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Congress allocate1) In 1916 Congress allocated $1.5 million for implementation.
2) This funding had been allocated by Congress the previous December.
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Council allocate1) In September 2005 Fingal County Council allocated football pitches to the club.
2) The independent European Research Council allocates EU funds to European or national research projects.
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agency allocate1) Both agencies allocate partial funding to its operation.
2) The permits would then be allocated by an international agency to governments.
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allocate1) I merely allocated modern statistics without modification.
2) Grid slots allocated 16 metres per car.
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allocate a portion1) The Faculty of Science was allocated a portion of restructured Vantharumoolai Madya Maha Vidyalaya buildings.
2) I proposed that they each allocate a portion of their earnings each month to separate personal checking accounts .
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allocate a sum1) The Creative Industries Fund NL aims to issue grants for ten projects and is allocating a sum of € 60,000 for this purpose.
2) The K-P government has allocated a sum of Rs373 million for power generation schemes in the province for fiscal year 2013-2014.
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allocate according to1) A significant number of burial sites were allocated according to Strategius.
2) Per-vote subsidies - allocated according to the votes of Canadians.
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allocate an amount1) allocate an amount of money for each gift, and put that money in separate envelopes marked with the recipients' names.
2) If we were to do this, the money he would have had for cool summer camps (we allocate an amount per child) would have to be used for that.
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allocate assets1) Optimizer -- A scientific approach to portfolio optimization that optimally allocates assets for a given risk profile.
2) Decide on how to allocate assets across your portfolio , balancing different sectors and fund types, 3.
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allocate bandwidth1) The bandwidth control can allocate the different bandwidth to the different users.
2) The OLT is responsible for allocating upstream bandwidth to the ONUs.
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allocate block1) C++ can allocate arbitrary blocks of memory.
2) The documents that detail how this coal block was allocated are missing .
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allocate budget1) They make different categories and allocate budget accordingly.
2) The council meets to decide policy and allocate budget .
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allocate by1) The seats are allocated by proportional representation.
2) The model struck is allocated by the owning player.
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allocate capital1) Lots of companies do not allocate capital .
2) R>g in most cases just signifies efficiently allocated capital .
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allocate directly1) If you declare a variable for a value type the memory gets allocated directly .
2) Of that total, $18.7 million was allocated directly to breast cancer research.
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allocate efficiently1) Pareto efficiency implies that factors should be allocated efficiently across these plots.
2) The VRM is an economic marketplace enabling resources to be allocated efficiently to meet the changing business demand.
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allocate finance1) The Discussion Paper discussed other methods of allocating finance costs.
2) Councils are reluctant to allocate finance for temporary schemes, so community groups sometimes take a hand.
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allocate fund1) Government funds are mainly allocated through historical incremental approach.
2) The same principle is applied when allocating utility funds .
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allocate funding1) Both agencies allocate partial funding to its operation.
2) We allocate funding to support students with these opportunities.
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allocate funds1) Your city or state government may allocate funds for certain scholarships.
2) The county council claims it could not allocate funds before 2014.
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allocate land1) Liberty means allocating state land to the citizen.
2) The land was then allocated to individual families.
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allocate memory1) memory is allocated ; a pointer is returned.
2) The amount of memory presently allocated on the system.
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allocate money1) When you allocate money across budget categories, consider your priorities and financial goals.
2) He said his faculty is also allocating money from ELBA towards the proposed cutbacks.
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allocate quota1) User and job privileges and resource quotas allocated to accounts as required.
2) Romani people are allocated quotas for access to public schools and state universities.
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allocate randomly1) Usually, the colours are allocated randomly .
2) To first years, rooms are allocated randomly .
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allocate resource1) The guide discusses key principles for allocating resources .
2) How should we allocate scarce legal resources among deserving clients?
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allocate resources1) The guide discusses key principles for allocating resources .
2) Risk management also faces difficulties in allocating resources .
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allocate responsibility1) But we did little to allocate responsibility for minimizing or preventing problems.
2) Someone on the bench should have been allocated responsibility for subs and tactics .
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allocate seat1) The code introduces new rule of allocating seats under the party-list contest.
2) That just means there are no allocated seats , you can sit where you like.
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allocate space1) The housing has 17 allocated parking spaces .
2) Two allocated parking spaces are provided with each cottage.
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allocate spectrum1) These studies should occur before spectrum is allocated for major new developments in radio communications.
