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Under this arrangement1) Under this arrangement airlift tonnage greatly increased.
2) No oil was ever shipped Under this arrangement .
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accept arrangement1) They will not accept arrangements that could make them vulnerable to a second Holocaust.
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accommodation arrangement1) Full details of the programme and accommodation arrangements are attached.
2) Any accommodation arrangements requires full payment when the accommodation booking is made.
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administrative arrangement1) There are separate administrative arrangements for committees.
2) Interpretation is also hindered by uncertainty about late Roman administrative arrangements .
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agree arrangement1) No arrangements are agreed upon and customer continues to miss payments.
2) This modular construction arrangement was agreed in February 2002.
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alter arrangement1) The vocal arrangement is slightly altered for the highest parts.
2) Very exceptionally the Bank may alter the above arrangements .
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alternative arrangement1) We therefore had to make alternative arrangements .
2) alternative arrangements such as mobile schools may address the problem.
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arrangement1) This arrangement is renewable every ten years.
2) Conference accept er conference arrangement report thanks very much.
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arrangement available1) A full catalogue and details of access arrangements are available here.
2) A draft paper on the proposed arrangements is available for comment.
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arrangement between1) Most Islamic economic institutions advise participatory arrangements between capital and labor.
2) Instead, it is an informal arrangement between the states.
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arrangement common1) This sort of fee arrangement is common in private equity funds.
2) Such arrangements were relatively common in the women's camp.
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arrangement consideration1) The calculation of the allocation of arrangement consideration is illustrated below.
2) Total arrangement consideration is $1,200.
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arrangement due1) The Khoshuts could not challenge this political arrangement due to their smaller population size.
2) The decision to use a stay-at-home dad arrangement is most commonly due to economic reasons.
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arrangement fee1) The overall cost for comparison is arrangement fee 16.
2) It includes interest , arrangement fees and any other charges.
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arrangement for1) There are separate administrative arrangements for committees.
2) She spent the following week making panicked arrangements for help.
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arrangement for delivery1) for larger items, make arrangements for delivery .
2) He will guide you through the entire process, including arrangements for delivery .
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arrangement good1) And the pension arrangements are remarkably good .
2) Moreover, their arrangement is better and more varied.
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arrangement necessary1) Special transport arrangements are often necessary .
2) By whom were the arrangements necessary for the making of the recording undertaken?
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arrangement of the furniture1) One day, as Latimer entered the hall, he noticed a change in the arrangement of the furniture .
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arrangement possible1) In the dative, both arrangements are possible .
2) This arrangement is possible because of the roaming agreements between the networks.
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arrangement satisfactory1) I trust you find the arrangement satisfactory ?
2) Are arrangements satisfactory , do they require review?
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arrangement similar1) This hierarchical arrangement is similar in nature to DNS.
2) Such a contractual arrangement is similar to a land use right lease.
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arrangement term1) The arrangement terms state that title does not transfer until 60 days after installation.
2) In addition, the arrangement terms may indicate that the collectibility criterion is not met.
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arrangement that1) This was a temporary arrangement that lasted six months.
2) Many thanks for the arrangements that worked wonderfully!
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arrangement to do1) Please do not change assignments unless you have made arrangements to do so with the Director.
2) Aitken had made arrangements to do this before Lloyd George decided to appoint Stanley to the position instead.
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arrangement with1) The college has developed comprehensive contractual arrangements with care providers.
2) Other brokers have made smaller scale arrangements with clients.
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arrangements1) The counting got underway amidst massive security arrangements .
2) The proposed arrangements however are rather obscure.
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better arrangement1) better arrangements now exist, in Cleveland and elsewhere.
2) Don't you think that is actually a better arrangement anyway?
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business arrangement1) All fee and business arrangements must be disclosed.
2) Long-term business arrangements are absolutely dependent on trust and goodwill.
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by an arrangement1) Each gun was mounted on a wooden gun carriage controlled by an arrangement of rope and tackle.
2) Her appearance is accompanied by an arrangement of the classic 1970s Wonder Woman theme song.
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by prior arrangement1) Fly fishing tuition is also available by prior arrangement .
2) The position may be visited by prior arrangement .
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by the arrangement1) Both Robert and John Paul were both blown away by the arrangements .
2) And outside observers are puzzled by the arrangement and the reasons behind it.
