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affect allocation1) Census data affects state electoral clout; it also affects budgetary allocations .
2) Issues such as these also are affecting the allocation of combination therapies.
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allocation1) They routinely jerk around child custody allocations without justification.
2) Another cost allocation base commonly used is modified total direct costs.
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allocation base1) Another cost allocation base commonly used is modified total direct costs.
2) Divide each facilities capital cost of money pool by the appropriate allocation base .
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allocation decision1) Performance measures still impact only slightly on resource allocation decisions '.
2) allocation decisions are different when there is perceived surplus.
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allocation formula1) The allocation formula operates as follows.
2) The ex-militants rejected the allocation formula .
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allocation function1) The allocation function assigns transportation capability against planned transportation tasks.
2) The second example was related to memory allocation functions , also released under the BSD License.
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allocation letter1) We will update this page as soon as we begin mailing credit allocation letters .
2) The credit allocation letter will state the amount they can claim listed by tax year.
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allocation mechanism1) This allocation mechanism also minimizes startup and operational costs of the .BEAUTY gTLD.
2) Many different implementations of the actual memory allocation mechanism , used by __CODE__, are available.
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allocation method1) Some surplus allocation methods select a random vote sample.
2) The order allocation method must be fair and equitable.
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allocation money1) Portland then traded the newly acquired No. 11 pick to Houston Dynamo in exchange for allocation money .
2) There is salary cap space and allocation money to spend , not to mention some talent available to move.
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allocation of1) What is the allocation of funding between jurisdictions?
2) Fund managers allocation of the total fund size.
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allocation of funding1) What is the allocation of funding between jurisdictions?
2) They don't believe there is a fair allocation of funding .
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allocation of resources1) The second one was allocation of resources .
2) The allocation of resources must be based on social needs.
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allocation of responsibility1) A closely related literature focuses on the institutional allocation of responsibility .
2) It is simply an allocation of responsibility to a local government unit.
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allocation of shares1) The vital dates are: December 11 - allocation of shares to be announced by 5pm.
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allocation plan1) Governmental agency costs should be included in the applicable cost allocation plan .
2) Does the allocation plan ensure that learners' holidays are known well in advance?
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allocation policy1) The allocation policy is apparently the result of production difficulties.
2) An insensitive allocation policy could only frustrate their efforts.
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allocation process1) Answer lies in the allocation process .
2) The radio spectrum is a finite resource creating the need for an effective allocation process .
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allocation rule1) Conceptually, the allocation rules seem important.
2) It also repeals the financial institution rule to interest allocation rules .
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allocation scam1) This was the 12 th FIR filed by the CBI in the coal allocation scam .
2) Opposition demanded his resignation for his alleged role in 2G spectrum scam and Indian coal allocation scam .
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allocation scheme1) Strong edge coloring has applications in channel allocation schemes for wireless networks.
2) How many different instructions can be specified under each of the allocation schemes ?
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allocation strategy1) GMO embarks on first asset allocation strategy .
2) Asset allocation strategies , therefore, depend largely on investors' risk tolerance.
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allocation system1) The allocation system should aim at simplicity and legal certainty.
2) Secondary One students are allocated by the Secondary School Place allocation system .
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allocation table1) This table is called a variable-tail allocation table (VAT).
2) Please reference the allocation table below for the lower and upper limits for each peer group.
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allocation unit1) The file system block size represents the minimum allocation unit .
2) The stripes are equal in size to the effective allocation unit .
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announce allocation1) The initial election broadcasting allocation was announced on 6 June 2014.
2) The state has announced allocations to school districts around Colorado.
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approve allocation1) The allocation was eventually approved by both Congress and Eisenhower a few weeks later.
2) The allocations are approved at the Operations Working Group meeting prior to the Call.
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asset allocation1) asset allocation is roughly equally split between shares and bonds .
2) That breakdown is otherwise known as an asset allocation .
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asset allocation decision1) Investors should understand these risks and become comfortable with that trade-off before making any major asset allocation decisions .
2) Key asset allocation decisions are made at macroeconomic level to determine the overall portfolio position and to maintain balance on a sectoral and regional basis.
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asset allocation fund1) You can also use dynamic asset allocation funds as part of a low-risk portfolio.
2) asset allocation funds : These funds invest in all asset classes (stocks, bonds, money market, etc.).
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bandwidth allocation1) In addition, both service providers offer the same bandwidth allocation .
2) This changed as bandwidth allocations were accorded at the Helsinki Declaration.
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budget allocation1) What political strategies and tactics are used to influence budget allocations ?
2) Performance measurement can help public officials to make budget allocations .
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budgetary allocation1) The proposed budgetary allocation would help revitalise the public health sector.
2) Census data affects state electoral clout; it also affects budgetary allocations .
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capital allocation decision1) We believe this optionality around capital allocation decisions will prove valuable during uncertain times ahead.
2) More information is readily available, better analysis can be made and better capital allocation decisions can be made.
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control allocation1) The system should provide facilities to control the allocation of resources to users.
2) Second, it controls the allocation of readers and resources across multiple applications.
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cost allocation1) Another cost allocation base commonly used is modified total direct costs.
2) These costs are exempted from the cost allocation requirement.
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determine allocation1) determine an allocation appropriate for you and stick with it.
2) In addition, seniority can be a factor in determining patronage allocations .
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dynamic allocation1) dynamic memory allocation is performed using pointers.
