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American alligator1) The American alligator is considered the apex predator throughout its range.
2) American crocodiles are more susceptible to cold than American alligators .
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Chinese alligator1) Chinese alligators only survive in Anhui province thanks to dedicated conservation efforts.
2) The Chinese alligator and crested ibis are two species saved from extinction by direct intervention.
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albino alligator1) Look out for the rare albino alligator and 21-foot crocodile at the Serpentarium.
2) He made his directorial debut with the film albino alligator (1996).
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alligator1) A little alligator species is also seen here.
2) We saw an alligator swimming just offshore.
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alligator bite1) Ludlow mentions that one of his characters in Death Is the Last Word actually tried faking an alligator bite with a bear trap with no success.
2) The alligator bites served at the International Food Court were selected by Delish.com as one of the top seven daring amusement park foods.
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alligator clip1) Electrical wires with alligator clips from Radio Shack?
2) The probe end is a copper alligator clip covered with a protective rubber boot.
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alligator clips1) Electrical wires with alligator clips from Radio Shack?
2) The antenna and diode connection may be made with alligator clips for easy experimentation.
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alligator fish1) We also saw alligator fish !
2) This video basically shows only some of the aquatic marine life found around the museum, including alligator fish !
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alligator forceps1) An incision was made in the right bronchus, and an alligator forceps was used to retrieve the stone.
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alligator gar1) Lacépède first described the alligator gar in 1803.
2) Want to catch alligator gar but you live in New York?
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alligator lizard1) Terrestrial lizards, including whiptails, skinks, monitors and alligator lizards have also been discovered.
2) Other wildlife includes painted turtles, frogs, salamanders, crawfish, fish, and alligator lizards .
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alligator pear1) Laurie Lee An alligator pear is another name for which fruit?
2) Also offered were an alligator pear for one dollar and a pair of alligators for two dollars.
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alligator pepper1) These include honey, kola, bitter kola, atare ( alligator pepper ), water, palm oil, sugar, sugar cane, salt, and liquor.
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alligator shoes1) She wanted a pair of genuine alligator shoes in the worst way, but was very reluctant to pay the high prices the local vendors were asking.
2) I said, 'Do you think I should pipeclay my alligator shoes ?' but he just led the way into the hall and up the stairs.
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alligator skin1) As mass is lost, the asphalt shrinks and forms a surface similar to alligator skin .
2) Aside from being covered with fake alligator skin , they were cosmetically very similar to Super Showman.
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alligator snapping turtle1) We once found a huge alligator snapping turtle frozen halfway into the ice.
2) Tokka is an alligator snapping turtle and Rahzar is a gray wolf.
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alligator weed1) The alligator weed flea beetle and two other biological controls were released in Florida.
2) A: Since we do not use herbicides or any chemicals, alligator weeds are a constant battle.
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alligators1) Large male alligators are solitary territorial animals.
2) alligators were fairly common and comfortably sized.
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large alligator1) large male alligators are solitary territorial animals.
2) Two hunters tied for the largest alligator taken in the southeast zone.
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see alligator1) We saw numerous alligators in various settings .
2) MP: May I see that bad alligator ?
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see you later alligator1) The band on the screen were playing see you later alligator , and some couples were jiving in the aisles.
2) Please help me find the set of good-byes to say to kids as they are leaving that starts, see you later alligator , after while crocodile.
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