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anticipated1) At least another forty volumes are anticipated .
2) The anticipated release date is summer 2013.
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anticipated cost1) The anticipated costs would likely run into the billions quickly.
2) There is no anticipated cost to individuals affected by the proposal.
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anticipated date1) The anticipated release date is summer 2013.
2) The anticipated release date is December 2013.
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anticipated demand1) To meet anticipated customer demand with large fluctuations.
2) These figures represent the anticipated demand on each system.
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anticipated duration1) The date the services will begin and their anticipated duration .
2) It usually has an anticipated duration , anticipated cost, and expected resource requirements.
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anticipated effect1) Despite the anticipated effects , Beijing experienced only light rainfall.
2) Sometimes the anticipated effects of such rulings are greater than what actually materializes.
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anticipated expenditure1) A yawning gap was forecast between anticipated social expenditures and resources.
2) The anticipated expenditures required to maintain, renovate, or modernize the properties.
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anticipated growth1) Despite our anticipated production growth , we remain highly leveraged.
2) Urban development area must accommodate 10 to 20 years of anticipated growth within such area.
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anticipated impact1) There is no anticipated impact on local employment.
2) What would be the anticipated impact of the close-out requirement as proposed?
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anticipated increase1) This should help reduce anticipated increases in premiums and give consumers more choice.
2) Contacts attribute some of the strength to anticipated increases in mortgage interest rates.
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anticipated invasion1) D'Estaing instead headed north, and the anticipated invasion never materialised.
2) The aim of the mission was to counteract the anticipated French invasion of Portugal.
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anticipated loss1) Howard had anticipated losses well before they reached the river.
2) Of particular concern is an anticipated loss of coder productivity.
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anticipated outcome1) The answers would both match anticipated outcomes -and surprise us.
2) What are the anticipated outcomes of the experiments?
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anticipated profit1) Saudi Courts also preclude consequential damages based on anticipated profits .
2) Only use it if the anticipated profits are worth the cost.
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anticipated revenue1) We're budgeting for anticipated revenue .
2) Its reversal caused McGill, for example, to lose $6 million in anticipated revenues .
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anticipated saving1) ThinkLite under-projected the anticipated savings so that the early users were pleasantly surprised.
2) As anticipated , enormous savings accrued from the reduction in personnel turnover due to longer enlistments.
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be eagerly anticipated1) The annual holiday in Cornwall was eagerly anticipated for months.
2) A DVD release was eagerly anticipated by fans of the show.
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be highly anticipated1) The figure skating competition was highly anticipated .
2) The next drilling results are highly anticipated .
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be hotly anticipated1) Wu-Tang Forever (1997) After all the hit solo LPs, this release was hotly anticipated .
2) As discussed yesterday, the HSBC flash PMI for China was hotly anticipated , with the market dreading a poor result.
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be keenly anticipated1) The ASC freshwater trout standard is keenly anticipated by the market .
2) The match was keenly anticipated as one of the most important matches the Premier League's 20-year history.
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highly anticipated1) Games between Collingwood and Geelong have become highly anticipated since 2007.
2) The highly anticipated series began March 19 at Alex Box Stadium.
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long anticipated1) We finally booked our long anticipated flight.
2) The Academy also opened its long anticipated sports facilities.
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much anticipated1) The much anticipated rise in mortgage lending rates has.
2) The much anticipated bout proved to be hugely entertaining.
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widely anticipated1) The change made by John Smith had been widely anticipated .
2) Nevertheless, each new Dragon Quest launch is widely anticipated .
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