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Police arrest1) Police arrested those who refused to stop searching.
2) Police ultimately arrested 288 demonstrators including Abernathy.
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activist arrest1) The arrested activists were released within the next hours.
2) He quickly became prominent for arresting several allegedly leftist activists .
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arbitrarily arrest1) Political opponents of the government are often arrested arbitrarily .
2) Political opponents of the regime are also arbitrarily arrested .
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arrest1) Parliamentary leaders were put under house arrest .
2) The woman was placed under house arrest .
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arrest a suspect1) Police arrested a suspect in that case late Wednesday .
2) Police arrested a suspect at her home in Surrey.
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arrest accuse1) A further threat from police is being arrested and falsely accused .
2) Anne was also arrested , accused of treasonous adultery and incest.
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arrest again1) He was briefly arrested again in 1962 for organising protests.
2) He committed a string of further offences before being arrested again .
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arrest attention1) They not only arrest attention ; they often determine a girl's prospects.
2) The old promise is simply so put as to arrest attention on the condition of its fulfilment.
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arrest charge1) He was arrested and charged with attempted robbery.
2) Our bozo has been arrested and charged with battery.
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arrest convict1) The loyalist was arrested and later convicted for attempted murder.
2) He was later arrested and convicted of supplying illegal drugs.
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arrest deport1) The workers were either arrested or deported .
2) Ja Lama was arrested and deported several times.
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arrest detain1) Security forces lacking legal detention authority often arrested and detained individuals.
2) Seven were arrested and detained for several hours.
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arrest execute1) About twenty conspirators were arrested and executed .
2) Robin is arrested and executed shortly after.
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arrest for1) George was never arrested for domestic violence.
2) One builder was arrested for selling site administration jobs.
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arrest imprison1) In 1920 he was arrested and imprisoned .
2) They were arrested and imprisoned for participation.
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arrest in connection with1) A man is under arrest in connection with the.
2) Three national servicemen were later arrested in connection with the raid.
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arrest interrogate1) The group is arrested and interrogated separately.
2) Abe was arrested and interrogated over eight sessions.
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arrest jail1) Those who resisted repatriation were arrested and jailed .
2) Michael is subsequently arrested and jailed for manslaughter.
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arrest of judgment1) John Bayley now moved in arrest of judgment .
2) Ratliff made post-trial motions for acquittal, arrest of judgment , and for a new trial.
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arrest on1) Six others are arrested on related charges.
2) The soldiers involved were arrested on criminal charges.
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arrest on charges1) They were arrested on charges of rioting .
2) The three were arrested on charges of running a pyramid scheme.
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arrest on suspicion of1) He was later arrested on suspicion of attempted arson.
2) He was arrested on suspicion of making criminal threats.
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arrest prosecute1) How many drug dealers are we arresting and successfully prosecuting ?
2) The engineer was subsequently caught, arrested and prosecuted .
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arrest record1) Their arrest record follows them through life.
2) Who cares what the arrest record says?
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arrest send1) Robert is eventually arrested and sent to prison.
2) Robbie is arrested and sent to prison.
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arrest sentence1) Nikita is arrested and sentenced to death.
2) He was later arrested and sentenced to life imprisonment.
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arrest shortly1) Two men were arrested shortly after the attack.
2) The suspect was arrested shortly after the shooting .
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arrest torture1) Those suspected of opposing integration were often arrested and tortured .
2) He was later arrested and tortured for three years.
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arrest twice1) Watson had been arrested twice before his death .
2) Wellstone was twice arrested during this period for civil disobedience.
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arrest warrant1) arrest warrants have been issued against 18 policemen.
2) An arrest warrant with bail was issued.
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be under house arrest1) He has pleaded not guilty and has been under house arrest .
2) He is under house arrest from February 2011 until now.
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briefly arrest1) He was briefly arrested again in 1962 for organising protests.
2) Nosaka was briefly arrested after he resurfaced, but quickly released.
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cardiac arrest1) The greatest risks were cardiac arrest and brain damage.
2) Her cause of death was cardiac arrest .
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cardiopulmonary arrest1) A 3-year-old boy is found to be in cardiopulmonary arrest .
2) He died from cardiopulmonary arrest on October 24, 1991.
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circulatory arrest1) In fact, in some advanced medical procedures, hypothermic circulatory arrest is deliberately induced.
2) Experimentally, mild hyperthermia has been shown to exacerbate both functional and structural neurologic injury after deep hypothermic circulatory arrest .
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citizen arrest1) See citizen's arrest and hue and cry.
