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amusing antics1) I loved to watch her play and she had the most amusing antics .
2) They end up being honest, but go through some amusing antics to get there.
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antics1) Who is behind his foreign policy antics ?
2) This loyalty has hitherto surpassed elite antics , including corruption.
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childish antics1) Manny grows annoyed of J.T.'s constant childish antics , and Liberty suggests she breaks it off with him.
2) Khune must stop his childish antics Johannesburg - There can be no disputing that Itumeleng Khune is a very good goalkeeper .
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crazy antics1) He is easily amused by my crazy antics !
2) When you return, greet him calmly and ignore his crazy antics .
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enjoy the antics1) I thoroughly enjoyed the antics of Julie and Nathan.
2) enjoy the antics of our flock of chickens if weather permits.
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laugh at his antics1) As the children laugh at his antics , the movie ends.
2) She was laughing at his antics , but anxious lest he should be heard.
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perform antics1) Unfortunately, the return was too tempting and boys performed antics in class to receive the slipper and win a handsome profit.
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playful antics1) Much of the playful antics that occur between Gon and Killua.
2) We even join in the playful antics of our puppies and kittens.
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smile at his antics1) He made funny faces to amuse her, and when she smiled at his antics he would go on to tickle her toes until she gurgled happily.
2) Please accept a small contribution to your fare from this weary but grateful hunter! From the corner of his eye, he could see that she was smiling at his antics .
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wacky antics1) Their wacky antics and diverse playlists quickly made this show a hit.
2) JefferyYep- wrasses are known for some of their wacky antics .
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