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anti1) I am anti divide & rule being reflected in survivor movements.
2) How many horror stories occur under that anti septic rationale?
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anti American1) The anti-American sentiment that has unfolded here is astounding.
2) The strikes have generated anti-American sentiment in both those countries .
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anti Nazi1) The meme resurfaced in anti-Nazi propaganda later.
2) This policy prevented a number of anti-Nazi films being produced.
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anti Semite1) Nobody is ever labeled an anti-Semite .
2) The anti-Semites are enjoying this horrible publicity.
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anti Semitic1) They even sometimes expressed anti-Semitic attitudes themselves.
2) The speech was heavily criticized as being anti-Semitic .
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anti Semitism1) This is why anti-Semitism works.
2) A small minority showed signs of anti-Semitism .
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anti aircraft1) A fourth was shot down by concentrated anti-aircraft fire.
2) Merchant ships were still lightly armed with anti-aircraft weapons.
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anti aircraft fire1) A fourth was shot down by concentrated anti-aircraft fire .
2) Poor weather and anti-aircraft fire made flying very dangerous.
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anti alias1) The Vue 5 image below was rendered using basically default User Settings and the anti-alias settings below.
2) That 's two more data distortions, the mean and then sub sampling without a proper anti-alias filter.
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anti allergic1) Soy sauce is rich in lactic acid bacteria and of excellent anti-allergic potential.
2) It also is an anti-inflammatory, an anti-allergic agent and reduces the actions of the immune system.
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anti apartheid1) His record and tour were a highly consistent anti-apartheid message.
2) SA anti-apartheid groups vow to step up struggle.
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anti authority1) The novel invokes anti-authority sentiments, often through violations of narrative conventions and integrity.
2) It was an anti-White, anti-authority diatribe.
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anti bourgeois1) An anti-bourgeois exhibition was opened on 29 November 1937.
2) The Romanian Iron Guard espoused anti-capitalist, anti-banking and anti-bourgeois rhetoric.
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anti choice1) This is the face of the anti-choice movement .
2) It shouldn't be led by a man who is vehemently anti-choice .
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anti depressant1) Losing weight while on anti-depressants is extremely hard.
2) anti-depressants may be required to ease anxiety.
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anti dumping1) We still never hear Ministers support the anti-dumping case.
2) Imposing a country wide anti-dumping tariff is unprecedented and unfounded .
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anti fungal1) Some patients with severe symptoms may warrant anti-fungal therapy.
2) Patients are typically treated with strong anti-fungal medications .
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anti globalization1) The controversy has helped spark the anti-globalization movement.
2) Several influential critical works have inspired the anti-globalization movement.
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anti hero1) The anti-hero met his expected doom in each case.
2) His character has been portrayed as an anti-hero .
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anti id1) To keep up-to-date, join an anti-id cards discussion list .
2) I am aware of the many anti-id Catholics .
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anti imperialist1) Other anti-imperialists opposed annexation on racist grounds.
2) Cleveland was an anti-imperialist and was strongly against annexation.
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anti infective1) Infectious causes require the use of an anti-infective agent.
2) When infection attacks the body, anti-infective drugs can suppress the infection.
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anti inflammatory1) It is a natural anti inflammatory agent.
2) Tart cherries have natural anti inflammatory properties.
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anti inflation1) The anti-inflation programmes failed because they hardly cut government spending.
2) The anti-inflation programme focussed on controlling nominal wages and salaries.
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anti inflationary1) Speaker after speaker endorsed the anti-inflationary weapon of high interest rates.
2) The anti-inflationary measures reduced consumer demand and totally dried up commercial credit.
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anti intellectual1) We live in a pretty much anti-intellectual pop culture.
2) That anti-intellectual racist only responds to hate filled comments .
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anti knock1) Tetra-ethyl lead is used as an anti-knock additive for aviation fuel in piston-driven aircraft.
2) A performance rating of gasoline; the higher the octane number, the greater the anti-knock quality of the gasoline.
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anti lock1) The rear disc brakes were fitted with anti-lock pressure regulators.
2) Wheel speed sensors are used in anti-lock braking systems.
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anti nuclear1) These articles encouraged anti-nuclear medical movements world wide.
2) This has been called the biggest ever anti-nuclear demonstration .
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anti roman1) Octavian summoned the Senate and accused Antony of anti-roman sentiments.
2) The Costoboci also joined the anti-roman coalition.
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anti skid1) An integral anti-skid system in installed to affect maximum braking efficiency.
2) The hydraulic brakes have an automatic anti-skid system.
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anti social1) The level of anti-social crime fell dramatically.
2) The move was designed to reduce anti-social behaviour.
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anti spam1) Or some fake address entered as anti-spam measure.
2) In 2006, an anti-spam initiative was launched.
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anti tank1) Victor anti-tank regiment was formed in 1995.
2) The divisional headquarters included an anti-tank platoon.
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anti vaccine1) What arguments did the anti-vaccine side emphasize?
2) What do you think started the anti-vaccine movement?
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anti virus1) anti-virus software is another example of simple endpoint security.
2) anti-virus software alone is not enough .
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anti virus software1) The virus did not require buying a whole bunch of anti virus software .
2) For removal of spyware Trojan, usual anti virus software are not always effective.
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