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a sense of anticipation1) There was a sense of anticipation and thrill.
2) I have a sense of anticipation .
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anticipation1) The whole event was filled with enormous anticipation .
2) We waited four long days in anxious anticipation .
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anticipation high1) With high stake tournaments just weeks away, anticipation is high .
2) anticipation was high , but the fight was an anticlimax.
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anticipations1) The cultural anticipations no longer exist merely potentially.
2) My anticipations are often falsified on both sides.
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anticipative1) Lies on the ground the body of Adam anticipative .
2) They were anticipative , responsive, friendly and seemed to enjoy being onboard with passengers.
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anxious anticipation1) We waited four long days in anxious anticipation .
2) Modern man is living in anxious anticipation of destruction.
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be full of anticipation1) The week before the homecoming is full of anticipation .
2) On January 5th, I was full of anticipation .
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breathless anticipation1) If anything, it lent it an air of breathless anticipation .
2) After months of breathless anticipation , Gunnm: Memories of Mars (also known as Gunnm: Martian Memory ), the video game RPG, has been released.
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build anticipation1) This builds crowd anticipation towards the actual finish.
2) If you're late, you build anticipation .
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create anticipation1) Pause immediately before your punch line to create heightened anticipation and signal a payoff.
2) Samsung has posted a video online which tries to create anticipation for the new Samsung smartphone .
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eager anticipation1) With eager anticipation , the entire base focuses the survey mission.
2) After months of eager anticipation , the day finally arrives.
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excited anticipation1) Or do you look forward to them with excited anticipation ?
2) In excited anticipation we completed the ferry and within minutes were ready for the off.
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feeling of anticipation1) I answered with a feeling of anticipation .
2) The tingling grew fiercer and the feeling of anticipation .
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great anticipation1) Everyone held their breath with great anticipation .
2) We all looked forward to his visit with great anticipation .
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growing anticipation1) The heightened sense of celebration may have been partly due to the months and months of growing anticipation .
2) In the know fans have seen news about shows overseas and waited with growing anticipation for the official word.
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heighten anticipation1) Is heightening anticipation manipulative?
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joyful anticipation1) Not everyone looks with joyful anticipation toward the holiday season.
2) We'll cosy down in joyful anticipation .
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keen anticipation1) After days of keen anticipation they are dismayed, when they arrive, to find that the gathering is undistinguished.
2) After having presented his First Symphony to Willem Mengelberg, whom he much admired, he was disdainfully rejected after a one-year period of keen anticipation .
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much anticipation1) The development of Doom was surrounded by much anticipation .
2) It was released to much anticipation and received praise from many reviewers.
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nervous anticipation1) When I sit waiting for him, I am touched by a nervous anticipation .
2) I have the same feelings, wonderment, and nervous anticipations that I had when I was a teenager.
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shiver of anticipation1) A shiver of anticipation thrilled through her.
2) He felt a shiver of anticipation .
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such anticipation1) such anticipation did not improve my already poor sleeping patterns.
2) I wonder: What do I run toward with such joyful anticipation ?
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thrill of anticipation1) Folly felt a thrill of anticipation , mingled with fear.
2) Michael watched Joe's eyes and a thrill of anticipation went through him.
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tingle with anticipation1) We were tingling with anticipation and at one with our surroundings.
2) Vologsky was alert immediately, the tensions now on the surface, his nerve-endings tingling with anticipation and fear.
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