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careful arrangement1) careful arrangements were made to secure loans.
2) careful arrangement of rooms completes the passive solar design.
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catering arrangement1) Please do not negotiate your own catering arrangements .
2) Make catering arrangements for meetings and reserve accommodation for participants where necessary .
more catering arrangement sentences
change arrangement1) We may have a hyperlink change arrangement between us!
2) Whenever you go to the bank, peek over the counter at the teller's change arrangement .
more change arrangement sentences
childcare arrangement1) You must have transportation and have made necessary childcare arrangements .
2) We shall continue to encourage the development of childcare arrangements in the voluntary and independent sectors.
more childcare arrangement sentences
come to an arrangement1) This could affect future video box set releases unless Disney and Fox come to an arrangement .
2) It is a relationship that they work through in order to come to an arrangement .
more come to an arrangement sentences
come to arrangement1) Together, consumers and producers would come to arrangements which, in their consequences, give rise to a market in broadcasting.
2) I spoke with mama-san , and together we came to arrangement - she would talk with another mama-san in Tokyo, and see if I could go there to live.
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complete arrangement1) He was also still completing arrangements for the journey.
2) The most compact and complete arrangement for a mess of four persons ever offered to the army.
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complex arrangement1) EU procurement rules are not drafted with complex arrangements in mind .
2) He explains complex arrangements clearly and straightforwardly.
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complicated arrangement1) This complicated arrangement ensures that, whatever happens.
2) More complicated arrangements expand the possibilities.
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conclude arrangement1) Other arrangements were concluded for the flight of relief planes.
2) This special arrangement was concluded in 1999 after the SPD lost its majority.
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confirm arrangement1) confirm arrangements and conduct the firstnighter.
2) confirm arrangements for accident reporting.
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constitutional arrangement1) To fill this obvious gap in our constitutional arrangements .
2) What is clear is that current constitutional arrangements do suit an authoritarian government well.
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contractual arrangement1) The college has developed comprehensive contractual arrangements with care providers.
2) Private companies are now constructing and operating prisons through contractual arrangements .
more contractual arrangement sentences
custody arrangement1) The following are descriptions of various custody arrangements .
2) The Brethren provide legal support to fight joint custody arrangements .
more custody arrangement sentences
deed of arrangement1) It was viewed that a deed of arrangement would give creditors a greater return than liquidation would provide.
2) Rosedown's creditors subsequently approved a deed of arrangement for the restructuring of Rosedown's business and the payment of its debts.
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design arrangement1) Exhibition of roses has been extended with arts and set design arrangements .
2) They design arrangements by trimming flowers and arranging bouquets, sprays, wreaths, dish gardens, and terrariums.
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detailed arrangement1) We shall contact you to make the necessary detailed arrangements .
2) Very perfect detailed arrangements were worked out, and military discipline required.
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develop arrangement1) The theory of channel coordination aims at supporting the performance optimization by developing arrangements for aligning the different objectives of the partners.
2) A committee has been set up by Norman McLuskie, MD of Operations Division, to develop arrangements for the Royal visit.
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different arrangement1) Three different arrangements were used during this era.
2) different problems and different settings no doubt require different arrangements .
more different arrangement sentences
discuss arrangement1) The arrangement was also discussed with her parents.
2) Block diagrams of circuit arrangements discussed in the text.
more discuss arrangement sentences
do arrangement1) Owen Bradley of Decca also had a hand; he had previously done arrangements for Patsy Cline.
2) The author poses the challenge, do arrangements such as ECHELON exist outside the relationships between great powers?
more do arrangement sentences
domestic arrangement1) The war years threw Pound's domestic arrangements into disarray.
2) Eating habits change, politics, domestic arrangements , the lot.
more domestic arrangement sentences
establish arrangement1) Demobilisation also included establishing arrangements for the medical care of ex-service personnel.
2) As an Affiliate of Shareasale.com you will be establishing arrangements with third party organizations, called Merchants.
more establish arrangement sentences
exist arrangement1) The existing arrangements at the crossing will remain in place.
2) They sweep all existing arrangements between NHS bodies into a market framework .
more exist arrangement sentences
final arrangement1) Both parties saw the final arrangement as a victory.
2) Richard made some final arrangements on the continent.
more final arrangement sentences
finalise arrangement1) The finalised arrangements appeared to successfully cover all of the bases.