2) Another reason to avoid dynamic memory allocation is memory fragmentation.
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dynamic asset allocation1) You can also use dynamic asset allocation funds as part of a low-risk portfolio.
2) The quarterly dynamic asset allocation is published electronically, and emailed to subscribers in early March, June, September, and December.
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efficient allocation1) This results in the efficient allocation of resources.
2) This may aid the region in determining equitable and efficient water allocations .
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ensure allocation1) We designed a special data lock table to deal with lock and unlock to ensure reasonable allocation of resources.
2) Your auditors have been instructed by the state to ensure the allocation of the rebate complies with state and federal requirements.
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fair allocation1) They also yield an approximately max-min fair allocation between flows.
2) They don't believe there is a fair allocation of funding.
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file allocation table1) Interpretation of file allocation table entries in exFAT file systems in the Info Pane.
2) This could happen if open files have not yet been recorded in the file allocation table .
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fix allocation1) Therefore the current fixed spectrum allocation is outdated.
2) Each state would receive a federal allocation fixed in advance.
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frequency allocation1) Amateur radio frequency allocation is done by national telecommunications authorities.
2) The 27 MHz band frequency allocation and related information is shown here.
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funding allocation1) Formulas and criteria for funding allocations are still being developed.
2) funding for this program comes from the state funding allocation .
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grant allocation1) The fund had experienced a long power struggle between members of its board and activists on its grant allocation committee.
2) Notice of Request for Initial Proposals for Projects to be Funded From the Pollution Prevention grant allocation (CFDA 66.708 - Pollution Prevention Grants).
2) He served from 1994 to 1995 as an openly gay member of a federal Social Services Block grant allocation panel for the Salt Lake County Human Services Advisory Council.
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housing allocation1) We will eliminate racial discrimination in housing allocation and improve safety on estates.
2) And that is in excess of fifty percent of the new housing allocation .
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improve allocation1) Scott Craig, Merrill Lynch: improved capital allocation , stock split announced.
2) This improved allocation of resources should raise real output in the economy as a whole.
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increase allocation1) Fees increase annually, therefore budget allocations have to accommodate this.
2) This larger above ground weight then led to an increased photosynthate allocation .
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inefficient allocation1) This may lead to socially inefficient allocations .
2) Unfortunately this leads to an inefficient economic allocation .
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land allocation1) Er turning now to er land allocation with particular reference to Selby.
2) On a regional level, corruption has been discovered in connection with land allocation .
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letter of allocation1) But investors will need letters of allocation to deal.
2) Stockbrokers, particularly those offering a cut-price service, will generally only deal with proof of ownership, such as letters of allocation .
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make allocation1) Some local education authorities assess children at the end of primary school in order to make allocations to secondary schools.
2) Final regulations under Section 2642 (g) regarding extensions of time to make allocations of the generation-skipping transfer tax exemption.
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manage allocation1) Find resources, manage resource allocation for projects.
2) Support manager can also use this application to manage resource allocation .
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memory allocation1) Dynamic memory allocation is performed using pointers.
2) A package implementing smart memory allocation with orphaned buffer detection.
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optimal allocation1) The mathematical expression for optimal rate allocation is as follows.
2) Many experts believe the optimal allocation to international stocks ranges from 30 to 50 percent.
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portfolio allocation1) This lowers volatility and keeps portfolio allocations in line with risk preferences.
2) Here's a guide for how to approach portfolio allocation in retirement.
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propose allocation1) The substantially lower allocation proposed from below on roads was surprising.
2) The proposed budgetary allocation would help revitalise the public health sector.
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random allocation1) Students are assigned to the various wards through a system of random allocation .
2) The t treatments are applied within each block by random allocation to the experimental units.
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receive allocation1) Districts receive a state allocation per student.
2) Higher resolution fields will merely receive a denser allocation .
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recommend allocation1) Only after these fundamental questions are answered can a proper portfolio allocation be recommended .
2) Indirection and dynamic allocation are usually recommended against when trying to optimise code ( where possible).
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reduce allocation1) They are reducing allocations to risk assets, at least in relative terms.
2) It also reports worries about reduced allocations for primary-school training places at postgraduate level.
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regard allocation1) Lord Taylor regarded spectator allocation irrelevant to the disaster.
2) Two further results regarding the allocation of home production time are immediate.
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register allocation1) It must be run before register allocation takes place.
2) Clint Pierce had some problems with IMCC's register allocation .
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resource allocation1) The final perspective upon resource allocation is by age group.
2) In economic terms, resource allocation is optimal.
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share allocation1) Emiratis, meanwhile, enjoy unlimited share allocation as long as the percentage of shares is maintained at 51% and above.
2) The Guardian distribution also has the advantage over the Abbey National share allocation in that it is tax-free and net of all osts.
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spectrum allocation1) Therefore the current fixed spectrum allocation is outdated.
2) The importance of spectrum allocation and management was also recognized.
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storage allocation1) Similarly, a range of storage allocations is possible.
2) You can get information about dynamic storage allocation by calling the mstats function.
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tactical asset allocation1) This does not mean tactical asset allocation based on market timing.
2) We do not practice tactical asset allocation and market timing.
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time allocation1) Do you connect strategy and time allocation ?
2) time allocation is the next consideration.
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total allocation1) total allocation at this time was 166 locomotives.
2) The total allocation of allowances turned out to exceed actual emissions.
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