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arouse1) The incident has aroused grave public concern.
2) There was nothing to arouse childhood memories.
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arouse anger1) The scheme aroused much anger amongst the Tamils.
2) These accusations had aroused the uncontrollable anger of the group.
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arouse anxiety1) That is, their content arouses anxiety causing their recall to become unacceptably upsetting.
2) Therefore the idea of a woman priest can arouse anxiety , for being dependent on a woman is the very thing that is feared.
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arouse controversy1) The political theme of the film aroused controversy .
2) This proposal aroused too much controversy to be implemented.
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arouse criticism1) Such advertising aroused criticisms of quackery and immorality.
2) One shochet aroused criticism for teaching classes in his bloody clothing!
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arouse curiosity1) The genus was sufficiently unlike other bacteria to arouse curiosity .
2) Teachers try to further arouse that curiosity in specific subjects .
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arouse emotion1) Which situations tend to arouse these emotions in you?
2) Milford Haven arouses conflicting emotions with its contrasting impressions.
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arouse emotions1) Its striking, dynamic design exudes sensual purity and arouses emotions .
2) In addition to arousing emotions and simplifying complexity, visual presentation can serve to enhance stories.
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arouse enthusiasm1) His rocks aroused little enthusiasm , and the war with Spain intensified.
2) The audience's enthusiasm was aroused to a high pitch at many points.
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arouse expectation1) Kennedy and Wilson had both aroused expectations , which had not been fulfilled.
2) MacArthur received public adulation, which aroused expectations that he would run for president, but he was not a candidate.
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arouse feeling1) His cultured voice and charming manners aroused feelings she had never experienced before.
2) The passage of the Fugitive Slave Law aroused feelings of bitterness in the North.
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arouse from1) His disordered dress showed that he had been hastily aroused from sleep.
2) Shortly before the light the castellan is aroused from bed.
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arouse hostility1) But the entre'actes and other things aroused complete hostility .
2) Such plans frequently prove counterproductive by arousing hostility in those otherwise sympathetic toward corrective efforts.
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arouse indignation1) This had aroused indignation among some citizens.
2) The massacre was so brutal it aroused indignation throughout Europe.
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arouse interest1) Why does this small inland arouse such interest ?
2) This has aroused considerable interest in recent years.
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arouse ire1) He comforts her, arousing Michael's ire .
2) This greatly aroused the ire of our then prime minister, Golda Meir.
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arouse jealousy1) This continues to arouse jealousy among others.
2) Are we trying to arouse the Lords jealousy ?
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arouse opposition1) But the decision aroused considerable opposition among his officers.
2) It's aroused a little local opposition .
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arouse passion1) The passions are aroused and creativity is assured.
2) However mutants' rights still continue to arouse strong passions .
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arouse resentment1) This may arouse the leadership's resentment .
2) Often the same kind of things that arouse aggressive resentment .
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arouse suspicion1) This unavoidable analogy between biology and economics must arouse suspicion .
2) Here are 26 signs that should arouse suspicion .
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arouse sympathy1) Women are more clever than men in arousing sympathy .
2) It arouses sympathy for him from us.
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aroused1) The incident has aroused grave public concern.
2) This has aroused considerable interest in recent years.
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arouses1) Long experience with alcoholic excuses naturally arouses suspicion.
2) Every energetic movement within these bonds arouses an energetic vibration.
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arousing1) Because many survival situations are emotionally arousing , retention is enhanced.
2) Local education issues are another area arousing Koch interest.
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easily arouse1) A strong romantic in which feelings are aroused easily .
2) They become anxious, short tempered, easily aroused .
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emotionally arouse1) Because many survival situations are emotionally arousing , retention is enhanced.
2) Flashbulb memories have been implicated in the emotionally arousing event.
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first arouse1) His curiosity first aroused by information on a puzzling suicide.
2) This monster at first aroused no special interest in any one of us.
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fully arouse1) But your suspicions are already fully aroused .
2) She kissed him back, aware he was as fully aroused as she was.
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immediately arouse1) The subject is one that immediately arouses diverse feelings.
2) Aue's behaviour was inconsistent and immediately aroused Stern's curiosity.
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only arouse1) Such acts can only arouse indignation.
2) The terms offered by Louis to the Prince of Orange only aroused a more bitter resistance.
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physically arouse1) In many cases, this is because she is unable to become physically aroused .
2) There were some film clips that were identified as being more physically arousing than mentally appealing.
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