last to arrive1) The last to arrive was the noun.
2) I was the last to arrive Thursday afternoon.
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letter arrive1) Hundreds of letters arrived 3 days later.
2) A letter arrives and is scanned into the system.
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lift arrive1) The lift arrived and opened its brightly lit doors.
2) Wait inside until your lift arrives .
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message arrive1) A destination, where the message arrives .
2) When the message arrived , Trier had already fallen.
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moment arrive1) The big moment arrives and everything is a spectacular success.
2) When this moment arrives , it is a great relief.
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morning arrive1) Sunday morning arrived and by noon everything was ready.
2) Saturday morning arrived partly cloudy and still hot, like Friday!
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newly arrive1) And newly arriving ticks like to make friends.
2) Other questions involve the urban environment of the newly arrived immigrant.
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news arrive1) But news had arrived earlier which was to fundamental change astronomy.
2) The horrible news arrived the next day.
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officer arrive1) Armed police officers arrived five minutes later.
2) The first police officer arrived approximately six minutes later.
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package arrive1) The package arrived safely and without any damage.
2) Meanwhile, another package arrives for Amanda.
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parcel arrive1) A brown paper parcel arrived by special delivery.
2) Your parcel arrived a short time ago.
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passenger arrive1) Most passengers arrived at the docks by train.
2) A few passengers arrived on that same day.
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police arrive1) Four occupants ran away before police arrived .
2) He is retrieved before the police arrive .
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refugee arrive1) The first 200 refugees arrived on 10 March 1946.
2) UNHCR has recorded some 1000 refugees arriving in DRC last month .
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reinforcement arrive1) Further reinforcements arrived between 16-18 January.
2) Further reinforcements arrived in the following days.
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second to arrive1) Surprisingly , it took 16 further minutes for the second to arrive .
2) In the fun class, competitors are given 15 seconds to arrive over a checkpoint before being penalised.
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settler arrive1) Both represent the land before settlers arrived .
2) European settlers arrived , starting around 1845.
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she arrive1) Susan was shocked when she arrived without notice.
2) she arrived and has not left since.
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ship arrive1) Several foreign ships had arrived within the last twenty four hours.
2) A rescue ship has arrived to bring him home.
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spring arrive1) Once spring arrived , you are ready to plant.
2) spring arrives early but it's quite cool.
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summer arrive1) Spring is usually short and rainy, while summer arrives abruptly.
2) Somehow summer arrived while I wasn't looking.
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telegram arrive1) Just before dinner, a telegram arrived .
2) Early next morning a telegram arrived .
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they arrive1) they arrived very promptly during the afternoon.
2) they arrived seeking jobs and following dreams.
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train arrive1) The first passenger train arrived in 1899.
2) The first train arrived at 7:30 am.
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troop arrive1) His mission failed because his troops arrived too late.
2) By September 2, federal troops had arrived .
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troops arrive1) His mission failed because his troops arrived too late.
2) The main expeditionary troops arrived in May.
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visitor arrive1) New summer visitors are arriving or passing through .
2) Many visitors arrive and begin their tours here.
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we arrive1) we arrived home happy but very tired.
2) we arrived around 6 and were seated right away .
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winter arrive1) When the winter arrived in full, the lagoon froze.
2) What's going to happen when winter arrives ?
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you arrive1) Please check the schedule before you arrive .
2) you arrive home from the office exhausted .
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