2) They finalised the arrangements in July.
more finalise arrangement sentences
finalize arrangement1) The musicians packed up their instruments and finalized the flight arrangements .
2) But before he could finalize the arrangements , he died.
more finalize arrangement sentences
financial arrangement1) Thus do financial arrangements foster individual creativity and achievement.
2) Modern financial arrangements can often solve this problem.
more financial arrangement sentences
flexible arrangement1) Casual and flexible arrangements are made for lunch.
2) Harvey accepted immediately because sports stores gave more flexible arrangements for leave to play cricket.
more flexible arrangement sentences
floral arrangement1) Artistic, sewing or floral arrangement abilities are helpful.
2) floral arrangements and special prayer sessions were conducted .
more floral arrangement sentences
flower arrangement1) I enjoy gardening and making flower arrangements .
2) flower spikes are used for dried flower arrangements .
more flower arrangement sentences
formal arrangement1) formal arrangements and scheme documentation are still in preparation.
2) Howard denied that this was a formal arrangement .
more formal arrangement sentences
funeral arrangement1) funeral arrangements were delayed as investigators retained the body.
2) funeral arrangements for the boys are incomplete .
more funeral arrangement sentences
have an arrangement1) In fact it's not impossible they had an arrangement .
2) They said they have an arrangement for this.
more have an arrangement sentences
have arrangement1) Seven additional countries have arrangements to deliver EMS items.
2) At clothes stores they have arrangements with three mirrors hinged together.
more have arrangement sentences
holiday arrangement1) This requires adequate notification of holiday arrangements .
2) Will my present holiday arrangements be honoured?
more holiday arrangement sentences
informal arrangement1) Friends and neighbours helping out under informal arrangements .
2) Some grandparents prefer informal arrangements for this reason.
more informal arrangement sentences
interim arrangement1) HCIMA will ensure that adequate interim arrangements are made.
2) Some interim arrangements including demand side will apply to cover the period to 2018.
more interim arrangement sentences
last minute arrangement1) The visit is understood to be a last minute arrangement .
2) I want to thank you for the superb, virtually last minute arrangements you made for me.
more last minute arrangement sentences
live arrangement1) Another thing has changed along with our living arrangements .
2) Joint legal custody does not affect the child's living arrangements .
more live arrangement sentences
living arrangement1) Another thing has changed along with our living arrangements .
2) Student living arrangements embodied and intensified the problem.
more living arrangement sentences
long standing arrangement1) It's a long standing arrangement .
2) 'I have a long standing arrangement to meet Mr Anderson this week.
more long standing arrangement sentences
long term arrangement1) Life insurance is a long term arrangement , so choose a company.
2) My interim plan of bridging the hard times in Germany has become a long term arrangement .
more long term arrangement sentences
make arrangement1) I enjoy gardening and making flower arrangements .
2) A 1904 treaty made this arrangement permanent.
more make arrangement sentences
necessary arrangement1) You are responsible for making the necessary arrangements .
2) Discuss payment options and make all necessary arrangements .
more necessary arrangement sentences
negotiate arrangement1) Its constructive when parents negotiate arrangements rather than litigating them.
2) It negotiates arrangements or understandings relating to international cooperation with foreign organizations.
more negotiate arrangement sentences
new arrangement1) Would the new arrangements sound too plastic?
2) They advertised this new arrangement through their usual tender process.
more new arrangement sentences
organizational arrangement1) Different security capacity building programs are subject to quite different organizational arrangements .
2) How are learning communities introduced and developed in schools as a new organizational arrangement ?
more organizational arrangement sentences
other arrangement1) Any other arrangements are at clients expense.
2) We had enough flowers leftover for several other arrangements .
more other arrangement sentences
pension arrangement1) And the pension arrangements are remarkably good.
2) Or you may be concerned about transferring pension arrangements .
more pension arrangement sentences
permanent arrangement1) In this sense, organization is a permanent arrangement of elements.
2) And it's a bit silly to wear er a permanent arrangement .
more permanent arrangement sentences
physical arrangement1) Organization describes a system's physical arrangement characteristics.
2) Classification is also prominent in the physical arrangement of documents.
more physical arrangement sentences
pool arrangement1) pooling arrangements for insurance are a form of captive insurance.
