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antic1) Who is behind his foreign policy antics ?
2) This loyalty has hitherto surpassed elite antics , including corruption.
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crazy antic1) He is easily amused by my crazy antics !
2) When you return, greet him calmly and ignore his crazy antics .
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onstage antic1) Penniman gained notoriety for high-energy onstage antics during live performances.
2) Their onstage antics have also got them into trouble.
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outrageous antic1) Now some more information on the outrageous antics of the recording industry.
2) Some of their most outrageous antics have taken place during high-profile criminal trials.
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stage antic1) You cannot help liking Roberto Alagna despite his irritating stage antics .
2) PRINCE has been blasted by chart rival David Was over his raunchy stage antics .
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such antic1) Knighton vowed that such antics would never happen again .
2) Can we truly redress the tragedy of Mullivaikal with such antics ?
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wild antic1) His wild antics cause him to be diagnosed with insanity.
2) Gone are the days of wild managerial antics , crazy arguments, and ejections .
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