2) He went there and attempted a second citizen's arrest .
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demonstrator arrest1) Three hundred demonstrators were arrested and 112 police officers injured.
2) During the year police occasionally arrested demonstrators .
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developmental arrest1) As mentioned earlier, Kohut assumes that a narcissistic personality suffers from developmental arrest .
2) Each level also represents developmental tasks that must be properly met, or they might lead to developmental arrest .
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fail to arrest1) This is why the army failed to arrest any one.
2) But these failed to arrest West Bengal's decline.
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false arrest1) Personal injury pertains to false arrest , detention or imprisonment.
2) false arrests of this sort are common in the US.
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falsely arrest1) She refused and got Laura falsely arrested for stealing her watch.
2) The pilot, Chris Tanner, is falsely arrested on murder charges.
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heart arrest1) I remember being surprised as I observed the full heart arrest taking place.
2) I had no idea that this was the time Almine herself experienced pericardiac heart arrest , and death experience.
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home arrest1) The client's home arrested my attention.
2) In some cases those who were found guilty were given a choice between home arrest or jail.
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house arrest1) Parliamentary leaders were put under house arrest .
2) The woman was placed under house arrest .
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illegally arrest1) Nevertheless, they illegally arrested and interrogated Lim.
2) Li was illegally arrested , and sentenced to 16 years in prison on July 20, 1999.
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immediately arrest1) The perpetrator was arrested immediately after the incident.
2) Birch was immediately arrested and tried on criminal charges.
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individual arrest1) Police estimated between 41 and 100 individuals were arrested .
2) In practice very few individuals were arrested with a warrant.
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leader arrest1) Police and special services arrested many opposition leaders .
2) leaders were arrested , including prominent politicians.
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man arrest1) The four arrested men were discharged without conviction.
2) A man was arrested during the searches.
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maturation arrest1) maturation arrest is the hallmark of cancer.
2) Pure histologic patterns of Sertoli cell-only and early maturation arrest were associated with a very poor likelihood of sperm detection (4-8%).
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member arrest1) Eleven members were arrested later that month.
2) The group was investigated and more members arrested .
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officer arrest1) The four officers were arrested together with 11 civilians.
2) He said those advancing on officers were arrested .
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people arrest1) The 73 people arrested presumably did both.
2) people were arrested without charge and disappeared without trial.
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person arrest1) One person was arrested and several students were issued administrative citations.
2) arrest every person who visits a prostitute?
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police arrest1) He said he believes police arrested the wrong person.
2) The police arrested hundreds of the protesters.
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promptly arrest1) He and the printer were promptly arrested .
2) Afterwards, French forces promptly arrested those involved.
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protester arrest1) Over 600 protesters were arrested and thousands were injured.
2) A security official said 200 protesters were arrested at both sites .
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reportedly arrest1) Police also reportedly arrested prominent activist Yousif al-Mahafdha.
2) On July 14, Israeli soldiers had reportedly arrested an armed man near the university.
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resisting arrest1) He was subsequently charged with driving while intoxicated and resisting arrest .
2) Charges for assault and resisting arrest were eventually dropped .
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respiratory arrest1) Death is usually caused by respiratory arrest .
2) Death results from respiratory arrest and cardiac failure.
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sinus arrest1) Results: A syncopal episode was observed during Holter monitoring in 4 dogs: 3 dogs had sinus rhythm and 1 dog had sinus arrest followed by escape rhythm.
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subsequently arrest1) Michael is subsequently arrested and jailed for manslaughter.
2) A number of the signatories were subsequently arrested .
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sudden cardiac arrest1) With sudden cardiac arrest , every minute counts.
2) He was dropped by a sudden cardiac arrest .
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suspect arrest1) Two suspects were arrested within the hour .
2) Also, 14 suspects were arrested during raids.
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under arrest1) Alberto is placed under arrest and jailed.
2) The police place the man under arrest .
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warrant of arrest1) A disappointed government had to scrap a further 800 warrants of arrest .
2) Just give out tickets that could lead to warrants of arrest .
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wrongful arrest1) His wrongful arrest would give ridiculous advantage to his partner .
2) Foul play suspected, mistaken identity, a wrongful arrest !
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wrongfully arrest1) Then an issue arose when we were wrongfully arrested .
2) Casey is wrongfully arrested for a robbery that he did not commit.
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wrongly arrest1) Others say that many innocent drivers will be wrongly arrested .
2) In fact scores of such cases where Muslim youth were wrongly arrested have come to light.
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