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allied1) allied occupation brought forth sweeping democratic reforms.
2) The allied forces used extensive artillery fire.
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allied advance1) The allied advance quickly ran into trouble.
2) The allied advance is being slowed by overextended supply lines.
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allied army1) Complete unity prevails throughout the allied armies .
2) Despite their significant military advantage the allied armies encountered immediate setbacks.
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allied bombing1) These factories were prime targets for allied bombing .
2) They themselves suffered thirty casualties from inaccurate allied bombing .
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allied commander1) allied commanders seemed delighted at the outcome.
2) allied commanders met in Amman to plan regime change.
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allied force1) The allied forces used extensive artillery fire.
2) The small allied force was soon heavily engaged.
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allied forces1) The allied forces used extensive artillery fire.
2) The system is available to allied forces through foreign military sales .
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allied industries1) allied industries to the factory can also be established.
2) The meeting was open to all breeders and to representatives of allied industries .
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allied organizations1) Seva Bharati and allied organizations have many eye banks that regularly conduct eye donation camps.
2) This year, we are also asking our friends and allied organizations to sponsor a table.
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allied power1) Finland signed a peace treaty with the allied powers in 1947.
2) On 3 September, Italy surrendered to the allied powers .
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allied soldiers1) The battles were inconclusive as the allied soldiers retreated.
2) Some allied soldiers collected Japanese body parts.
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allied to1) Alex allied to increase away on company.
2) The genus is more closely allied to endomycorrhizal genera.
2) Nietzsche allied to some form of established non revolutionary politics.
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allied trades1) Ship-building and allied trades were carried on, chiefly at Kirkcudbright.
2) For services to the Motor and allied trades Benevolent Fund.
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allied troops1) allied troops were exhausted and morale had fallen.
2) Population appeared greatly relieved upon entry of allied troops .
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allied with1) Merlin is often allied with these beings.
2) The population favoured socialism but never allied with communism.
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closely allied1) The genus is more closely allied to endomycorrhizal genera.
2) Oh, how closely allied is death to life!
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loosely allied1) The Menelvagoreans are loosely allied with TOG.
2) The Vauvusar are loosely allied with the Renegades.
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