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anthropological1) This tradition is presented through an anthropological definition.
2) He wrote many anthropological articles and gave radio talks.
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anthropological analysis1) In fact, the meaning of the ritual continues to inspire anthropological analysis .
2) An anthropological analysis has identified Cro-Magnon and even Neanderthal characteristics in these footprints.
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anthropological approach1) But there is also an anthropological approach to the question.
2) Hymes also pioneered a linguistic anthropological approach to ethnopoetics.
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anthropological datum1) It is the first Marxist book in which anthropological data predominate.
2) The entire process was accomplished using software that verified the results with anthropological data .
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anthropological evidence1) This assumption is criticized by some anthropological evidence .
2) All of this research and anthropological evidence contributes to the downturn.
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anthropological fieldwork1) He managed to do some anthropological fieldwork - under police escort.
2) The first third of the twentieth century also saw the development of anthropological fieldwork .
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anthropological linguistics1) Oxford studies in anthropological linguistics , 2.
2) How does language interact with culture ( anthropological linguistics )?
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anthropological literature1) The best single source is anthropological literature .
2) Such has been the assumption underlying much of previous anthropological literature also.
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anthropological method1) She soon switched to more anthropological methods .
2) Data are collected from parents and children, primarily through standard anthropological methods .
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anthropological perspective1) Many missionaries often studied Aboriginal society from an anthropological perspective .
2) Critical anthropological perspectives (pp. 35-54).
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anthropological research1) By degrees he became more absorbed in anthropological research .
2) In fact modern anthropological research shows that there is no such correlation.
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anthropological study1) This is where anthropological studies prove helpful as well as archaeology.
2) Archeological, linguistic and anthropological studies have provided insights into their cultures.
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anthropological theory1) anthropological theories of value explore these questions.
2) One of Dr. McClaurin's primary interests is anthropological theory .
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anthropological work1) There are several characteristics that tend to unite anthropological work .
2) Some anthropological work was also conducted among the Aborigines during the period.
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