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Water allotment1) Using this method, one can store one's Water allotment in ponds or ditches, usually lined with bentonite clay.
2) It is estimated that the building of these projects would likely lead to Sudan exceeding its Water allotments from the 1959 treaty.
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allotment1) The allotment was 80 acre per person.
2) The extensive allotment garden areas were celebrating their centennial.
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allotment garden1) During the interwar years the number of allotment gardens grew rapidly.
2) Nowadays there are about 50 allotment gardens all around Finland.
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allotment holder1) The representative for Holywell Ward said: We have campaigned to support the allotment holders .
2) A NEW awards ceremony in Middlesbrough will reward gardeners, allotment holders and businesses who brighten up the town.
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allotment land1) The buildings were placed on the former allotment land .
2) The notice was attached to a fence around former allotment land on Westfield Road .
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allotment manager1) allotment managers must be responsible for policing the conditions on which bees are permitted on allotments.
2) Election of allotment managers .
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allotment of1) The precise allotment of lands is unknown.
2) Each honorary guard received a special uniform allotment of 150 francs.
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allotment site1) The willow Lane allotment site will be housing Andrew 1963 clearly can't read a plan.
2) Within the allotment legislation, there are various restrictions placed on the use of allotment sites .
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allotment system1) The allotment system was finally abolished in 1901.
2) Because of the allotment system , mobilization was quick.
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allotments1) Under current law they are called family allotments .
2) Numerous allotments are scattered throughout Hull covering approximately 65 ha.
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annual allotment1) Most of these farmers are granted an annual allotment of grain at the time of the harvest.
2) And we still don't take what little vacation we're offered: We use only 11 days of our annual allotment .
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full allotment1) URSP projects also get screened first for connection capacity to encourage full allotment of the 15 -MW procurement target.
2) Betchworth parish council operates six full size allotments at the rear of The Walled Garden allocated at a nominal fee.
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land allotment1) The statutes laid down the maximum size of peasant land allotments .
2) The government of MP has also done the land allotment .
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letter of allotment1) In practice, the letter of allotment will be renounceable; i.e .
2) Copy of the letter of allotment issued by the company
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make allotment1) I have made an allotment to the bank.
2) allotment was made on 1st June.
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monthly allotment1) If you are signing a contract you are going to get a monthly allotment of data.
2) VO subdivides the annual preference and foreign state limitations specified by the INA into monthly allotments .
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receive allotment1) Each honorary guard received a special uniform allotment of 150 francs.
2) Gonzaga University has received another allotment of H1N1 vaccine.
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time allotment1) Each activity suggests a time allotment to help you plan.
2) Grade III is given a 40-minute daily time allotment .
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