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antibody1) They directly kill bad cells without using antibodies .
2) Usually antibodies are targeted against specific protein structures .
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antibody bind1) These antibodies bind to molecules specific to cancer cells.
2) These antibodies bind to cells that contain histamine .
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antibody concentration1) antibody concentrations were assayed by indirect ELISA.
2) In this series antigliadin antibody concentrations were abnormal in 13, thus supporting the diagnosis.
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antibody drug1) Monoclonal antibody drugs are not exempt either.
2) Technology developed by CAT was used to create adalimumab, the first fully human antibody blockbuster drug .
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antibody fragment1) We have made retrovirus particles displaying a functional antibody fragment .
2) Most attempts to limit tropism have used chimeric envelope proteins bearing antibody fragments .
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antibody level1) This test measures the protective antibody level against rabies.
2) A gluten free diet is also shown to lower antibody levels .
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antibody molecule1) Y-shaped structure of an antibody molecule .
2) Edelman's Nobel Prize-winning research concerned discovery of the structure of antibody molecules .
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antibody production1) Delayed antibody production and intermittent shedding in feces compound diagnostic difficulties.
2) Many methodologies exist for polyclonal antibody production in laboratory animals.
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antibody response1) Virtually all microbes can trigger an antibody response .
2) Vitamin E also helps to improve the antibody responses .
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antibody test1) Also an antibody level test was developed *16.
2) For most patients, standard blood antibody tests are preferred.
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antibody testing1) Guidelines for antibody testing are still being developed.
2) Diagnosis of infection using antibody testing is a well-established technique in medicine.
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antibody therapy1) Most of the currently used antibodies therapies fall into this category.
2) The addition of antibody therapy has raised survival rates for high-risk disease significantly.
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