2) Waterfront properties Some of the spectrum is allocated for television and special purposes emergency services .
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allocate task1) Examples - feedback giving, allocating tasks , resource distribution.
2) Control involves allocating tasks and data to system elements balancing efficiency, responsiveness and complexity.
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allocate time1) Does the program fit within the allocated time ?
2) With limited time I really need to allocate time wisely.
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allocate up1) They are usually allocated up to 200 seats.
2) You can now allocate up to 80%.
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allocate work1) Did they read the allocated works for days?
2) We have also seen one of our large clients allocate work among multiple firms in Portland.
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allocated1) I merely allocated modern statistics without modification.
2) Grid slots allocated 16 metres per car.
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allocated for1) No taxes were allocated for this effort.
2) Money has also been allocated for volunteer travel costs.
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allocated to1) The remaining offenders were allocated to community treatment.
2) The rest were allocated to coal storage.
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allocates1) A. allocates resources efficiently and allows economic freedom.
2) The G3 air allocates Army aviation support.
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allocating1) The guide discusses key principles for allocating resources.
2) The same principle is applied when allocating utility funds.
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amount allocate1) The financial resources allocated amount to €259 million.
2) The specific amount allocated to each state is listed here .
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automatically allocate1) Its identifier is allocated automatically by LIFESPAN on creation.
2) At present the allowance is automatically allocated to the husband.
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budget allocate1) In 2006, the city's budget allocated 16 million Lari for the project.
2) President Obama's proposed budget allocates $1.5 million to deal with this problem.
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currently allocate1) The company currently allocates 49% of shares to GCC citizens and foreign investors.
2) ICAO Annex 10 Volume III, Chapter 5 lists the contents of all those currently allocated .
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dynamically allocate1) Typically, a memory leak occurs because dynamically allocated memory has become unreachable.
2) The HEAP section is normally used by programs to store dynamically allocated memory.
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effectively allocate1) This fact may be occurring because they are being allocated effectively to produce economic growth.
2) Close consultation with the laboratory can ensure that evidence integrity is maintained and that limited laboratory resources are allocated effectively .
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efficiently allocate1) R>g in most cases just signifies efficiently allocated capital.
2) Pareto efficiency implies that factors should be allocated efficiently across these plots.
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fully allocate1) Swiss banks offer similar service on a fully allocated basis.
2) These follow on from the earlier 0871 code which was now fully allocated .
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fund allocate1) Did the study include embezzlement of fund allocated tot the University ?
2) However, the cost of building would have significantly exceeded the funds allocated .
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government allocate1) The government has allocated Rs185 billion as power subsidy.
2) The government has allocated £4.9 million to governor training.
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initially allocate1) When the FCC initially allocated broadcast television frequencies, channel 1 was logically the first channel.
2) ITQs are typically initially allocated as grants according to the recent catch history of the fishery.
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money allocate1) The way science money is allocated has also been changed.
2) It allocated no money for the effort.
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newly allocate1) A pointer to the newly allocated memory area will be written into ptr .
2) Initializes a newly allocated NSView with frameRect as its frame rectangle.
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normally allocate1) We offer a wide range of projects, and each student is normally allocated a different project.
2) Owner's association agreements regarding dedicating the funding which is normally allocated to landscape will be for agriculture subsidies.
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originally allocate1) The 97.5 frequency was originally allocated to Trenton, New Jersey.
2) These funds were originally allocated to building hospitals, schools, universities and roads.
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plan allocate1) The first five-year plan allocated 52.7 million to Himachal.
2) The plan also allocates about $29 million for the move of its central headquarters.
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previously allocate1) It takes a single parameter: a pointer to previously allocated memory.
2) New space is allocated in fixed increments whenever the space previously allocated is used up.
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properly allocate1) Was the DA budget properly allocated and implemented?
2) This means you are not properly allocating your budget .
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randomly allocate1) Patients were randomly allocated to groups for each test substance.
2) Usually, the colours are allocated randomly .
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seat allocate1) The seats are allocated by proportional representation.
2) The seats allocated to each region are also shown below.
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specifically allocate1) It exercises power over specifically allocated subjects.
2) However, no money has been allocated specifically for this purpose.
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state allocate1) The state allocated twelve million naira to the venture in the 1981 budget.
2) The state allocated foreign exchange.
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system allocate1) Transportation systems allocate the cost of their roads by measuring wear.
2) The points system allocates all university places in Ireland for Irish applicants.
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