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allot1) Two hours are allotted for each session.
2) How are congressional districts allotted and drawn?
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allot acre1) Applications were invited and each family was allotted 11.5 acre of land 1943.
2) In the inclosure of 1814 Samuel Hanchett was allotted 106 acre .
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allot budget1) Each team faces steep penalties for going over that allotted budget .
2) The amount of new tracks was limited due to the allotted budget .
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allot hour1) Two hours are allotted for each session.
2) Each presenter was allotted an hour for the presentation and discussion.
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allot land1) People had their dwellings near the lands allotted to them.
2) The lord of a manor used to allot land for peasants.
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allot minute1) Each paper was allotted 90 minutes for presentation and discussion.
2) Each person was allotted two minutes to ask the question.
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allot only1) Peasants were only allotted small plots of land during the land reforms.
2) Indian amateur radio operators are allotted only the VU call-sign prefix.
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allot over1) Pakistan had reached 28 for three after 14.2 of their allotted 40 overs .
2) Put into bat , Faisalabad amassed 229 for 4 in their allotted overs .
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allot period1) We allotted five teaching periods for this process.
2) The FBI failed to respond to the requests within the allotted 20-day period .
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allot portion1) Elders thus ought not think they can do with their allotted portion as they please.
2) Every Whole Foods Market store allots a portion of its budget to employee development and evaluation.
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allot share1) The last share was allotted to royal scribes for the writing of codices and other records.
2) Any further 'clawback' will reduce shares allotted to institutions and brokers in the City.
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allot space1) We were each allotted a small space .
2) Oh yeah it says allotted parking space .
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allot span1) This group watched nothing during the same allotted time span .
2) I'm a boomer, about two thirds of the way through my allotted span .
2) God does not subtract from the allotted span of a man 's life the hours spent in fishing.
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allot task1) This latter task was allotted to a semi-independent.
2) This task was allotted to Superintendent Mallelieu of the Metropolitan Police.
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allot time1) The time allotted for pursuing damages is limited.
2) The time allotted for this essay is 30 minutes.
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allots1) The Administrator allots pesticide enforcement cooperative agreement funds to each regional office.
1) God allots to each one his portion.
2) The Administrator allots pesticide program implementation cooperative agreement funds to each Regional Office.
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allotted1) Two hours are allotted for each session.
2) How are congressional districts allotted and drawn?
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allotted to1) These roll numbers were then allotted to fake candidate.
2) An additional are allotted to supplement the tribal land base.
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allotting1) Then it becomes how the coaches are allotting the ice time.
2) We end up allotting it to some other digital exercise.
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fund allot1) The public funds allotted to the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung have been dwindling steadily since 1993.
2) In 1880, the government allotted funds for the preservation of ancient shrines and temples.
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government allot1) The US government allotted $ 2.4 million for the crossing's modernization.
2) The family subsequently left their government allotted residence and moved in with Nasir.
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seat allot1) Despite that, they allot a seat to China.
2) American non-Zionists received 44 of the 112 seats allotted to non-Zionists.
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time allot1) time allotted for each presentation may be limited.
2) Three days is the time allotted to each traveller.
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