2) pooling arrangements may be used to secure insurance in these situations.
more pool arrangement sentences
power sharing arrangement1) Until 1929, German-Lithuanian co-operation increased and this power sharing arrangement worked.
2) Despite political violence, factionalism and corruption, Renaissance Florence did experiment with different forms of citizen government and power sharing arrangements .
more power sharing arrangement sentences
practical arrangement1) What practical arrangements would that entail?
2) A separation agreement allows you to sort out practical arrangements for the future.
more practical arrangement sentences
private arrangement1) These range from private arrangements to penalty.
2) They sold all their cattle by private arrangement .
more private arrangement sentences
proper arrangement1) It is important that proper arrangements for staff hygiene are available.
2) Please contact me prior to make proper arrangements .
more proper arrangement sentences
propose arrangement1) The proposed arrangements however are rather obscure.
2) A draft paper on the proposed arrangements is available for comment.
more propose arrangement sentences
reciprocal arrangement1) This category covers reciprocal arrangements not involving actual payments of money.
2) reciprocal arrangements to promote similar labour legislation were more frequent.
more reciprocal arrangement sentences
satisfactory arrangement1) He said Mr Gilbert's twin role had never been a satisfactory arrangement .
2) The most satisfactory arrangement is to have the cable connector concealed beneath a small paving slab.
more satisfactory arrangement sentences
scheme of arrangement1) A scheme of arrangement under CA 1985, ss425-427.
2) Arrears of rent accrued under a lease may be reduced in any scheme of arrangement .
more scheme of arrangement sentences
seating arrangement1) When establishing seating arrangements , consider where shadows will fall.
2) The restaurant is spacious with a variety of seating arrangements .
more seating arrangement sentences
security arrangement1) The counting got underway amidst massive security arrangements .
2) National legislation may recognise union security arrangements contained in collective agreements.
more security arrangement sentences
sensible arrangement1) We dogs have a sensible arrangement with litters and packs.
2) It struck me as a sensible arrangement , but my mother was horrified.
more sensible arrangement sentences
sleep arrangement1) There are a variety of sleeping arrangements in the primary chalets.
2) He was right, and she determined not to let the sleeping arrangements upset her.
more sleep arrangement sentences
sleeping arrangement1) It seemed sheer lunacy to share such intimate sleeping arrangements .
2) Rather, it was because of the sleeping arrangements .
more sleeping arrangement sentences
social arrangement1) social arrangement is very basic and simple.
2) Real progress requires a fundamental transformation in our social arrangements .
more social arrangement sentences
spatial arrangement1) However, that spatial arrangement loudly confirms the intention.
2) The spatial arrangement of the oxygen atoms determines clay's structure.
more spatial arrangement sentences
special arrangement1) All workshops are scheduled by special arrangement .
2) The hood is provided with special arrangement .
more special arrangement sentences
suitable arrangement1) I sincerely hope that the parties concerned can make suitable arrangements .
2) Motorists have two hours to make suitable arrangements .
more suitable arrangement sentences
temporary arrangement1) This was a temporary arrangement that lasted six months.
2) She stayed with relatives in various temporary arrangements .
more temporary arrangement sentences
traditional arrangement1) The traditional arrangement of hutongs was also affected.
2) Using the traditional arrangement , all the expected EEG results were seen.
more traditional arrangement sentences
travel arrangement1) Assist with travel arrangements and office duties.
2) The travel arrangements were excellent and the guides were very helpful.
more travel arrangement sentences
twin arrangement1) The City of Edinburgh has entered into 11 international twinning arrangements since 1954.
2) PPWSA also established twinning arrangements between two Australian water utilities and PPWSA.
more twin arrangement sentences
unusual arrangement1) Please make no unusual arrangements on our behalf.
2) We believe that the NHS is a remarkable and unusual arrangement .
more unusual arrangement sentences
voluntary arrangement1) The effect is similar to a company voluntary arrangement under English law.
2) Firstly, why should a voluntary arrangement have to mimic an Administration Order?
more voluntary arrangement sentences
work arrangement1) The resultant local variation in working arrangements has greatly complicated national assessment.
2) We had a good working arrangement for several months.
more work arrangement sentences
working arrangement1) The resultant local variation in working arrangements has greatly complicated national assessment.
2) We had a good working arrangement for several months.
more working arrangement sentences

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