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anticipate1) Other disciplines anticipate allowing 2 teams per region per division.
2) At least another forty volumes are anticipated .
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anticipate arrival1) Cargo dispatchers, or the owners of goods in transit can track the progress of cargo and anticipate arrival times in port.
2) It only comes out at Yuletide, but at our house, it's one of the most eagerly anticipated arrivals of the season.
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anticipate attack1) The German attack was not anticipated in a timely manner.
2) Colonel Chiles nevertheless anticipated an attack during the night.
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anticipate changes1) Trends are used in forecasting to help anticipate changes in consumption over time.
2) NOS works to understand and anticipate changes in coastal ecosystems as they become stressed.
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anticipate debut1) Online combat also makes its highly anticipated debut .
2) He made his highly anticipated New Zealand debut at Twickenham against England on 6 November.
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anticipate developments1) In the field of medicine, Agni Yoga anticipates developments in later decades.
2) In addition, Israel tries to anticipate developments to support its partners in the peace process.
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anticipate difficulties1) Mediation can anticipate difficulties between parties before conflict emerges.
2) Parents can learn to anticipate difficulties and develop avoidance strategies as part of a positive parenting approach.
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anticipate disaster1) When life runs smoothly for a while, they begin to anticipate disaster .
2) When you suffer from this disorder, you are almost always anticipating disaster .
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anticipate doing1) Do you anticipate doing a higher percentage of digitally manipulated work in the future?
2) Kiffin said USC had held off on adding staff members but anticipated doing so if the proposals are approved .
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anticipate future1) What company does not anticipate the future ?
2) In these last few days we have anticipated different futures .
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anticipate growth1) Participants generally anticipated fairly strong growth of capital expenditures.
2) But many had anticipated far stronger growth following the long hot summer.
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anticipate increase1) The directors also anticipate an increase in European sales.
2) Do you anticipate an increase in violence around the election?
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anticipate move1) The Nazis had anticipated Horthy's move .
2) Side-stepping is used extensively, anticipating an opponent's move before countering.
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anticipate need1) Balance the options against the anticipate needs of the users.
2) Evaluate data indicators in terms of identifying trends and anticipating needs .
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anticipate objection1) It encourages kids to anticipate objections to their arguments.
2) To anticipate an objection , this is not a theocratic argument.
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anticipate problem1) The systems planning team ought to anticipate problems that may occur.
2) It can anticipate problems and provide a means for reaching solutions.
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anticipate problems1) The systems planning team ought to anticipate problems that may occur.
2) It can anticipate problems and provide a means for reaching solutions.
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anticipate reaction1) She anticipates the reaction of Israeli readers.
2) anticipate reactions and prepare to deal with them.
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anticipate release1) The Japanese label anticipate an early Summer release .
2) A DVD release was eagerly anticipated by fans of the show.
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anticipate return1) His return was highly anticipated and increased attendance.
2) Investors had already anticipated George Wimpey's return to profit.
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anticipate sequel1) The much anticipated Arcade Legends sequel has arrived!
2) In this highly anticipated sequel , no one is safe.
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anticipate that1) We definitely did not anticipate that response.
2) It is impossible to anticipate that start.
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anticipate worst1) They 're cut-throat negotiators and glass-half-empty analytical thinkers who try to anticipate worst case scenarios.
2) Indian city of Surat anticipates worst effects of climate change According to the climate change experts, it is only a matter of time.
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anticipated1) At least another forty volumes are anticipated .
2) The anticipated release date is summer 2013.
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anticipates1) The ruling class anticipates violent class struggles .
2) He thus once again anticipates ground request for air firepower.
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anticipating1) I am very much anticipating leaving work today.
2) We are anticipating seeing these giants become more active soon.
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correctly anticipate1) The animal's enthusiasm increases because it correctly anticipates enjoyable consequences.
2) The yen was a bit firmer too , but we had correctly anticipated that.
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currently anticipate1) This means the expected warming may be greater than currently anticipated .
2) Actual results could differ materially from the assumptions currently anticipated .
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eagerly anticipate1) It was a matchup Howell had been eagerly anticipating .
2) Amateur and professional astronomers worldwide are eagerly anticipating comet ISON .
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greatly anticipate1) It's been 20 years since they disbanded and their return is greatly anticipated .
2) We passengers appreciated his caution, while we also greatly anticipated the harbors overwhelming display.
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highly anticipate1) The figure skating competition was highly anticipated .
2) The next drilling results are highly anticipated .
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hotly anticipate1) Enter the hotly anticipated 2013 Cadillac ATS .
2) Skype was one of the hotly anticipated apps for Windows Phones.
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initially anticipate1) Clearly a lie and the injury was worse than initially anticipated .
2) Third party payers are approving it at rate higher than initially anticipated .
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keenly anticipate1) The ASC freshwater trout standard is keenly anticipated by the market .
2) CONSOLIDATED have announced details of their keenly anticipated third album.
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long anticipate1) This was a historic moment, long anticipated and carefully orchestrated.
2) And the feedbacks long anticipated were kicking in.
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much anticipate1) I am very much anticipating leaving work today.
2) It sounded fascinating and was much anticipated .
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originally anticipate1) This issue requires more effort then originally anticipated .
2) The ISS has been far more expensive than originally anticipated .
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perhaps anticipate1) I can perhaps anticipate what the Minister will say.
2) In this he perhaps anticipated Kandinsky.
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previously anticipate1) If generation costs more than previously anticipated , tariffs are raised.
2) In Mississippi, damage was not as severe as previously anticipated .
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reasonably anticipate1) As one might reasonably anticipate , the extra durability came with added cost.
2) Protect against any reasonably anticipated threats and hazards to the security or integrity of ePHI.
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widely anticipate1) The change made by John Smith had been widely anticipated .
2) Nevertheless, each new Dragon Quest launch is widely anticipated .
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